need to autofill the textbox using ajax:autocomplete

Hi frnds,
I m new to ajax. I have implemented the ajax autocomplete
It is working alright,but i need that when the autocomplete list has been populated,and down key is pressed the option in list should auto fill the textbox accordingly as the user presses up/down key over the autocomplete list. Please reply to this...
I would be really

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resolved This post has been edited by peter yianni: 25 July 2009 - 07:46 PM
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can someone PLEASE HELP! function writeHeader(){ //writes header for amort Table var hdrDiv=document.getElementById("schedule") var hdrTable=document.createElement("table");"tblHeader"; hdrTable.setAttribute("width","100%"); hdrTable.setAttribute("border","1"); var hdrBody=document.createElement("tbody"); var hdrRow=document.createElement("row"); var hdrDate=document.createElement("td"); var hdrPrinciple=document.createElement("td"); var hdrPayment=document.createElement("td"); hdrDate.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Date")); hdrPrinciple.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Principle")); hdrPayment.appendChild(document.createTextNode("Payment")); hdrRow.appendChild(hdrDate); hdrRow.appendChild(hdrPrinciple); hdrRow.appendChild(hdrPayment); hdrBody.appendChild(hdrRow); hdrTable.appendChild(hdrBody); hdrDiv.appendChild(hdrTable); } function PrintTable(cost,intRate, pymnt,mortDate){ //prints table for top calculator var curMonth,tblPrinciple=cost,mnthlyRate=0,curYear,YearlyDed,YearlyMth,OneTime; writeHeader(); curMonth=mortDate.getMonth(); curMonth++; curYear=mortDate.getFullYear(); var newDiv=document.createElement("div"); var ScheduleResults=document.getElementById("schedule"); var tblBody=document.createElement("tbody"); var newTable=document.createElement("table"); newTable.setAttribute("width","100%"); newTable.setAttribute("border",4); while(tblPrinciple>0){ var DateData=document.createElement("td"); var PrinData=document.createElement("td"); var PymtData=document.createElement("td"); var newRow=document.createElement("tr"); DateData.appendChild(document.createTextNode(curMonth+"/"+curYear)); PrinData.appendChild(document.createTextNode(formatCurrency(tblPrinciple))); PymtData.appendChild(document.createTextNode(formatCurrency(pymnt))); newRow.appendChild(DateData); newRow.appendChild(PrinData); newRow.appendChild(PymtData); mnthlyRate=(tblPrinciple*intRate); tblPrinciple=tblPrinciple-(pymnt-mnthlyRate); if (curMonth==12){ curMonth=1; curYear++; } else{ curMonth++; }//end if tblBody.appendChild(newRow); } //end while newTable.appendChild(tblBody); newDiv.appendChild(newTable); ScheduleResults.appendChild(newDiv); }
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, my task was to make two constructors for the code that I also posted and they are not working. Can somebody help me figure out why they are not working. I posted them right below. here are my constructors for course and Faculty course.js: function Course (name, times, instructorName, instructorDept ) { = name ||"unknown course name"; this.times = times||"unknown time"; this.instructor = new Faculty(instructorName, instructorDept); this.getname = function(); this.setname = function( name ); this.gettimes = function(); this.settimes = function( dept ); this.getinstructor() = function(); this.setinstructor(Faculty); = function(); } faculty.js: function Faculty(name, dept) { = name || "unknown"; this.dept = dept || "unknown"; this.getname = function(); this.setname = function( name ); this.getdata = function(); this.setdata = function( dept ); = function(); this.dept.toString = function(); } Here is the test file testprob1.js: var fac1 = new Faculty( "Dr. Smith", "Math" ); document.writeln( "New faculty: " + fac1.getname() + ", " + fac1.getdept() + "" ); document.writeln( "Again: " + fac1 + "" ); var fac2 = new Faculty(); document.writeln( "New faculty: " + fac2.getname() + ", " + fac2.getdept() + "" ); fac2.setname( "Dr. Jones" ); fac2.setdept( "CS" ); document.writeln( "Updated: " + fac2.getname() + " " + fac2.getdept() + "" ); var crs1 = new Course( "COMP322", "MWF 1:00-1:50", "Dr. Green", "CS" ); document.writeln( "New course: " + crs1.getname() + ", " + crs1.gettimes() + ", " + crs1.getinstructor() + "" ); document.writeln( "Again: " + crs1 + "" ); var crs2 = new Course(); document.writeln( "New course: " + crs2.getname() + ", " + crs2.gettimes() + ", " + crs2.getinstructor() + "" ); crs2.setname( "COMP590" ); crs2.settimes( "TR 1:00-2:15" ); crs2.setinstructor( fac2 ); document.writeln( "Updated: " + crs2.getname() + ", " + crs2.gettimes() + ", " + crs2.getinstructor() ); The HTML drivers to run the code: Assignment 3, Problem 3
