Checking duplicate values two tables

Hi ,

Is it possible in SQL to Restrict value in one table checking a value on anather tables.


I have two table let say,
Teb1 and Teb2. Teb1 has a column called- Business_type and Teb2 has a coulmn called Incorporated_date. I just need to restrict If the value of Business_type column in Teb1 is "Propritory" then Incorporated_date in Teb2 should not be blank (nulll) . Otherwise it can take null value.

Scenerio -2.[/B]

I have table called [B]SIC.

This table has a two column called SIC1 anc SIC2 . Is it possible to restrict that clumn SIC1 and SIC2 should have same values( duplicate values cannot be entered in both columns.

Please Advise.

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