Urgently need help!!!

Can anyone send me a simple, understandable javascript code for form validation, including e-mail validation,name validation , password validation etc. pls! send me in hurry!!!:'(

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how do i make a tabbed iframe which can change its height automatically and make height equal to the content inside it. I have never used iframe before this. i dont want scrollers. i want it to call the size of the content inside it. i have tried some scripts but nuthing works. i need changing of the width & height dynamically. any help would be really appreciated.
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, I need a javascript which checks that user's mobileno should start from 9, otherwise it gives error.
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Hi! I'm starting out in programming,I need a pseudocode or flowcharting to use to help me get started on coding(JavaScript and HTML). Often, when I take a look at a coding assignment, it looks daunting, and it's hard to figure out exactly where to start. Especially with all of that specific code syntax.I need a Pseudocode that will let me focus on the algorithm - the problem solving technique - without letting the actual code syntax get in the way.For the following program that I want to design I want a Pseudocode to design the logic for a program that creates student records for Creighton Technical College and assigns an advisor and a dormitory to each student. The program asks users for their first name, last name, birth date (month, day, and year), and intended major. Advisors are assigned based on major, as follows: Major Advisor Last Name Business Brown for the first 100 students, then Davis Computer Information Systems Cunningham for the first 100 students, then Lee Heating and Air Conditioning Parke Hospitality Hunter Undeclared Ulster Dormitories are assigned based on both major and age, as follows: Major Age Dormitory Business under 21 Washington Business 21 and over Adams Computer Information Systems under 21 Jefferson Computer Information Systems 21 and over Lincoln Heating and Air Conditioning any Grant Hospitality or Undeclared any Wilson Perform as many validation checks as you can think of to make sure that complete and accurate records are created. a. Draw the hierarchy chart. b. Write the pseudocode3 Eager Student
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, I would have contacted the website's owner, but there's no email on the site. I'm looking for someone's help on this. By looking at the code below, the link(s) open in a new window, and wanted to know if there's something that can either be added, modified or deleted in order for the links to open in the same browser window, as the way it presently works (code below), is that the links open in a new window, which is not what I do not want it to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! Source: Horizontal Image Scroller 4 hs4Arr=[ ["pic1.jpg","pic1.jpg","Alt Text 1"], ["pic2.jpg","page1.htm","Alt Text 1"], ["pic3.jpg","pic3.jpg","Alt Text 1"], ["pic4.jpg","",""], ["pic5.jpg","",""], ["pic6.jpg","",""], ["pic7.jpg","",""], ["pic8.jpg","",""], ["pic9.jpg","",""], ["pic10.jpg","",""] // no comma at the end of last index ] dir=0 // 0 = left 1 = right speed=3 imageSize=100 // % set to zero to use fixedWidth and fixedHeight values fixedWidth=100 // set a fixed width fixedHeight=60 // set a fixed height spacerWidth=20 // space between images alwaysCenter=1 // center the popup 0 = no 1 = yes popupLeft=0 // popup default left, use if not centering popupTop=0 // popup default top, use if not centering biggest=0 ieBorder=0 totalWidth=0 hs4Timer=null preload=new Array() for(var i=0;ibiggest){ biggest=document.getElementById("pic"+j).offsetHeight } document.getElementById("pic"+j).style.marginLeft=spacerWidth+"px" totalWidth+=document.getElementById("pic"+j).offsetWidth+spacerWidth } totalWidth+=1 for(var k=0;kparseInt({ (-scroll1.offsetWidth)+"px" } if(scroll2Pos>parseInt({ (-scroll2.offsetWidth)+"px" } } } st=null function pause(){ clearTimeout(hs4Timer) clearTimeout(st) } function reStartHS4(){ clearTimeout(st) st=setTimeout("scrollHS4()",100) } paused=0 picWin=null function showBigPic(p){ if(hs4Arr[p][1]!=""){ paused=1 if(picWin&&!picWin.closed){picWin.close()} // if picWin exists close it if(hs4Arr[p][1].indexOf("jpg")!=-1){ bigImg=new Image() bigImg.src=hs4Arr[p][1] if(alwaysCenter==1){ popupLeft = (screen.availWidth - bigImg.width) / 2 popupTop = (screen.availHeight - bigImg.height) / 2 } data="\n\n\n\n" var winProps = "left= "+popupLeft+", top = "+popupTop+", width="+(bigImg.width+20)+", height="+(bigImg.height+20)+", scrollbars=no, toolbar=no, directories=no, menu bar=no, resizable=yes, status=no""","win1",winProps) picWin.document.write("\n\n\n") picWin.document.write("\n") picWin.document.write("\n") picWin.document.write(""+data+"") picWin.document.write("\n\n") } else{[p][1]) } } } window.onfocus=function(){ paused=0 scrollHS4() } onunload=function(){ // close the popup when leaving page if(picWin&&!picWin.closed){ picWin.close() } } #scroller1 img, #scroller2 img{ border:4px solid #7777aa; } Horizontal Image Scroller 4
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how can i change longitude and latitude of my google map can i use javascript for that i made website with google map api and it works with default value for longitude and is my concern, all i want is to change the location dynamically of my google map once i click one button. how can i do that pls help!!!
