Can't get this query right.

Have a table full of organizations and I want to select those with a unique name. But I also need any ID as well. But that seems to conflict with Group By. It doesn't matter which id.

orgName, id

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Can't get this query right.   (212 Views)
Have a table full of organizations and I want to select those with a unique name. But I also need any ID as well. But that seems to conflict with Group By. It doesn't matter which id. orgName, id
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I'm a novice at writing stored procedures and I can't see why this won't work. I get the following error message when I call the sp below Must pass parameter number 3 and subsequent parameters as '@name = value'. After the form '@name = value' has been used, all subsequent parameters must be passed in the form '@name = value'. I'd really appreciate a bit of help as I am really stuck. Iain Code: CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.uspInsertPersonalInvoice ( @ClientID smallint = 6, @InvoiceTotal smallmoney, @TheScope int OUTPUT ) AS SET NOCOUNT ON INSERT INTO dbo.Personal_Invoice (DateCreated, ClientID, InvoiceTotal, DateSent) VALUES (GETDATE(), @ClientID, @InvoiceTotal, GETDATE()) SET @TheScope = SCOPE_IDENTITY() SET NOCOUNT OFF and to call it Code: DECLARE @TheID int exec dbo.uspInsertPersonalInvoice @ClientID = 6 , @InvoiceTotal = 257.96 , @TheID OUTPUT SELECT @TheID
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I am trying to install an ASP (Visual Basic) application. It uses a Microsoft SQL database. The installation instructions are: 1. unzip the .zip file to a Web shared (alias or virtual created via IIS) folder 2. create a database on your SQL server 3. execute the included portal.sql script on the new database 4. update the database connection strings in config.asp for your SQL server database I completed steps 1 and 2. Now I must exicute portal.sql. How can I exicute portal.sql I called my hosting company and they said that they do not provide any tools to do this but I should download SQL Analyzer. Where can I download SQL Analyzer If it is not free, is there a free tool that could be used, if so, where could I download it
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As an example: select height,weight,age from sometable group by height,weight,age Suppose there is a 4th column: Gender Suppose there are columns of values 64 inches, 125lbs, 18yrs old , Female 64 inches, 125lbs, 18yrs old , Male In this case, the row i want displayed is the one for the Male. That is, if all the other columns are the same, display only the one for male. How would I do soemthing liek this simply
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Hi Everyone, Am new to SQL Server Administration. My question, is there is any standard official web-site where we can know all the service pack related information and what is the latest hot fix inofrmation , what is the latest SQL Server database version that Microsoft released. Basically am searching for the service packs in Google and that to if someone tells that SP1 has released for SQL 2008. As a DBA, just want to know where can we get this information so that we will be aware of Service Pack releases and so on ....
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So I'm having trouble with this Stored Procedure. I wanted to make it so that when the user enters the information, the datetime part would be optional. Like say, If the user doesnt enter the data, it would automatically use the system to do it and if the user does enter the data manually, the visit_datetime field would get filled. Here's my code. create procedure dbo.p_add_visit_improved @visit_member_id int, @visit_hh_id int, @visit_datetime datetime as INSERT INTO foodpantry_household_visits (visit_member_id, visit_hh_id, visit_datetime) values (@visit_member_id, @visit_hh_id, getdate())
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I have some asp that should be inserting a shopper into my SQL Server DB. Code: ' call a stored procedure to create a new shopper sql = "execute sp_InsertShopper" set rsShopper = dbShopper.execute(sql) session("idShopper") = rsShopper("idShopper") And here is the Code for sp_InsertShopper: Code: /* Utilized to insert a new shopper into the database */ Create Procedure sp_InsertShopper AS insert into shopper(chrUserName, chrPassword) values('','') select idShopper = @@identity I checked the DB and the shopper is being created but the session is not storing the ID. Any Ideas Matt
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Is there an ASP script that I can use to find the size of my database
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Hi frends i have a table with an auto increment field which is the primary key as well. now how to get the just incremented value and also how do we insure that no one can increment that value until we have done i mean that 2 users, simultaneousley cannot insert 2 same value. i know this has been asked many times, but search is not helping!! thanx
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I have stored procedure with couple input parameters (MS SQL) which creates temporary table and returns recordset as the result from that tamporary table. Stored procedure works ok on its own. I need to get that recordset in ASP but it doesn't work !! Set cmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command") cmd.ActiveConnection = Conn cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc cmd.CommandText = "PROC_DrawingTest" cmd.Parameters.Append(cmd.CreateParameter("jobno", adVarChar, adParamInput, 20, Session("JobNumber"))) cmd.Parameters.Append(cmd.CreateParameter("strdwgs ", adVarChar, adParamInput, 1000, sqlstr)) Set rec = cmd.Execute() If not rec.EOF then - here I have an error Error Type: ADODB.Recordset (0x800A0E78) Operation is not allowed when the object is closed. Please, help!
How to get QueryString in SQL Reporting Services?   (164 Views)
Hi , I'm using SQL Reporting Services as my reporting tools for my ASP.Net system. Can anyone tells me how to get QueryString in SQL Reporting Services For example, my user in Customer Dbs Enquiry Screen wish to printout Customer details, user hit "Print" button, in my old ASP system, I use this "http://iisserver/printCust.aspCustID=A123" to call printCust.asp to print Customer A123 in html format. Now I use SQL Reporting Services, how to let it know user wish to print CustID=A123 as above case
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hi. i am new to sql databases and am currently trying to get the table to populate with data from the database cnCMS. I have been following the ADO.NET step by step text but, when i compile, i keep getting a blank page. below is the method I am using for when the page loads. any ideas what i might be doing wrong any suggestion much appreciated. thanks in advance. Code: privatevoid BindDataGrid() { string sqlQuery = "SELECT AccountID, UserName, Password, " + "Email, ModifiedDate, CreationDate FROM Account"; cnCMSNET.Open(); SqlDataAdapter daAccount = new SqlDataAdapter(sqlQuery, cnCMS); daAccount.Fill(dsMaster2, "Account"); DataGrid1.DataSource = dsMaster2.Tables["Account"].DefaultView; DataGrid1.DataBind(); cnCMSNET.Close(); }
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, I have a problem in viewing the triggers, I cant display the triggers like the sp in SQL Server 2008, I can create them in the script but I have to select them in the script to view them, is there any way to view them like the sp.