Help Please - Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e21'

I had to switch one website from access db to sql and i had many errors all over the site but managed to fix them one way or another but this erro i cant fix.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e21'

The requested properties cannot be supported.

/apartments_for_rent_in_bulgaria_bansko/forum.asp, line 127

The error is generated when it trys to open a recordset. Here is the code of the recordset.
Code: I am new to sql and dont know much of the syntax differenties between the access and sql so please i will appriciate if anyone helps me fix that.

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We detached the model database to move it to another drive, but now we cannot start the SQL Server Service. Can anyone out there help us
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, I have the following table ClientID | Address | City | State __________________________________ 1 | something | Blah | WV 2 | someblah | Pitt | PA 2 | blahblah | Pitt | PA 3 | other | Mtow | SC 3 | someother | Mtow | SC 3 | somexxxx | Mtow | SC 3 | otherblah | Blah | WV i want the output as : ClientID | Address | City | State __________________________________ 1 | Blah, WV | Blah | WV 2 | Pitt, PA | Pitt | PA 2 | Pitt, PA2 | Pitt | PA 3 | Mtow, SC | Mtow | SC 3 | Mtow, SC2 | Mtow | SC 3 | Mtow, SC3 | Mtow | SC 3 | blah, WV | Blah | WV any suggestions ...