Help need regarding phone number validation   (257 Views)
I want to validate phone number in my project. I include some validations. Furthermore i want to check whether it exactly contains ONLY 10 digits.nothing more and nothing less.How should i include that if (document.form1.phone_number.value == '') { alert('Please fill in phone number!'); return false; } if(!document.form1.phone_number.value.match(/^[0-9]+$/)){ alert('Please enter only numbers'); return false;
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i have an web project asssigned in my college . it is just to create a website to host events , such as quiz , puzzles , basically a website that has a functionality like Im totally confused what tool to be used . i know php better. but please tell me whether that will help or i should learn javascript too. also please mention what tools will make my website a dynamic one and help me to create a cms ....
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I have 2 separate questions. They are related so I hope it works to take care of both of them in one thread. I have this code that works fine for what it does: function alertSize() { var myWidth = 0, myHeight = 0; if( typeof( window.innerWidth ) == 'number' ) { //Non-IE myWidth = window.innerWidth; myHeight = window.innerHeight; } else if( document.documentElement && ( document.documentElement.clientWidth || document.documentElement.clientHeight ) ) { //IE 6+ in 'standards compliant mode' myWidth = document.documentElement.clientWidth; myHeight = document.documentElement.clientHeight; } else if( document.body && ( document.body.clientWidth || document.body.clientHeight ) ) { //IE 4 compatible myWidth = document.body.clientWidth; myHeight = document.body.clientHeight; } new_win ='index.phpwidth=' + myWidth+'&height='+myHeight)} Go to Album but I want to be automatically redirected without having to click the link "Go to album". Also I want the new page to open in the same tab, not a new one. I mostly copied and pasted the code from different sites so I'm not sure what all the code means. Is it the "new_win" that is telling it to open in a new window or tab and if so, what coding should be used to open in the same tab. Also, as I said I don't want to have to click anything. Then: On another page I want to somehow incorporate this script and combine the href variables with a variable submitted through php. Here is the code of the php file:
Errors in Javascript - Quick bit of help needed   (145 Views)
, Just a quick question. My webpage is all working fine in IE9, new Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome, but in IE7 it's flagging errors to do with the Facebook share buttons (javascript). When you click them nothing shows up. I was wondering if you could tell me what I may have done wrong. Here's the page that's appearing within a Facebook iframe: The errors are: - Line 1013 Character 13 Expected identifier string or number - Line 336 Character 1 object expected - Line 416 Character 1 object expected - Line 513 Character 1 object expected It looks like they all have something to do with the Facebook code. Any help would be great. Many thanks, Chris ps. Here is the code between 995 and 1020 (I've blanked out my app code): FB.init({ appId:'my app code', cookie:true, status:true, xfbml:true }); function shareProduct(caption_var, description_var, picture_var) { FB.ui({ method: 'feed', link: ' app code', name: 'RJ Thompson Official Facebook Store', caption: caption_var, description: description_var, picture: picture_var, }); } And here is the code for line 336 (I'm assuming the other errors are just duplicated of this): Facebook
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, I have created a javascript script to select a color for the css theme. I have it working great for picking, but the problem is when I refesh it goes back to the default. I was wondering if somone might know why my cookies are not saving from html page then in the html body       and last my styleswitcher window.onload = initStyle; window.onunload = unloadStyle; function initStyle() { thisCookie = cookieVal("style"); var title; if (thisCookie) { title = thisCookie } else { title = getPreferredStylesheet(); } setActiveStylesheet(title); var allButtons = document.getElementsByClassName("input"); for (i=0;i
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I have never used javascript before, but I know most other programming languages. New Jersey Is there a way to take out "New Jersey" and save it in a variable using javascript and then to remove the who contains the class="location" (its parent)
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Hi all Firstly may i say i have found your forums to be of great help, but I have a task and not entirely sure if its possible I have a shoutcast radio that i have displaying on my shoutbox every 3.5 mins (auto refresh) but someone said what i need may be done with Javascript but hes as useless as me when it comes to Javascripts lol. My friend said he thinks it may be possible to program the code i have to encorporate a onChange command that automatically when a song has finished and new one started & finished it recognises that the song has changed and runs the code i need to display the song in a shoutbox. now heres the difficulty Details are obtained via a xml file of which then a php code reads from this i.e on my code $song[0] is the current one being played which auto changes this to $song[1] when its played. is what i need possible if you need copies of my file i would be more than happy to post.
need ajax help   (217 Views)
, I have a button that counts the number of clicks. when it is clicked, number goes up, and the image disappears. but I want it to show the image again when it is clicked, but can't be clicked after the first time is clicked. I already have this script but I tried adding some codes in but doesn't work. I was wondering if someone can help me out Thank you $(function(){ $("a.product_ratings").click(function(){ //get the id the_id = $(this).attr('id'); thumbsUp = $(this).attr('id'); // show the spinner $(this).parent().html(""); //show the thumbsup $(this).parent().html(""); //fadeout the vote-count $("span#votes_count"+the_id).fadeOut("fast"); //the main ajax request $.ajax({ type: "POST", data: "action=product_ratings&id="+$(this).attr("id"), url: "votes2.php", success: function(msg) { $("span#votes_count"+the_id).html(msg); //fadein the vote count $("span#votes_count"+the_id).fadeIn(); //remove the spinner $("span#vote_buttons"+the_id).remove(); //fadein the thumbsup $("span#votes_count"+thumbsUp).fadeIn(); } }); });
help need to update userlist...using ajax/jquery/javascript   (168 Views)
hi i am trying to make a chat system ...using flash and php everything is done but cant update user-list in real-time ...i have Google it and find nothing ...can any one help me to update user-list as the come and go real-time.... using ajax/jquery/javascript or any thing....
