Creating inter-table relationships using Primary Keys/Foreign Keys Problem


I'm going through my tables and rewriting them so that I can create relationship-based constraints and create foreign keys among my tables. I didn't have a problem with a few of the tables but I seem to have come across a slightly confusing hiccup.

Here's the query for my Classes table:
Code: CREATE TABLE Classes ( class_id INT IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, teacher_id INT NOT NULL, class_title VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL, class_grade SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 6, class_tardies SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, class_absences SMALLINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, CONSTRAINT Teacher_instructs_ClassFKIndex1 FOREIGN KEY (teacher_id) REFERENCES Users (user_id) ) This statement runs without problems and I Create the relationship with my Users table just fine, having renamed it to teacher_id. I have a 1:n relationship between users and tables AND an n:m relationship because a user can be a student or a teacher, the difference is one field, user_type, which denotes what type of user a person is. In any case, the relationship that's 1:n from users to classes is that of the teacher instructing the class. The problem exists when I run my query for the intermediary table between the class and the gradebook:
Code: CREATE TABLE Classes_have_Grades ( class_id INT PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL, teacher_id INT NOT NULL, grade_id INT NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT Grades_for_ClassesFKIndex1 FOREIGN KEY (grade_id) REFERENCES Grades (grade_id), CONSTRAINT Classes_have_gradesFKIndex2 FOREIGN KEY (class_id, teacher_id) REFERENCES Classes (class_id, teacher_id) ) Query Analyzer spits out: Quote: Originally Posted by Query Analyzer There are no primary or candidate keys in the referenced table 'Classes' that match the referencing column list in the foreign key 'Classes_have_gradesFKIndex2'. Now, I know in SQL Server 2000 you can only have one primary key. Does that mean I can have a multi-columned Primary key (which is in fact what I would like) or does that mean that just one field can be a primary key and that a table can have only the one primary key

In addition, what is a "candidate" key Will making the other fields "Candidate" keys solve my problem

Thank you for your assistance.

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