tinymce editor

please tell me how to download tinymce editor .
i want to download the below tinymce editor

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I have a condition based upon which I require that the AJAX HTML Editor gets disable. This code is not working: edNote.Enabled=false; //edNote is AJAX editor. Please suggest any other means to do this.
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, i have a bit of a problem with integrating CKeditor... I have a dynamic dropdown select box filled from MySQL, i have followed an Ajax tutorial on W3 schools on how to get the selection pulled from MySQL to populate a textarea where it can then be edited, no problem there at all, the problem starts when CKeditor is assigned to the textarea, when i select from the dropdown with an instance of CKeditor hooked to the the field does not populate from MySQL, im guessing things need to be done in some kind of order (possibly even a delay while the instance sets itself up) does anyone have previous experience with this and can offer some advice on what to do. here is some code here is the index.php
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Yep :) Almost like Daniweb's "Go Advanced" and "preview" buttons !
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Hi every body I want to learn 1- How can i link text editor like (text editor in this web site) with my web page the text editor is (tinymce) i catch it from (Joomla) , so how can i link it second question 2-How can i add smiles to my web page like this it is java script code or what
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i have to create a page where i need to insert two frame one will be displaying the pdf file after fetching from database and another will be displaying text file from the database.i want to know if it's possible to open only assigned folder through the editors.also which are the best editors for the purpose.
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I'm trying to out figure how to insert automaticaly a template. when the editor is loaded. // This should load the default template, but insert say's it's undefined. Does anyone know how to do this
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I want to put on one of my HTML pages a message box with editing options, just like the one you are using in any forum to post a message (with options like -bold, italic, underline,font color, font size, adding files, etc) where can I get a ready code
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I have to develop a code editor as my internship project. But I could not find a head start in a brief search. Firstly what should I, in your opinion, develop A desktop code editor or an online code editor Currently I am inclined for an online code editor. However, I am open to your suggestions. Secondly, where should I start in case I choose to develop an online code editor I couldnt find any guidelines on a brief google search. Thank you., If you still want to do an online editor why don't you check out existing ones and try to figure out how they do it. Two that come to mind are: and . The first one lets you execute code as you edit the other is more of a text editor. For an online editor Ajax is definitely going to be involved so you should brush up on that.Use firebug or a developer tool bar of choice to see what parts are involved and how they fit together.
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I want to use a javascript (codethateditor) to provide a rich text editor in an administrative area of a site. Problem with this script. See code below: The site is written in Coldfusion. The javascript variable text is equal to the Coldfusion variable #get_text.text_content# (get_text is the name of the query and text_content is a column returned from a table). When text_content contains html tags like hello world [continued] ... my javascript editor breaks. I get a javascript error at the bottom of the page. Neither the editor nor its contents are visible. What can I do to allow the editor to start off with the value that is stored in the database Galaxygal
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hello ,i want to Create a simple website Editor (what you see is what you get ).and i dont know from where should i start .please can you recommend to me something to begin with (ebooks to read ,tutoriel ... anything ) i'm a beginner programmere .
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i am planning to create a blog for myself. whenever i want to post a code snippet, then i want that snippet to be neatly formatted just like how the snippets in this dream in code appears. can anybody give me links to free rich text editors that serves this purpose. i prefer editors created by using javascript, jquery, ajax or php(because i want to develop my blog using php) i googled and i found editors like tinymce, fckeditor, YUI editor, free richtext editor. but among all, i found YUI is serving my purpose to some extent. but remaining editors are not providing option for code formatting.(even YUI also doesn't provide directly. but to some extent it preserves that formatting..) and also i am very much interested to know what library dream in code is using for the text editor that we all members see when we post our replies or queries... i tried by going to page source. but i am unable to figure out the library these are using.