I need two functions in one click! (jQuery)   (183 Views)
, I'm building an intranet site for work with an autocomplete feature. I have it working to where when the user clicks on the name in the autocomplete list, it will fill that value to the text input box. What I need it to do is after it fills in the value, also submit the form, la Google. I would usually research how to do this, but I'm on a tight schedule and really need your help! Here's what I have for the code so far. function suggest(a) { if (a.length == 0) { $("#suggestions").fadeOut() } else { $("#search").addClass("load"); $.post("autosuggest.php", { queryString: "" + a + "" }, function (b) { if (b.length > 0) { $("#suggestions").fadeIn(); $("#suggestionsList").html(b); $("#search").removeClass("load") } }) } } function fill(a) { $("#search").val(a); setTimeout("$('#suggestions').fadeOut();", 300) };
Ajax recursive function needed!!!   (130 Views)
Cheeki, Your buttons have taken on a life of their own and have been quite absorbing, which has been good for me as I haven't done any interactive application building for some time. The javascript is as tidy as I can make it. The php is tidy as far as it goes (much of it is organised into classes) but can't go further without assuming php5 (it was tested under php4 but should run under 5). You will see that I've added a couple of interfaces for managing category properties (presentational aspects) and button properties within each category (tooltips and "handlers"). Handlers are text strings that determine the action each button performs (ie for building/amending flow-charts). When you click on a button, you will see an alert which tells you which file to edit to fully implement the handlers and thus integrate with your main application. You will eventually comment out my alert. The behaviour of the code is detemined in part by a bunch of constants in the file "php_includes/config.php". Here you can set directory paths and various strings that appear in the user interface, and the like. The unusual syntax used for defining constants in config.php is because I use a "$constants" class (written for another project), which allows all constants defined in this way to be inspected on the page "settings.php". Further constants can still be defined elsewhere with the straightforward php define() as required. I've tried to make it easy for you to inetegrate with your login sytstem. An important constant in this regard is "USER_MODE" which is currently set to "admin". When you get your login system working, then you will need to ensure that for anyone with admin rights, you define('USER_MODE', 'admin') . For anyone else, then define('USER_MODE', 'normal') . You will do this in a file of your choosing (part of your login code), not config.php. You will comment out my line $constants->addConstant('USER_MODE', 'admin'); such that your own code determines the value of USER_MODE. I suggest that your login script is contained in a single php include file and included in all pages by adding a line to the file "php_includs/common.php", which is key to making a number of classes available to all pages. Finally, I looked at what would be necessary to convert to database storage and consider it unnecessary, and complex unless you are an sql whizz. If you really must, then each instance of the "Cache" class is a candidate for conversion but "Cache" is very robust (once you got CHMOD correct on your *nix server directories). I will confuse us both if I try to describe in any greater detail. Some of the code is rather tricky to follow but hopefully you won't need to touch it. I have tested quite rigorously and in-code comments will help. Oh yes, it's completly OTT in one particular regard but I will let you find that for yourself.Airshow
need help changing background color of an iframe   (178 Views)
I do not much understand what is going on. The iframe is transparent in all browsers but IE. I need to change the background color in IE, of my iframe and cannot figure it out. My code is below. It is pulling from an external file exfile.js. Nothing i have tried will change the background color, HELP!
I need function 2 remove spaces if more than one   (130 Views)
hello every one sorry if my activity not very well at last few days :icon_rolleyes: I need function 2 remove spaces if more than one and to merge lines into one line like this we still here where are you into we still here where are you
i need a clarification on AJAX   (130 Views)
Hai I am sathiya i display my database records using PHP . i display radio buttons to select the candidate. and at last i will give submit button to update . But i want to update each and every candidate by clicking the radio button seperately by using AJAX. please give me solution for that....... with regards, sathiya
javascript that doesn't work on IE ... need second?   (164 Views)
:) Hi ! I need a little umm assurance that I am not going crazy. Some advice or opinions would be great and appreciated! I was making an easy to use webpage >> Basically its a gallery that uses disjoint images. The javascript that controls the clickable functions can be found here: This script works great on Firefox but on IE when the security settings are on the highest level this script does not work. Basically the image will show up on the current page when the security level is not on "high", but when the IE security level is on "high" the image shows up on its on page by itself. Has anyone had this problem before If so is there a way around it or Should I just hope that does not have their IE security level on "high." I currently have an IE fix script running but this does not help. Look forward to your responses.