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$("a[name^=del_comment]").click(function() { $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "index.phpuserid={$core->input['userid']}&CODE=delete_comment&id="+$(this).attr('id'), context: document.body, success: function(msg){ alert(msg); $('#all_comments').fadeOut('slow').load("index.phpuserid={$core->input['userid']}&CODE=get_comments").fadeIn('slow'); } }); return false; });
all i trying to do is to set an "onclick" event to all tags which there names starts with "del_comment"

this code works fine, but for some reason, when i hit one of the links, this works, but if i try to hit again one of them, this will not work,
i mean this works only one time and i have to reload the page to get it wrok again...
hope you understand...

sorry for my poor english...


Posted On: Wednesday 2nd of January 2013 12:22:49 AM Total Views:  325
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