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My buttons for Next page and Previous page are created in Javascript and images (in Saba Publisher). I need to make them keyboard accessible by using the keycodes for left arrow key (previous page) and right arrow key (next page)--right now alt-left and alt-right do not work.
I have some code that might work, but it doesn't:

document.onkeyup = KeyCheck; function KeyCheck(e) { var KeyID = (window.event) event.keyCode : e.keyCode; switch(KeyID) { case 36: window.location.href="/"; break; case 37: if (document.getElementById('prev').childNodes[0]) { window.location.href = document.getElementById('prev').childNodes[0].getAttribute('href'); } break; case 39: if (document.getElementById('next').childNodes[0]) { window.location.href = document.getElementById('next').childNodes[0].getAttribute('href'); } break; } } this.onkeyup = function(e) { var t = this; var v = t.findShortcut(e); if (v != null && v != false) {; return false; } return true; }; this.onkeydown = function(e) { var t = this; var v = t.findShortcut(e); if (v != null && v != false) { return false; } return true; }; this.onkeypress = function(e) { var t = this; var v = t.findShortcut(e); if (v != null && v != false) { return false; } return true; };

Below is some of the code from my file:

function init12() { if( 'Trivantis_' ) == -1 ) AICC_Lesson_Location.set( 'a001_what_is_coop_why_coop_.html' ) setTimeout( "preload( 'images/topbar.gif','images/bkgnd.gif','images/backoff.gif','images/backclk.gif','images/backrol.gif','images/homeoff.gif','images/homeclk.gif','images/homerol.gif','images/nextoff.gif','images/nextclk.gif','images/nextrol.gif','images/nih_logo_whitea.gif','images/coo_logo_04.jpg','images/whitearrow.gif','images/greencheck.gif','images/orslogoa.gif','images/help.gif','images/exit.gif' )", 0 ) button50869.init() button50871.init() text474.init() text467.init() image48600.init() button74.init() button76.init() button78.init() text42733.init() text48010.init() button74.activate() button76.activate() button78.activate() var trivGoToPage = null var trivCompleteCnt = 1; var hasProcessedExitActions = false; var trivGoToPage = null var trivCompleteCnt = 1; var hasProcessedExitActions = false; var trivWndFeedback = null; var trivWndImmFeedback = null; var currFeedbackIdx = 0; var trivPageExited = false; function trivExitPage( newPage, bFeedback ) { if( newPage.indexOf( "ObjLayerAction" ) >= 0 || newPage.indexOf( ".action" ) >= 0 || newPage.indexOf( "history.back()" ) >= 0) trivGoToPage = newPage else trivGoToPage = 'ObjLayerActionGoTo("' + newPage + '")' if( !hasProcessedExitActions ) { findWH() hasProcessedExitActions = true setTimeout( 'checkLeavePage()', 100) } } function trivLeavePage() { trivCompleteCnt-- if( trivCompleteCnt

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