jquery mobile refresh help

, I am having trouble with getting jquery mobile not cache pages on the device. Does anyone know of a way to do this, I am COMPLETELY lost.

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does this flash effect can code in jquery or other tips, sample how to do it in jquery
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I'm trying to use jquery to load some content on a page but cannot seem to find anything through google. I have about 10 checkboxes, once 4 are selected I want to get their ids, than load 4 divs with textareas depending on the ids of the checked checkboxes. Example: Home About Jquery to get the id of the checked checkboxes: $(document).ready(function() { $('#reload_1').click(function() { var names = []; $('#page_select input:checked').each(function() { names.push(; }); $("#page_select :checked").each(function() { alert("value = " + $(this).attr("id")); }); }); }); Now from this point I would like jquery to pass the id of the checkbox and load the corresponding textarea The reason I don't want to load everything right away is because I have 10 checkboxes and 10 textareas and the textareas have ckeditor attached, so it would load slow. I assume it would be something with using $("#test_div").load to reload just that part of the page and not the whole page, but I dont know how to pass the variable and where to put the div that I need loaded after.
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hello friends... I'm new to jquery and as well as to daniweb :P I'm learning jquery from 3 days using online tutorials... I am given a task by my guide... For which i want to know why is it that the jquery carousel on the page works in firefox and chrome but not in IE can anyone help me on this
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I have an array of textboxes each having button on right side which when pressed the text should be displayed on new window using Jquery. For demo, you might have seen jquery lightbox plugin which shows the images in the new window. I want exactly same but instead of images i want to show the text value of the text box when its button is pressed. You also see this when you sign in on, you see a new small window when "sign in" button is pressed. Please tell me how can i do that
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Hi not sure if its technically a timeout but I am building a sliding jquery nav, the sliding is fine. theres 4 buttons you can click whatever one and they will slide into place even if they are in the middle of sliding, cool. BUT they each also open a loader for 2 seconds then fade in a div. $("#nav_1").bind("click",function() { $("#nav_1").animate({ left: "0px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_2").animate({ left: "560px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_3").animate({ left: "620px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_4").animate({ left: "680px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $('.hidden').css({ display: "none"}); $('#loader').fadeIn().fadeTo(2000, 1).fadeOut(1000, function() { $(this).fadeOut(); $("#div_1").fadeIn(); }); }); $("#nav_2").bind("click",function() { $("#nav_1").animate({ left: "0px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_2").animate({ left: "60px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_3").animate({ left: "620px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $("#nav_4").animate({ left: "680px" }, 500, "easeOutCirc"); $('.hidden').css({ display: "none"}); $('#loader').fadeIn().fadeTo(2000, 1).fadeOut(1000, function() { $(this).fadeOut(); $("#div_2").fadeIn(); }); }); Problem is when you click through the buttons quickly its keeping track of the buttons clicked/divs to display. So even when you stop clicking it will finish the loader, display the div, finish the next loader, display the next div, etc. How do i clear that 2 second delay on the loader and just hide it
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I am calling web service through jquery ajax call for the first time and getting an error. Can please somebody help me in this i would really appreciate it. Below is the code: Employee's NTID: Search Here is JScriptuserNTID.js file: $.ajaxSetup({ cache: false }); //var ajax_load = ""; // load() functions //var loadUrl = "test.txt"; $(document).ready(function() { $('.start').ajaxStart(function() { alert('Triggered ajaxStart handler.'); }); $("button").click(function() { //$("p").html(ajax_load).load(loadUrl); //var eNtid = $("#Eid").val(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "./WebService.asmx/World", //data: ("Employee NTID :" + eNtid), error: function(XMLHttpRequest, textStatus, errorThrown) { alert(textStatus); }, success: function(result) { alert("success"); } }); }); }); Here is WebService.asmx/World: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web; using System.Web.Services; /// /// Summary description for WebService /// [WebService(Namespace = "")] [WebServiceBinding(ConformsTo = WsiProfiles.BasicProfile1_1)] // To allow this Web Service to be called from script, using ASP.NET AJAX, uncomment the following line. [System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService] public class WebService : System.Web.Services.WebService { public WebService () { //Uncomment the following line if using designed components //InitializeComponent(); } [WebMethod] public void World() { Console.WriteLine( " World" ); } }
