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I am dynamically generating a unordered list. I want to get value("somevalue") inside each item. How can i access it please help me. item1

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Need some help with getting the remove selected item code to work: (Type a title for your page here) function addNewItem() { // Retrieve the elements from the document body var textbox = document.getElementById('MyTextbox'); var listbox = document.getElementById('MyListbox'); // Now we need to create a new 'option' tag to add to MyListbox var newOption = document.createElement('option'); newOption.value = textbox.value; // The value that this option will have newOption.innerHTML = textbox.value; // The displayed text inside of the tags // Finally, add the new option to the listbox listbox.appendChild(newOption); } function removeItem(listbox) { var i; for(i=listbox.options.length-1;i>=0;i--) { if(listbox.options[i].selected) listbox.removeChild(i); } } Apples Oranges Bananas
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hi, i wanted to create a two drop down list , second drop down list will filter the data on the selection of first drop down list ,the data fetched is from database. when the two drop downlist values are selected the selected data should be shown in textbox. how this would be will be appreciated thanx in advance
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I would like to know how can i remove a selected item from an ordered list which was dynamicaly created Thanking you in advance!!
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In the code below I'm attempting to call to a playlist of items and have them load in the player provided by JW Flash Player. files are currently locally loading. The video files are located w/in the videos folder. Scripts & etc are local. I can not get the player to load up the files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Untitled Document var player = null; function playerReady(thePlayer) { player = window.document[]; addListeners(); } function addListeners() { if (player) { player.addModelListener("STATE", "stateListener"); } else setTimeout("addListeners();", 100); } function stateListener(obj){ //IDLE, BUFFERING, PLAYING, PAUSED, COMPLETED currentState = obj.newstate; previousState = obj.oldstate; if (currentState == "BUFFERING") { timer = true; checkTimer(); } else if (currentState == "PLAYING") { timer = false; } if ((currentState == "COMPLETED")) { startPlayer(); } } function startPlayer() { if (IT < playlist.length) { player.sendEvent('LOAD', playlist[IT++].v); player.sendEvent('PLAY'); } } var playlist=[{ d: "10-23-09", n: "Senses Fail", v: "videos/cranberries.flv" }, { d: "10-27-09", n: "Brother Ali", v: "videos/marciaball.flv" }, { d: "10-28-09", n: "blind pilot", v: "videos/feverray.flv" }]; var s1 = new SWFObject('player.swf','ply','325','280','9','#ffffff'); s1.addParam('allowfullscreen','true'); s1.addParam('allowscriptaccess','always'); s1.addParam('wmode','opaque'); s1.write('PLYR'); This post has been edited by ss_hat: 23 October 2009 - 11:37 AM
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Okay, here's the situation: I have a list of video files on a HTML page with a link to another HTML page which displays the selected video file. The first file is http://www.bodhidhar...edia/Movie1.htm. The second is called from the first by for instance "Media2.htmx=6" In the second HTML file the video's are listed in an array with there properties (title, filename, height, width). See below: var aList = new Array() aList[0] = ["ID","Name","Height","Width","Titel"] aList[1] = ["1","Freestyle okt 2006 clips5.wmv","480","640","F.S.F. Spinning Haaktrap"] aList[2] = ["2","Katana basisslagen.WMV","240","320","Katana Basisslagen"] aList[3] = ["3","Katana derde trekking.WMV","240","320","Katana 3e trekking"] aList[4] = ["4","Katana eerste trekking.WMV","240","320","Katana 1e trekking"] aList[5] = ["5","Katana tweede trekking.WMV","240","320","Katana 2e trekking"] aList[6] = ["6","Katana vierde trekking.WMV","240","320","Katana 4e trekking"] aList[7] = ["7","Katana vijfde trekking.WMV","240","320","Katana 5e trekking"] ... Then the passed on parameter is stored in a variable and the correct sub-array is found through a for-loop, but because of the aList.length, the complete array is scanned in stead of breaking out at the moment the correct line is found. So that's an issue which I need to solve, but don't know how (yet). Anyone When the correct line (sub-array) is found the rest of the document is written with the document.write() statements var nId = getQueryVariable("x"); for (var i = 0; i < aList.length; i++){ if (nId == aList[i][0]) { document.write(''+aList[i][4]+' '); document.write('
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how to write javascript validation for multiple dropdown list in
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I am developing a website based on tutorial videos. I have my flv player embeded on my members page but require a javascript that will do the following: 1. display a video playlist in a scroll box. 2. load the same playlist to the player. 3. allow the user to randomly select a video from the playlist to view 4. allow the playlist to be changed to another playlist 5. disable the Download to Realplayer popup button. If the above can be done using the flashvars I would need to know how I can write the flashvars to the flvplayer. If I posted this in the wrong forum please suggest the correct forum to post this in. Thank You.
