overlay not working in IE's

HI there, I have runt into an issue with the overlay I have on the website I am working on
The problems seem to be with Internet explorer 7, 8 and 9. Say you click on the first thumbnail, then the big pix comes
up and behind it the overlay. Then close this picture and click on the next one: the overlay is now solid black. Basically
it works fine with the first image but then any subsequent image seems to throw it.
I am aware of IE's not being able to handle the opacity therefore in my css I have this: .overlay { display:none; background-color:black; position:fixed; opacity:0.75; filter:alpha(opacity=75); /* For IE8 and earlier */ top:0; bottom:0; right:0; left:0; width:100%; z-index:100; } But despite this it doesn't work. I thought that maybe, it isn't the css but the script that handles the big
images but still I couldn't find anything wrong with it...maybe you can
Here's the script: var $full_images; var $close_button; var $overlay; $(function(){ $full_images = $(".full_images"); $close_button = $(".close_button"); $overlay = $(".overlay"); $the_pic = $(".image_div"); }); function change_images(image, text){ var $images = $("#" + image); var $description = $("#" + text); $overlay.hide().show(); $the_pic.hide().show("slow"); $full_images.hide().show("slow"); $images.hide().fadeIn(1000); $description.hide().fadeIn(1000); $close_button.hide().show(); $close_button.unbind('click').click(function(){ $(this).hide(); $images.fadeOut("fast"); $description.fadeOut("fast"); $full_images.hide("slow"); $overlay.hide("slow"); $the_pic.hide("fast"); }); } A note on the script: the variable $the_pic is there in error it hasn't actually been declared, but I doubt this
can be the problem because the overlay isn't working in previous versions of the script without the variable ANy idea at all what could cause that

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