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i need get the even values of the numbers entered by the user //your code goes here function examFunction() { var size=document.numform.length-1; var numlistA = new Array(size); document.write("Here Are The Unsorted Array"); for(var i=0; i
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fellow coders, hopefully someone can help me discover the problem here: I have been using the jsGraphics library with everything working fine for a little while now. However, I just recently tried to do some drawing in a frame located elsewhere in the hierarchy and had some issues. Here is my situation: I have a test page setup using frames to simulate a larger project I am working on. Processing is done in the last frame loaded(let's call it the taskFrame), and I need to allow the user to access/update/draw in a separate frame based on mouse movements(call it the testFrame). I am trying to draw a line that has a segment that is dynamically updated to follow mouse movements in the frame located in parent.parent.mainFrame.testFrame. When I try to draw a line in testFrame, as soon as the call to jg.paint() is made, the taskFrame goes blank, and the status bar for the page seems to indicate that it is trying to load something; but it stays like that indefinitely. Because of that, I tried tracking mouse movements in testFrame but drawing the lines in taskFrame, and that works just fine. However, when I try to do any drawing in testFrame from code loaded and executed in taskFrame, the frame just goes to a blank page and the loading icon stays there. Has anyone ever experienced this happening, or even tried doing something like this before Is this library not supposed to be able to do this Am I doing something wrong with how I'm calling the code I can provide all code being used for this test.
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, I am creating a website called, and looking for a dedicated PHP programmer willing to go throughout the project from start to finish, if you are still interested , keep reading below: Name of project: Project purpose: A video / audio / flash / game , uploading site, also with user friendly features similar to myspace. The design has been done already, so theres no worrying on working or improving the design. Requirements: Experienced with PHP, perhaps javascript, and have some free hours throughout the day to code. Benefits: During and after this project, you will recieve full administrative privilages, I know its not much now, but after we get advertisement revenue gained from this project, I will split up the money among the team. Additional information: I would be more than glad if you would like to join the team and code diligently on the site, there is no deadline so there is no rush here, but if you have spare hours throughout the day, I would be glad if you could join and code on this project, remember, once you join, we must do this from start to finish, once completed, this website will be popular with its features Please email me at : Thank you!
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I am working on a chat program. When a user logs in, a value in the database is set to 1 (online), and when he/she logs out it is set to 0 (offline). The problem is, when the user exits the browser, naturally the value is still set to 1. I was wondering if it is possible using AJAX or otherwise to update the database on the event of browser close I have tried onbodyunload in the body tags pointing to a file with a JavaScript function containing the PHP code (query to update the field) but cant get it to work. If anybody has any advice, please help me it is driving me mad and is the biggest problem standing in my way to get the app to work..
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i am working on a facebook page with custom fbml page. Here is the link: SNIP I want to make a jquery slideshow in the page. Is it possible to use jquery there. I write a script which work on other website but not working there. I am importing the jquery and the script by
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, I have put together an accordion menu using css, html (ul, li tags) and javascript. I'd like the arrows on the collapsible menus should change state depending on if they're open or not. The triangle turner should point right when the content is closed and can be opened. The triangle turner should point up when the content is open and can be closed. But I'm not sure how to replace this arrow image css using javascript. css to open menu: level01_top_link_subnav_open css to close menu: level01_top_link_subnav_close I have attached the menu page and its associated files (see the zip file). You can view the menu here: I'd appreciate if someone can help me with this. Many