swapping divs with java script

Well, if you remember me from before, I was trying to get a code to make a div draggable. That worked. Now however, I'm trying to add some code that will track where the mouse is, and when it reaches a certain set of points, it will affect two divs. It will make one invisible, and the other invisible.

They're in the same location, just have different z-indexes. Also, one is initially visible, while the other is invisible. I tried passing parameters (since I want this code to work for several pages), but that doesn't seem to work. I haven't tried making the code specifically for the that one set of divs yet. Well, here it is.

//Draging Objects var elementToDrag, deltaX, deltaY //global variables //elementTo Drag - keeps track of what we're dragging //deltaX - //deltaY - function DragObject(which,event){ elementToDrag = document.getElementById(which) //draglayer is being passed //Compute distance to mouse click deltaX = event.clientX - parseInt( deltaY = event.clientY - parseInt( //clientX & Y represent the current position of the layer //calculates the distacne of the mouse from the layer //Register event handlers -- Determines which browse //top one is a standard code, teh second is for Internet Explorer (both do the same thing) if(document.addEventListener){ //detect the movement of the mouse, call the cuntion, always has to be true document.addEventListener("mousemove",moveHandler,true) document.addEventListener("mouseup",upHandler,true) }else{ document.attachEvent("onmousemove",moveHandler) document.attachEvent("onmouseup",upHandler) } //event is handled, end it -- stop all other events or functions will dragging if(event.stopPropagation){ event.stopPropagation() event.preventDefault() }else{ event.cancelBubble = true //internet explorer function. It does the same as the one above } } function moveHandler(e){ if(!e){ e = window.event //mousemove event } //move element to current mouse position //current mouse position - the offset = (e.clientX - deltaX) + "px" = (e.clientY - deltaY) + "px" //event is handled, end it if(e.stopPropagation){ e.stopPropagation() }else{ e.cancelBubble = true } } //Capture mouseup to end drag function upHandler(e){ if(!e){ e = window.event } //Internet Explorer or any other browser if(document.removeEventListener){ document.removeEventListener("mouseup",upHandler,true) document.removeEventListener("mousemove",moveHandler,true) }else{ document.detachEvent("onmouseup",upHandler) document.detachEvent("onmousemove",moveHandler) } if(e.stopPropagation){ e.stopPropagation() }else{ e.cancelBubble = true } } function disAppear(woop, shoop, IE, e, event) { if (IE) { // grab the x-y pos.s if browser is IE tempX = event.clientX + document.body.scrollLeft; tempY = event.clientY + document.body.scrollTop; } else { // grab the x-y pos.s if browser is NS tempX = e.pageX tempY = e.pageY if (tempX > 319 && tempX < 574 && tempY > 200 && tempY

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Okay, so I am doing something for someone, and they have a page with a bunch of divs of to the right. These divs are visible with a scroll bar, and accessed via an anchor link, so people without Javascript can still view the page properly. What I need to, is use Javascript so that when they click a link in the menu, the correct div slides across from the right, and into the main div. The only part I need help on, is making it slide. jQuery has a custom effect thing, but once it slides in, it goes back again. I need to have it slide in when the link is pressed, after any current div slides back to the right first. If you don't understand what I need help on, just say so. So, how can I do this is there a library I can use that will work
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When I double click within the embedded ...
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all! I have 2 things that I want to show/hide using JS. Hidden Div function showstuff(boxid){ document.getElementById(boxid).style.visibility="visible"; } function hidestuff(boxid){ document.getElementById(boxid).style.visibility="hidden"; } Show ONE Show TWO ONE. TWO. If I use it as it is I don't see anything! If I don't use style="display:none" inside the divs, I see them both initially and I can hide/show each one depending on which link I press. But the thing is that I need both divs to be hidden in the first place, and when I click on ONE, to show TWO, when I click on TWO to hide ONE and show TWO etc. Each time 1 div should be visible, depending on which link we press. The other must disappear.
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This is in the head: This is in the body: roll over text here Retail Appears on rollover of each sector above. Phasellus auctor malesuada metus. Quisque ac sapien. Integer tellus elit, vehicula eget, volutpat sed. In accumsan, dui et pharetra rhoncus, felis dolor vehicula velit, tincidunt dignissim tellus urna sit amet magna. Duis luctus massa et ante. Proin eu nisi a sapien viverra dapibus. I have several of these paragraphs to show on roll over. I followed this tutorial: http://www.willmaste...er_div_swap.php It all works well but when I disable the JS in the browser of course nothing displays. How do I go about using alternate content for people with no JS If somebody could point me in the right direction that would be great!