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How do I amend the following code to skip removing the first option in my dropdown list i.e. I want the first option "Please select..." to stay while (document.getElementById("mycombo").childNodes.length > 0) { document.getElementById("mycombo").removeChild(document.getElementById("mycombo").childNodes[0]) } Many
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Hi people, need some help... I have a dropdown list with some options in it.. I have 2 buttons Select all and Reset. What I want is, on click of Select button, all the options inside it should get selected. and Reset button should clear the entire form. This is what I'm doing.. HTML Section: // this is my Reset button // this is Select button --------------------------------------------------------- JAVASCRIPT: function selectall(){ alluser.setAttribute("multiple", "multiple"); for (var i=0; i
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hi i need to add button thath allow to print out list my script display on the screen, i try few thing but button always dissapear after i display list. can someone help me this is my script code: Untitled Document var teams = Array(), index = 0; function registerTeam() { //we check if we have 10 elements in array, if so we go to displayTeams function if(index == 9){ teams[index] = document.getElementById('name').value; displayTeams(); //if not, we put data to array } else{ teams[index] = document.getElementById('name').value; document.getElementById('name').value = ''; } index++; } function displayTeams() { for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { document.write(i+". "+teams[i]+""); } } //printout data from array in order list ;) Enter name of team: Register
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How do I get the results of this to be on the same line I would like it to say From Atlanta + away New York on the same line. It is currently putting the second selection on the next line. Sorry for the dumb question. I'm new to this. Atlanta New York Atlanta New York function showSelectedfrom(val){ document.getElementById ('teamfrom').innerHTML = "From " + val; } function showSelectedto(val){ document.getElementById ('teamto').innerHTML = " + away " + val; }
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I want to write a javascript to list of all files in a folder including files in the subfolders. This is for the scorm purpose to list all the files. some examples are listing files but not listing the files inside the subdirectories. I want the file's full path like C:\Documents\javascript\wilson.js like this.
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Guys! I'm looking for a javascript that will expand the list and collapsing of this menu... Menu Item 1 Sub Item 1.1 Sub Item 1.2 Sub Item 1.3
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I want to make search box like google. when typing in the text box it will show search list. the list must be from mysql query search. How can I do that.
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, I have a html code like . . . using document.getelementbyId("search").value i get internal but i need to get id of internal.. how can i do that help me..
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hi , i am trying to populate a listbox the number of the current month in listbox. and i am using an onload event of the body but it doesnt works. any help please. i am new on javascript. function dat(){ var date=new Date(); var Month= toString(date.getMonth()+1) this.Monthlistbox.options=new Option(Month,Month,true,true);
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i want to create a form containing : 1. drop down list of countries (that i managed to create) 2. action on selection (redirect to a link on country selection) 3. post the selected option into a text box below and remeber (if possible) The remeber part is optional . I want a form where user will select country , based on the selection to be redirected to a link and message display , you selected : [textarea]Option[/textarea] can it be done
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I working on OnlineTraveling project, here issue is whenever I choose source city from dropdownlist at that event only related cities would be comes in dropdownlist of Destination city. It should not need to goes to server, it would be happen on same page. I have done this by page submitting using javascript to server, but that time total page refresh and fluctuated. So please help me.
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Hi I cann't get count the selected list box items using javascript so you please help me. if you know means please send to me Advance
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Hi. I'm trying to add event listeners to multiple elements of the same class. The DOM is something like this: .... ....... .......... .... ... [ .... ..... link text ] .... ... [ link text ] .... I want to attach an event listener to each of the element inside elements of class "someclass". Here's what I did for(var i in document.getElementsByClassName('someclass')) { document.getElementsByClassName('someclass')[i].childNodes[1].addEventListener('click', function(){return alert("link clicked");},false); } When I run this (in Firebug) I get this error:TypeError: document.getElementsByClassName('someclass')[i].childNodes is undefined Even though document.getElementsByClassName('someclass')[S].hasChildNodes(); evaluates to true. (S is any integer literal: 0,1,2...upto to the length of the array-1)>>>document.getElementsByClassName('someclass')[2].hasChildNodes(); >>>true Not sure what I'm doing wrong; are there any alternate ways to do this