jQuery errorPlacement / error positioning problem

I have finally got around to utilising jQuery form validation on a new site I am doing the coding for and even though everything is working exactly as it should I need to move one of the error messages to display below rather than to the right as the other error messages and even though I have an idea of how it is done I can't get it to work (of course I may be way off). What I have done in the form so far is this   I agree to the Terms and Conditions And the JS errorLabelContainer:("#tsandcs"), errorElement: "p", errorPlacement: function(error, element){ error.appendTo($("div#tsandcs_error")); }
I really could do with some help as I need the error text to display underneath the "I agree to ....." text rather then to the right.

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How strange... could have sworn I saw the form submit first before the errors came back (the page reloaded) which lead me to assume it was a server-side thing. Ah well, glad to hear you have it fixed :)
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Hi peeps, I wonder if you can help me at all undertanding this code. Unfortunately I don't have it live anywhere, it is something I have seen somebody working on Here's the code and I will explain breifly what it does and what's not clear (which needless to say is in the jquery script). (Apologies if the formatting is not correct but I am having terrible problems with this thread, the scrollbar doesn't scroll all the way down to the end so I can't access the bottom part and format it as it should be, sorry) HTML See the range on offer Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec imperdiet nisi gravida lacus tempor semper. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae ... Car1 Car1 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam urna tellus, scelerisque dictum vulputate et, posuere scelerisque mi. Morbi eu purus libero. car2 car2 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam urna tellus, scelerisque dictum vulputate et, posuere scelerisque mi. Morbi eu purus libero. ... CSS .image_container{ background:url('ajax-loader-black.gif') no-repeat 50% 50%; width:940px; border:1px solid blue; margin:0 auto; } .image_invisible{display:none} .image_visible{display:block} .clear{clear:both;} .thumbnails{ width:820px; /*border:1px solid red;*/ margin:10px auto; } .car_model_description p{ font-size:1.2em; text-align:left; /*padding-bottom:16px;*/ width:600px; } .car_model_description h3{ text-align:left; } .car_model_description{ position:relative; padding-right:215px; width:725px; min-height:70px; } .compare_button { position:absolute; width:215px; top:50%; right:0; } .thumbnails_row{ /*border:1px solid green;*/ width:940px; margin-top:10px; } .thumbnails_row img{ cursor:pointer; } .thumbnails_row h3, .thumbnails_row p { display:none; } .thumbnails_row a span{ display:block; text-align:center; } .thumbnails_row a{ display:inline-block; margin-right:25px; } SCRIPT function changeImage(calledFrom, big_image){ var newImage = $('#placeholder_image'); var newTitle = $(calledFrom).find('h3').html(); var newText = $(calledFrom).find('p').html(); newImage.attr('src', big_image); $('.car_model_description') .find('h3').html(newTitle).end() .find('p').html(newText); } function resetThumbnails(){ $('.thumbnails a').each(function(){ $(this).stop(true, true).fadeTo(500,1); }); } $(document).ready(function(){ $('.thumbnails') .mouseleave(function(){ resetThumbnails(); }) .find('a').hover(function(){ hoverThumbnail(this); }); }); function hoverThumbnail(calledFrom){ var $calledFrom = $(calledFrom); $('.thumbnails a').each(function(){ if($(this).get(0) == $calledFrom.get(0)){ $(this).fadeTo(0,1); } else { $(this).fadeTo(0,0.5); } }); } Right. Just to clarify, the HTML and the css produce a centred container which has a placeholder image. Below the container there is a list of tags containing: 1 thumbnail image, 1 and 1 paragraph (by the way there are only 2 thumbnails in the example above but the real one has around 20 of them all properly styled with css). The idea is that by clicking one of the thumbnails, the big placeholder image in the big div will change to the corresponding image stored in the image_container div which has a class of image_invisible. The script brings things further by creating some nice fade effect so that when you hover on one of the thumbnails the hovered on keeps the opacity at 1, all the other ones will fade to opacity of 0.5. Finally when you then move the mouse away all the thumbnails will all go back to opacity 1. Now, main problem is the script, there are few things that I would like to get clarified please. The first bit when we change the src of the image is fairly straighforward. The function resetThumbnails gets the a tags in the thumbnails div and for each of them it stops the animation and resets the opacity to 1. In here: $(document).ready(function(){ $('.thumbnails') .mouseleave(function(){ resetThumbnails(); }) .find('a').hover(function(){ hoverThumbnail(this); }); }); we select the thumbnails div and on mouseleave we run the resetFunction, fine. The we find the a tag and on hover we run the hoverThumbnail function passing a parameter 'this'. Now, I assume that 'this' stands for the a tag, as in the a tag is what's passed to the hoverThumbnail, or is it .thumbnails Finally the last function: function hoverThumbnail(calledFrom){ var $calledFrom = $(calledFrom); $('.thumbnails a').each(function(){ if($(this).get(0) == $calledFrom.get(0)){ $(this).fadeTo(0,1); } else { $(this).fadeTo(0,0.5); } }); } Right. Here the hoverThumbnail function receives a parameter, again not sure what that stands for, either or .thumbnails I know things can be done in a different way, but I am not looking for an alternative, I just want to make sure I understand this code perfectly. This is one of the lines I have problems with: var $calledFrom = $(calledFrom); what does that do Isn't $calledFrom the same as $(calledFrom) In other words what does this assignment do, and what's the advantage of assigning $(calledFrom) to a variable called $calledFrom Moving on, we select the 's within the div with a class of thumbnails and for each of them we run a function. Now, this bit if($(this).get(0) == $calledFrom.get(0)){ $(this).fadeTo(0,1); } else { $(this).fadeTo(0,0.5); } is meant to be where the fading magic happens: hover on a thumbnail and the selected one keeps the opacity at 1, the rest of the thumbnails instead, as said before. get a 0.5 opacity. Now, I don't quite get how this happens. This if($(this).get(0) == $calledFrom.get(0)){ says that if this (whic refers to thumbnails a) at position 0, so the first a tag is equal to the a tag (I assume) at position 0 sent as a parameter to the function then it keeps the opacity at 1, if not the opacity is 0.5...don't quite get this bit at all any suggestion/translation I should say
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I just added a .show for a div to a page where users can rate movies, works just fine as it is. I would like to change it up a bit by showing an image for the number rating that they gave it, 1-5. I have something like it set up in php that does that if they leave the page and come back. I would like this to work as soon as they click on the rate button. but im not sure how to add that to the .show. Any pointers would be helpful.
