copy table to different server

i need a script that can copy a table from a db on one server to another for me, but i have no idea how.. help much appreciated !

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Hi I have similar problem and i explained in detail here Pls help me to fix this sql Regds Bala
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, I'm having some problems trying to access two tables in a SQL database at the same time and making some results out of them. Let me explain further: the first table has some information in that I'm going to be doing a select query on and reading out, but one of the columns in this table is a set of codes, the second table contains the codes in one column and their meanings in the other. So I want to bring back the information from the first table and then select the information for the codes shown from the second table and print their meanings alongside the information from the first table. Could anyone help me out in figuring out how my SQL in the ASP page for this would be written Sorry if this is a little confusing but im having a hard time visualising how to do this.
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Hi all, Please forgive me, but I'm new to MS SQL Server and I have few questions. First of all I'd like to know if there is a way to update one table with the data from another. Let's say I have 2 tables. TableA table contains the voucher numbers; TableB table contains the image numbers. Is there a way to merge Voucher numbers from TableA table to Image numbers in TableB table if we assume that there is a primary key Voucher Number in both tables If yes- what would be the query structure for that Please forgive me if you think that this question is silly, I have to say I'm not just new to SQL I'm VERY new to it Thank you in advance.
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This question involves SQL server as well as Access, so I hope that someone can follow. I'm trying to give someone read and write access to a table in SQL server through a linked table scenario in Access. I set up a new user account with datareader and datawriter permissions and made sure it went into the particular table as well. I also re-created the DSN on the user's local machine using this new login information. However, each time you open up the table after logging in using this info and try to edit a field, it gives a "Write Conflict" error and gives three choices: Save Changes, Copy to Clipboard, Drop Changes and of course, Save Changes is disabled. We also tried logging in using the db admin account and it won't work. Anyone have similar experiences with this If so, is there a work-around so that you can edit data through Access
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, Am new to Sql . i need to copy the database from one machine to another machine. Both machines are not on network. Those two are individual machines and having sql server on both machines. I want to upload the data. So can any one help me out with this pls
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Im trying to perform the following two select statements on the one table. I have been trying innerjoins etc but keep getting errors. The basis of what im trying to do is this. SELECT column1 FROM table1 WHERE column2 = (select column2 from table1 where column3 = 14) Any ideas greatly appreciated.
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In query Analyzer you can right click on a table and select open. When you do it opens the table as if you were in Enterprise Manager(you can edit the data). Does anyone know the syntax of how to write that in a query so you do not have to right click and select open
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Having trouble with a classic asp page, that gives a HTTP 500 - Internal server error when I try to add a new record to a table. I'm guessing the formatting needs to be changed. It was working fine when I was using in a .mdb database Code: rsTicketReviewUpdate.Open "SNA_Ticket_Reviews", adoCon rsTicketReviewUpdate.AddNew rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("MAIN_TICKET_ID") = Request.Form("MainTicketID") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("MTTR_Drivers") = Request.Form("MTTR_Drivers") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("MTTR_Actions") = Request.Form("MTTR_Actions") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("OTR_Drivers") = Request.Form("OTR_Drivers") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("OTR_Actions") = Request.Form("OTR_Actions") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("Misc_Notes") = Request.Form("Misc_Notes") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjRpt") = Request.Form("AdjRpt") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("RptCauseInfo") = Request.Form("RptCauseInfo") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjZ_Location") = Request.Form("AdjZLocation") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjXO_CIRCUIT_ID") = Request.Form("AdjXO_CIRCUIT_ID") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjMTTR") = FormatNumber((Request.Form("AdjMTTR")), 2) rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjMTTR_Reason") = Request.Form("AdjMTTR_Reason") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjOTR") = FormatNumber((Request.Form("AdjOTR")), 2) rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjOTR_Reason") = Request.Form("AdjOTR_Reason") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjPRIORITY") = Request.Form("AdjPRIORITY") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Fields("AdjPRIORITY_Reason") = Request.Form("AdjPRIORITY_Reason") rsTicketReviewUpdate.Update rsTicketReviewUpdate.Close
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Hi all, I am using MsSQL 5.0 server database. I need to transfer the data from one table to another within a SQL database based on the particular time interval. Is it possible to transfer data among the tables a database automatically. Please help me.