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Hi I run into something peculiar. I have an html file linking to a local file jquery-1.4.4.js. Now, everything works ok in every browser but when I test the page in IE7 and 8 it fires the following error: SCRIPT87: Invalid argument. jquery-1.4.4.js, line 18 character 20135 and everything falls apart. So with the IE debuggers open I click on the message and it sends me to the jquery-1.4.4.js line where the error allegedly sits (I understand this doesn't necessarily mean that the error is in that file, more likely somewhere in my own script instead). ANyway I copy and paste the whole jquery-1.4.4.js from the IE debugger into notepad, and I do the same for the jquery-1.4.4.js file in the firefox debugger. I compare the 2 (that should be the same) and notice that there are differences: the same version of the same file is different in IE and Firefox...Needless to say the line where the error is in ([a.prop]=(a.prop==="width"||a.prop==="height"Math.max(0, doesn't appear in the version taken from firefox. A solution to this problem - I have already checked - is to move up to the latest jquery version (it still throws the error but at least everything works as it should). Probelm is I can't upgrade, becasue there are some compatibility problems. From what I gathered from the error and some tests I have performed on the page and on my own script, a possible error seems to be coming from a list of jquery objects I have created (there is already a post on these here but the syntax appears correct. ANybody has a good advice
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there, I'm just having a tiny problem with this function. the toggle function works fine but what I want to do is to display the date whenever particular buttons are clicked or active. function showDate(element){ if(element == "#selection3" || element == "#selection4"){ document.getElementById("dateinput").style.visibility = "visible"; }else{ document.getElementById("dateinput").style.visibility = "hidden"; } } function toggle_element(element){s $(element).toggle(); } Start Date: End Date: I want to display the date whenever selection 3 is active only. I'd appreciate quick help with this
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hey , I don't seem to understand why this code is throwing a type error at me. It is saying the variable is undefined. The error I'm getting is this TypeError: datasplits is undefined datasplit2s = datasplits.split(":"); var urlphp = 'ajaxgamesperday.php&start_date=' + startDate + '&end_date=' + endDate; $.ajax({ url: urlphp, success: function(data) { // Original format "2000-00-00" var formatted_startDate = startDate.replace(/-/g, ","); var formatted_endDate = endDate.replace(/-/g, ","); var startdatearray = formatted_startDate.split(","); var enddatearray = formatted_endDate.split(","); //Format now is "2000,00,00" var sy = parseInt(startdatearray[0]); var sm = parseInt(startdatearray[1],10) - 1; var sd = parseInt(startdatearray[2]); var ey = parseInt(enddatearray[0]); var em = parseInt(enddatearray[1],10) - 1; var ed = parseInt(enddatearray[2]); options = { chart: { renderTo: 'container3', type: 'bar' }, xAxis: { type: "datetime" }, yAxis: [{ min: 0, allowDecimals: false, title: { align: 'high' }, labels: { overflow: 'justify' } }], tooltip: { formatter: function() { return ''+ Highcharts.dateFormat('%e. %b', this.x)+ ': '+ this.y + ' games played'; } }, plotOptions: { bar: { dataLabels: { enabled: true } } }, legend: { }, credits: { enabled: false }, series: [{ name: 'Complete games', data: [], }, { name : 'Incomplete games', data: [] }] }; dataremovebrackets = data.slice(1,-1); dtsplit = dataremovebrackets.split(","); $.each(dtsplit, function(date,value) { var datasplit = value.split("'"); var datasplits = datasplit[0].slice(1); var datasplit2s = datasplits.split(":"); var formatted_date = datasplit2s[0].replace(/-/g, ","); var xval = formatted_date.split(","); var x = Date.UTC(xval[0], xval[1] - 1, xval[2]); if (datasplit2s[1] != 0) { options.series[0].data.push([x,parseFloat(datasplit2s[1])]); } datasplits = datasplit[1]; datasplit2s = datasplits.split(":"); formatted_date = datasplit2s[0].replace(/-/g, ","); xval = formatted_date.split(","); x = Date.UTC(xval[0], xval[1] - 1, xval[2]); if (datasplit2s[1].substring(0, datasplit2s[1].length - 1) != 0) { options.series[1].data.push([x,parseFloat(datasplit2s[1])]); } }); chart = new Highcharts.Chart(options); chart.xAxis[0].setExtremes(Date.UTC(sy,sm,sd), Date.UTC(ey, em, ed)); chart.setTitle({text: "Number of games played per day"}, {text: "Source: Ants Database"}); chart.xAxis[0].setTitle({text: "Date"}); chart.yAxis[0].setTitle({text: "Number of Players"}); }, cache: false } , "json");
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hi, i am new to jquery though im learning,together with ajax. I have the following script that displays a modal login form after cliking on login_link. But for my web page, i used the .load to load content in the main content div, so whenever this code is placed the the document.ready, the modal form dont wont, but if i comment it, it works fine, please help, tkx here is the code img2 = new Image(220, 19); img2.src="images/ajax-loader.gif"; // When DOM is ready $(document).ready(function(){ //$('#center_content').load('content.php'); // Launch MODAL BOX if the Login Link is clicked $("#login_link").click(function(){ //alert("sdfsdfadgf"); $("#login_form").modal(); }); // When the form is submitted $("#status > form").submit(function(){ // Hide 'Submit' Button $("#submit").hide(); // Show Gif Spinning Rotator $("#ajax_loading").show(); // 'this' refers to the current submitted form var str = $(this).serialize(); // -- Start AJAX Call -- $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "do-login.php", // Send the login info to this page data: str, success: function(msg){ $("#status").ajaxComplete(function(event, request, settings){ // Show 'Submit' Button $('#submit').show(); // Hide Gif Spinning Rotator $('#ajax_loading').hide(); if(msg == 'OK') // LOGIN OK { var login_response = '' + '' + '' + '' + '' + ''+ "You are successfully logged in! Please wait while you're redirected..."; $('a.modalCloseImg').hide(); $('#simplemodal-container').css("width","500px"); $('#simplemodal-container').css("height","120px"); $(this).html(login_response); // Refers to 'status' // After 3 seconds redirect the setTimeout('go_to_private_page()', 3000); } else // ERROR { var login_response = msg; $('#login_response').html(login_response); } }); } }); // -- End AJAX Call -- return false; }); // end submit event }); function go_to_private_page() { window.location = 'private.php'; // Members Area }