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Hi this is irphan.I am using ckeditor for updating the value into database using php my code contain javascript tags like this .... when i am writing this code into ckeditor and click save button this is not saving into mysql database table .while I write simple text then value is updating into database .i don't know what is the problem .please help me
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Is there a way to set tinymce so that the user can post text and html in the same box without having to open the html box to enter code I have seen on other sites where you can enter text and then some html and it comes out fine but when I try this in tinymce it ouputs the html. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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hi i am using tinyMCE editor(javascript) in php file .the data which is enterted in textarea is diplayed along with some script .plz do tell me how to avoid the script. eg:
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Hi , currently i faced a problem that is i need to add some extra text into HTML Editor (AJAX) but i fail to get the text cursor location, have anyone can tell me how to solve it
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Dear Friends, I have one doubt in html text editor. my editor have the table icon, when the user click that icon table is placed in editor. How it done means.. First the convert all table tags to string(eg. str="") using pasteHtml Property we place the table in editor. upto this all are working fine. The Question is: Assume the editor has more than one table. If i click on one table and click the table icon, i can't get the table name which is selected. So when i click the table icon i just want to retrieve the selected table name. For this scenario , i am using iframeid.document.selection.createRange() But it's not working, it gives an error . Please give your suggestion to solve this scenario..
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Trying to accomplish a simple test for a project I'm working on. The Form The textarea has a WYSIWYG added to it (not needed but just in case here is that function var hb_silk_icon_set_blue = $("#agreement_text").css("height","240").css("width","695").htmlbox({ toolbars:[ ["bold","italic","underline","strike","undo","redo","separator_dots","left","center","right","justify"] ], icons:"silk", skin:"blue" }); I was able to get a border around the text area using this line: $('#agreement_text_html').css('border','3px solid red'); But still not able to set a value with that selector (I've tried quite a bit as well).Summarized Thank you for any help, I'm pretty familiar with PHP/JS/JQUERY/AJAX so any help may go a long way, I've already google everything I can think of.
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Hi this is irphan.I am using ckeditor for updating the value into database using php my code contain javascript tags like this .... when i am writing this code into ckeditor and click save button this is not saving into mysql database table .while I write simple text then value is updating into database .i don't know what is the problem .please help me
Answer editor like this forum's ?   (204 Views)
Hi all. Can anybody point me in the right direction as to how to implement the editor that opens up when I click Start new thread or post reply Also when displaying the replies how is the feature with syntax highlighting and indentation for the code snippets implemented
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Hi! Sorry for my bad english! How to make a button (source code) that when someone clicks on it, it shows the source code of that what is written. (On some buttons I put the image () (alignment:left, center, right). But when I click on them everthing is ok but the page refreshed and then isn't ok. What is mistake See the code (PS. I tried write "", the same mistake!) Here's code: wid="350px"; function stvoriEditor(){ var mjesto=document.getElementById('mjesto'); var prozor=document.createElement('iframe');"uredivac"; mjesto.appendChild(prozor); uredivac.document.designMode="on";; uredivac.document.write('body{font-family:libersina,Arial;font-size:15px;}'); uredivac.document.close(); uredivac.focus(); document.getElementById('uredivac').style.width=wid; document.getElementById('naredbe').style.width=wid; } window.onload=function(){ stvoriEditor(); } function urediFont(x,y){ uredivac.document.execCommand(x,"",y); uredivac.focus(); } function dodajLink(){ var link=prompt('Upisite URL:'); if(link==null){ link=''; } urediFont('CreateLink',link); } function spremi(){ var sadrzaj=uredivac.document.body.innerHTML; sadrzaj=content.replace(//g,">"); document.getElementById('sadrzaj').value=sadrzaj; } #uredivac{ border:1px inset black; } #naredbe{ background-color:rgb(199,147,69); } .na{ background-color:rgb(199,147,69); border:0px; font-family:libersina,arial; font-size:15px; } input[disabled]{ background-color:rgb(105,84,33); border:0px; font-family:libersina,arial; font-size:15px; } - - - - Arial Comic Sans MS Times New Roman 1 2 3 4 5