add checkbox column to access table (was "SQL query help.., please, any one??")

good people of this forum..

I am working on an eccess db, and using asp to update, change and so on...
I want to add dynamicly a field to the db, using the ALTER TABLE command, but for some reson I can't find a way to make it work, the field type I am trying to add is boolean, and I want it to show up in the actual db as a checkbox, and not as a bit field (0/1), so I've been trying this and non of them work, and I couldn't find any sites with examples for this... any help would be very appricated..., this is what I've tryed so far and didn't work:
"ALTER TABLE [Users] ADD [CHILD] boolean"
"ALTER TABLE [Users] ADD [CHILD] boolean False"
"ALTER TABLE [Users] ADD [CHILD] boolean(f)"
"ALTER TABLE [Users] ADD [CHILD] boolean f"

me out on this

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Thanks AD
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