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I want to update an existing table from another table. I would like to take the id# from table1 and insert it into table#2 and also update other columns in table #2 with getdate(). I am doing the following. I tried putting the 'studid' inside the parentheses, but it didn't like this... Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you. Code: ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.updCourseRoster AS INSERT INTO [COURSE ROSTER] (DATEADDED,TIMEADDED) VALUES(GETDATE(),GETDATE()), STUDID = STUDENTSMG.STUDENTID SELECT STUDENTID FROM STUDENTSMG WHERE STUDENTSMG.NOTES LIKE '"XLS SOURCE"'
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Hi , I created a small website about 2 years ago now, and haven't looked at it since. However, I created it with a couple of SQL tables, and now can't remember all the header names to the tables. I remember seeing a nifty bit of code back in the day which when pointed at a table, automatically output the headers (field names) and all the data into a field. Any ideas
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hay i have this simple problem , which is i already develop a database throw microsoft SQL server 2000 , and make the relatioships , but now i want to put them on a cd to put it on another computer. so which exactly files i have to copy it from my pc , to put it on a cd , so i can copy my db from the cd on a ny computer anytime i want and thnx
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how to use SQLDMO to copy a database to a new database (allow custom path) with all the tables, data ,view , relationship (everything) exactly as the 1st database
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Hi all, I am new to mssql i would appreciate your help. I am working on an existing website (ASP+MSSQL) i want to save a copy of the db on my computer to work on the change & only then get it back on the server. How can i get a copy of the db that is now on the server to my computer Cheers, Sid
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OK Chaps. Just been reading through the Forums and you all seem like a helpful bunch. I have a problem, I know nothing really about SQL Queries. I need to copy data from a table in one database (db1) to another table in another database (db2). I have tried to familiarise my self with the commands and have come up with a few queries that I thought should work. But so far no real joy. Each time I try to run the queries I receive an error messge that the Table already exists (this I know, I want the data copying into an existing table), I can however copy the data I need into a NEW table.....but that defeats the object really. If anyone has a sample query that I can try and test it would be much appreciated.
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My question is how to prevent to copy tables and store procedure of sql server 2000 from client/friend's system to another system. Dear Viewers' I developed small web application in .net 2.0 and backend is slq server 2000. I configured web application to my client/friend's systems, just i want to restirct them to copy my sql server 2000 database with password. If it's possible, please help me out in this secanrio. regards mdateeq2003
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We are thinking of changing the setup of our intranet to use SQL Server to do the actual processing of copying a local file selected by the user to a network share and saving the link in a database. The files may be Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Acrobat files up to 6 mB in size. Other users would retrieve this documents from their local PC. I have no idea how to approach this, can anyone give me some pointers Georgina
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hi, really need some help with this I asked my webhost to drop a full-text index on a column so I could make a change to the column size, but they dropped the column!!! So now I've lost the data on that server. Luckily, I got them to give me a backup so I could make sure I didn't lose the data when I dropped/recreated the column. What I don't know is - how do I run an update statement across 2 servers I've never done this before. The database names are the same on my local and the remote. The remote machine doesn't have a name, just an IP address. I've been trying select statements across the 2 but I can't get it to work.
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I am using the following query: Code: SELECT dbo.psc_emp_info.emp_uid AS ANALYST_NAME, PSC_LMS.PROGRAM_NO AS PROGRAM_NAME, PSC_LMS.COURSE_NO AS COURSE_NAME, PSC_LMS.COURSEDATE AS CLASS_DATE FROM dbo.psc_emp_info LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT * FROM XXXXX.XXX.dbo.class_taken) PSC_LMS ON dbo.psc_emp_info.emp_name = PSC_LMS.NAME WHERE (NOT (PSC_LMS.COURSEDATE IS NULL)) to pull data from quite a few different tables. I am trying to copy all of the data into one table and have this table have an identity. I cant seem to get this to work. I go to data transformation services and export the data using my query and if i dont try to use an identity field, it works fine. I've tried to insert the data into a table that already exists and also create the table with the following: Code: CREATE TABLE [Results] ( [U_ID] INTEGER IDENTITY, [ANALYST_NAME] int NOT NULL, [PROGRAM_NAME] varchar (30) NULL, [COURSE_NAME] varchar (30) NULL, [CLASS_DATE] datetime NULL ) but still receive an error saying i can not put null values into an identity field.
Transfer/copy to local computer   (186 Views)
Originally Posted by SidO Hi all, I am new to mssql i would appreciate your help. I am working on an existing website (ASP+MSSQL) i want to save a copy of the db on my computer to work on the change & only then get it back on the server. How can i get a copy of the db that is now on the server to my computer Cheers, Sid Originally Posted by ProEdge Backup the database on your server and just copy the file to your computer. Seems pretty simple no nah, it doesn't work for me either. i can enter a path on the backup form, so i entered c:\backup\dadshop and it backed up no probs... to the sql server's harddrive. i have no access to the sql server, other than the standard sql interface. i cannot figure out how to backup my data to my local computer!!!