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I've got a form which searches my database dynamically using ajax every time someone makes a change to it. Problem is, it doesn't perform when I change the slider... only when I change like a checkbox or something. Should be pretty simple to solve, but I'm just not seeing it. Here's my code for the applicable part of the form: Students: Northeast Midwest South West Outlying Areas (like Hawaii and Alaska) Here's my code for one of the sliders: $(function() { $( "#slider-range2" ).slider({ orientation: "vertical", range: true, min: 0, max: 70000, values: [ 0, 70000 ], step: [1000], slide: function( event, ui ) { $( "#amount2" ).val( "" + ui.values[ 0 ] + " - " + ui.values[ 1 ] ); $("#minStudents").val(ui.values[ 0 ]); $("#maxStudents").val(ui.values[ 1 ]); } }); $( "#amount2" ).val( "" + $( "#slider-range2" ).slider( "values", 0 ) + " - " + $( "#slider-range2" ).slider( "values", 1 ) ); }); Here's my search code: $(function() { $('#boogie').change(function(){ var form = $('#boogie'); var dura_sch1 = $('#DURA_SCH1').val(); if ($("#DURA_SCH1").is(":checked")) { dura_sch1 = "DURA_SCH=1"; } var dura_sch2 = $('#DURA_SCH2').val(); if ($("#DURA_SCH2").is(":checked")) { dura_sch2 = "DURA_SCH=2"; } var ctrl_sch1 = $('#CTRL_SCH1').val(); if ($("#CTRL_SCH1").is(":checked")) { ctrl_sch1 = "CTRL_SCH=1"; } var ctrl_sch2 = $('#CTRL_SCH2').val(); if ($("#CTRL_SCH2").is(":checked")) { ctrl_sch2 = "CTRL_SCH=2"; } var popu_area_sch1 = $('#POPU_AREA_SCH1').val(); if ($("#POPU_AREA_SCH1").is(":checked")) { popu_area_sch1 = "POPU_AREA_SCH=1"; } var popu_area_sch2 = $('#POPU_AREA_SCH2').val(); if ($("#POPU_AREA_SCH2").is(":checked")) { popu_area_sch2 = "POPU_AREA_SCH=2"; } var popu_area_sch3 = $('#POPU_AREA_SCH3').val(); if ($("#POPU_AREA_SCH3").is(":checked")) { popu_area_sch3 = "POPU_AREA_SCH=3"; } var popu_area_sch4 = $('#POPU_AREA_SCH4').val(); if ($("#POPU_AREA_SCH4").is(":checked")) { popu_area_sch4 = "POPU_AREA_SCH=4"; } var region_sch1 = $('#REGION_SCH1').val(); if ($("#REGION_SCH1").is(":checked")) { region_sch1 = "REGION_SCH=1"; } var region_sch2 = $('#REGION_SCH2').val(); if ($("#REGION_SCH2").is(":checked")) { region_sch2 = "REGION_SCH=2"; } var region_sch3 = $('#REGION_SCH3').val(); if ($("#REGION_SCH3").is(":checked")) { region_sch3 = "REGION_SCH=3"; } var region_sch4 = $('#REGION_SCH4').val(); if ($("#REGION_SCH4").is(":checked")) { region_sch4 = "REGION_SCH=4"; } var region_sch5 = $('#REGION_SCH5').val(); if ($("#REGION_SCH5").is(":checked")) { region_sch5 = "REGION_SCH=5"; } var minStudents = $('#minStudents').val(); var maxStudents = $('#maxStudents').val(); var minCharge = $('#minCharge').val(); var maxCharge = $('#maxCharge').val(); var minSATverbal = $('#minSATverbal').val(); var maxSATverbal = $('#maxSATverbal').val(); var minSATmath = $('#minSATmath').val(); var maxSATmath = $('#maxSATmath').val(); var minSATwriting = $('#minSATwriting').val(); var maxSATwriting = $('#maxSATwriting').val(); $.ajax ({ url: "searchit.php", type: 'POST', data: ({d1 : dura_sch1, d2 : dura_sch2, p1 : popu_area_sch1, p2 : popu_area_sch2, p3 : popu_area_sch3, p4 : popu_area_sch4, r1 : region_sch1, r2 : region_sch2, r3 : region_sch3, r4 : region_sch4, r5 : region_sch5, minsts : minStudents, maxsts : maxStudents, minchg : minCharge, maxchg : maxCharge, minsatv : minSATverbal, maxsatv : maxSATverbal, minsatm : minSATmath, maxsatm : maxSATmath, minsatw : minSATwriting, maxsatw : maxSATwriting}), dataType: 'text', success: function(d) { $('#result').html(d);// an element that should contain your results. process.php generates html this adds that html to your DOM } }); }); }); BTW, I know it's messy. Clean it up at your own risk :icon_lol: ! Important thing is just getting that search to work.