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Hi all, I am animating the bg color of some links. But I have changed the bg color of each link, so they have unique bg colors. When I use the jq function i normally use, It doesnt work properly because I can only animate back to one specific color, which i had declared in the callback function.. So..I am asking: How do I save the background color of the element on hover, animate it, and change it back to the color saved in the variable: $(document).ready(function(){ $("#main_nav ul li a").hover(function() { // Doesnt this save the original color of the element being hovered var original_color = $(this).css('backgroundColor'); $(this).animate({ backgroundColor: "#069" }, 800); },function() { // How do I use the variable with the original color in here - This doesnt work.. $(this).animate({ backgroundColor: original_color }, 300); }); }); Klemme
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I am trying to check for the background of an element, here is my code. But it doesn't work: I tried two ways, here is the first: function changeColor(field) { if(field.css('background-color','#ffb100')) { field.css('background-color','white'); } else { field.css('background-color','ffb100'); } } here is the second: function changeColor(field) { if(field.css('background-color') === '#ffb100') { field.css('background-color','white'); } else { field.css('background-color','ffb100'); } } But neither worked! Any suggestions
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Hi peeps, I was thinking to develop something similar to this It is in flash now, and I would like to have something similar in jquery, what would be the best way to proceed do you think Any advice
jquery html() feature help   (214 Views)
Code below works fine up to hr. For some reason, html code appears as is in textarea. It should first appear as notmal text. Anyone know why
change content with jquery?   (342 Views)
Hi i'm doing a project for college using jquery, i'd like to dynamically update a section when a link button is clicked without reloading the page, the content fades out and the new content fades in, but when i click on a link the content fades out but the new content doesn't fade in, any suggestions, is there a better way of doing this $(function() { var newHash = "", $mainContent = $("#main-content"), $pageWrap = $("#page-wrap"), baseHeight = 0, $el; $pageWrap.height($pageWrap.height()); baseHeight = $pageWrap.height() - $mainContent.height(); $('#list_nav li a').click(function() { window.location.hash = $(this).attr("href"); return false; }); $(window).bind('hashchange', function(){ newHash = window.location.hash.substring(1); if (newHash) { $mainContent .find("#guts") .fadeOut(500, function() { $mainContent.hide().load(newHash + " #guts", function() { $mainContent.fadeIn(500, function() { $pageWrap.animate({ height: baseHeight + $mainContent.height() + "px" }); }); $("nav a").removeClass("current"); $("nav a[href='"+newHash+"']").addClass("current"); }); }); }; }); $(window).trigger('hashchange'); });
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I'm using following latest files, jquery.min.js jquery-ui.js When I create javascript functions based on above both files, that works well on localhost, but as I upload them to server for become online it goes slower 'n slower 'n slower. Why scripts goes slow on effects I have tried multiple hosting including free hosts, but scripts works well only on localhost. Why it happens
Problem with jquery and WP   (129 Views)
... I have a good issue here... I made a website in WP and I have now a conflict with an old plugin. That plugin is called wpdir (word press directory pro) and is useful for several reason but regretfully no one care about that code anymore. Here are the facts: (1) If I install the plugin wpdir correctly WP dinamic widget in admin area will be frozen till I deactivate the plugin. (2) I'm able to deactivate the jquery call in the plugin in this way ... // add_action('wp_head', wp_enqueue_script('myjquery', '/wp-content/plugins/wpdir/js/jquery.js')); (3) If I do step 2 all will be ok in WP admin area but some feature like the rating features (using jquery) in the plugin and in the website will stop to work I understood already that the issue is a double call of jquery library and also I noted that is running 2 different version of jquery You can check the header at In the header of my generated page I have this... GENERATED BY wpdir GENERATED BY wp The question is: How can I solve the issue and solve the conflict
jquery append in chrome issue   (130 Views)
I did something like this: $('#test').append("added dropdown"); it shows its html in the browser but I can't see it when I view source, is this normal
iframe contents with jquery   (266 Views)
HI all, I want to get the contents of an iframe with jquery doing this code for(var i=0;frames.length;i++){ if(self.parent.frames[i].getSelection().toString()!=""){ var bdy = $(self.parent.frames[i].name).contents().find("body"); alert('iframe:'+ bdy.html()); } } Is there a better way of doing this My goal is getting the iframes selection create a range, extracting its contents, then to create a map element with the selection contents as innerHTML, and insert the node replacing the selection. I can do this with javascript using chrome, but not with ie, so i'm trying to do this with jquery in order for his to work with all browsers. Then I want to do the reverse. Get all map elements in the iframes, replacing the map outerHTML with its innerHTML using jquery.