INNER JOIN vs Correlated Subquery !

Hi Pals,

Need some help in understanding the internal execution of the below 2 queries.
Theoritically and upto my knowledge , i know Co-related sub-queries takes more time to execute.

Can anybody explain the reason for this.

Is there any difference in comparing/joining the two tables.

select e.ename, d.dname from Emp e INNER JOIN Dept d ON e.deptno = d.deptno

-- Using Correlated Sub-query
select e.ename,
(select dname from dept where deptno=e.deptno)
from Emp e

-- Sample Tables
create table Dept
( deptno int primary key,
dname varchar(20)
insert into Dept values (10,'Accounts')
insert into Dept values(20,'Sales')
insert into Dept Values(30,'Marketing')
insert into Dept values(40,'Production')

create table Emp
(Empno int primary key,
Ename varchar(20),
deptno int
insert into Emp
select 101,'Manu',10
union all
select 102,'Anu',40
union all
select 103,'Phani',30
union all
select 104,'Sharath',20

Please suggest.

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