Installing Developers Edition

I want to install MS SQL server to my machine but first I would like some advise of you pro's who have done it already.

The following is my setup.

1.- My development machine WindowsXP Pro 1Gig ram and 250gigs HD Loaded with my dev.Software from Dreamweaver, graphic apps and so on.

2.- The machine I want to install on is a WindowsXP Pro sp2 with 1 Gig Ram and plenty of HD space. and runing Apache and PHP and MySQL

3.- Win Server 2003 Sp2, 1GIG of ram where I test my ASP websites.

The last time attempted install MS SQL something went totally wrong and corrupted my machine somehow and I had to re-install everything I had. So, this time I want some advice:

Do I have to have IIS on the same machine as MS SQL or can I have IIS on one, let say my 3rd machine and install SQL on my second machine

Any ideas please let me know

Posted On: Sunday 11th of November 2012 09:11:47 PM Total Views:  407
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