Refresh page once via ajax

I have a php webpage that has a single input box. When ever an item is entered and the Submit button is pressed,
the entry is added to a database. Additionally, the database table contents are read and printed directly below the input box and the submit button on the same page, using AJAX.


I have decided to add additional functionality to the page. I want a delete button for each entry displayed in the table below. For any button that is pressed, I want to delete that entry from the database.

This I can achieve.

Here's the problem:

I want the database table contents that has been printed below to reflect this change. I can achieve the delete, but in order to show the change in content caused by the delete, the table below must either be replaced or updated via ajax.

How can I achieve this

I have been trying to follow these examples using jQuery and Mootools respectively, but I've been having no luck.

I don't want all the fancy looks, I just want the core functionality.

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