Insert into multiple tables

hi i am using dreamweaver to create a insert record in to a table.

but i need to insert the data into two tables.

i am a newbie so is there a way to acheive this

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Please guide me as to how to write a script to insert 1000 rows in a table automatically for SQL Server. the table has structure like Table1(id int,name varchar, date datetime,currency money) Thanx in advance.
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I am running SQL2000 on W2k server. Everything was working fine untill sometime yesterday. in a sudden, I was not able to insert into my database table. I can do select, and I can even run sp_columns on the table, but when I try to INSERT, I get the following error ... Server: Msg 208, Level 16, State 3, Line 4 Invalid object name [tablename]. The insert statment should be working fine as they were run before the problem occurs! Has anyone ran into this before Any input is appreciated!
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Hi , In SQL Server, Can we load data into two table from a single table in a single shot something like we do it as below: select * into from IS there any way to achieve this
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hello, I'm working on a page that has a grid and a calendar. I want to have the grid display data based on what the user clicks in the grid. It could be one day or many days. I had a store proc that selected records and it worked alright, if the data was already there. The problem is when I don't have the data there. ( This is a timesheet app and I know my design might not be great - hence my problems). Anyway, I was trying to combine an insert and select into one store proc, thinking this could help me, but it seems like it only helps me when I have one row of data - unless you know how to do this. How do I make my SP insert work when there is a range of dates Maybe not possible...... Here's my code Code: ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.TESTING ( @PRESENT int, @TSKey int , @Tdate datetime, @TotHours int, @Amend datetime , @beginTime as datetime, @endTime as Datetime ) AS IF ( @PRESENT =1 ) BEGIN --TEST INSERT INTO TIMEDATA (tkey,TDate) values (@TSKey,@Tdate) where ( tdate = @beginTime) --this does not work where tdate > @begindate and tdate < @enddate END ELSE BEGIN UPDATE TimeData SET TotHours = @TotHours , AuthAMend = @AMend where tkey = @tskey and TDate=@Tdate END
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hi here's my asp code: Code: i can successfully connect to my database, but it seems i can't insert the data i want into it. Every time i execute the script, the following message appeared: Code: Error Type: (0x80040E07) /mcrs/store_registration.asp, line 24 line 24 here refers to Code: set R = conn.execute(strSQL) could anyone tell me where i went wrong any help is greatly appreciated.
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