javascript image check not working

Maybe the cam depends on being available. If so then the cam will go down in sympathy with the site. I don't know what the mechanism might be but maybe something to do with the way the stream/snapshots are uploaded

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I want to make an image as link, such that when I click on the image a javascript function is called. The whole code is written in javascript. I try this byt it files: aaa=document.createElement('a'); aaa.href="#"; aaa.innerHTML=""; aaa.onclick=function() { moreInfo(this); } here I want when I click "doenArrow.gif" image the function "moreInfo()" should be called.
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I have a row of images on the left side of a web page that act as buttons with javascript for the changing of the image if it's rolled over. That works fine on most of the pages because besides that they're all text. Now I've created a few new pages with graphics on them on the main part of the page and everytime I hover over one of the images/buttons the graphic on the main part of the page disappears for good. I'm VERY new at html/js. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be
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Hi all! I have made a page with an input "file" field for the user to be able to upload an image. I have made an php script that takes care of the checking of the file and saves it to the server. The problem is that the browser caches the images so when you upload a new image, the old image is still displayed after upload. How do I make the browser to refresh the image Many
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i am trying to write a function so that when a user enters onto a page selected images change with each page that is entered. the page uses an iframe to load the new data so i need to swap the images on the main page which holds the iframe inside it. function swap_image{ document['imgMain'].src = title_commissioning.jpg; } in the body of the page onload="swap_image" would the code look something like the code above or would it need to be expanded because the images that are being change are not in the iframe.
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. I'm using JS/DOM to create a map in a , named map, like this: var tile = document.createElement("IMG"); tile.src = "tiles/" + node.getAttribute("type"); tile.setAttribute("width", "32"); tile.setAttribute("height", "32"); tile.className = "brick"; map.appendChild(tile); It works, but the image breaks on a (screenshot: ) the image is a 32x32 tile of grass. It shouldn't have those breaks. I've tried map.innerHTML = ""; also, same thing. Any ideas
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i want to view image as tooltip of small image on mouseover on that so what is the code for thatusing javascript how it can be done, Usually... the ALT tag of an image shows as a tooltip in FIreFox and IE. However, if u want custom tooltips.. OR entire different tooltips
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again, Im using the code below in a child page (popup), the images are called from the parent page. When the changer is running, the child page goes white between images. I realise this is happening because the Images are not cached (yet) on the users browser. I tried preloading images with the 2nd code below in the childpage head and in the parent page head and both. no joy, dosent seem to actually 'preload' the pics. (i also gave definitions by adding width & height attributes but no difference. Is there anyway to solve this problem preveiw (click yellow highlighted link 'Pre-view active topics' near top) note: first image (green python) is the childpage body BG (css) In previous Instance of the changer code, links were called from, at that point, the images were cacheing after loading (so after the full cycle 15 pics there was no white between), I though calling the pics from the same domain would be better but now it dosent cache at all. notice pics are attachments in the parent page, is that why no cache [code language="javascript"] [/code] Have reverted back to offsite links for changer script and images are now cached after the full cycle (15 pics) Is there a way to stop the flicker, > pic1.src=""; AFICT, the src attribute requires an absolute image path. In other words, it requires an URL and not an URI. From what I can see, you are trying to send a request to the server with some given parameters which would after required processing would return an image as a response. If yes, then no, this won't work. Something like pic1.src=" would be a good thing to try out. :-), I tried the Preload Images Script with Full absolute urls aswell, it made no difference! Did you check out the link
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Greetings, I'm totally inexperienced in website design but a keen learner:mrgreen: What do I need to do in order to allow visitors to my website to submit photo's on a submit form
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Hi i'm having problem to display image using easeljs. Can someone help the code below is not displaying anything. var stage; var canvas; var img; function init() { canvas = document.getElementById("canvas"); stage = new createjs.Stage(canvas); img = new Image(); img.src="images/test.png"; stage.addChild(img); stage.update(); }
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, I've been searching around internet for quite a few hours, but couldn't find a solution that would work for me. Site has 2 domains. I would like to do a logo image swap, based on domain that the site is accessed from. domain1 = image1 domain2 = image2 I did found some php solutions, but I can't really use php in this case, site has idiotic coding. Are there javascript or any other alternatives how to do this
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Hi have this piece of code to display images of cameras and a caption underneath which states what type of camera it is. However I cant get the caption to change, i posted this piece of code before and some responded stating i need to '==' not just one. I have done that and it still isnt working. Anyone else have any idea should it be cameraImage im comparing to the filename or should it be something else. function showImage(imageFileName) { // get image element var theImageElement = document.getElementById("cameraImage"); // change what image is displayed theImageElement.src=imageFileName; if(cameraImage == "Canon_20d.jpg") { document.getElementById("imageCaption").innerHTML = "Canon 20d"; } else if(cameraImage == "Fuji_s3Pro.jpg") { document.getElementById("imageCaption").innerHTML = "Fuji S3 Pro"; } else if(cameraImage == "Fuji_9500.jpg") { document.getElementById("imageCaption").innerHTML = "Fuji 9500"; } else (cameraImage == "sony_r1.jpg") { document.getElementById("imageCaption").innerHTML = "Sony r1"; } } } COM301 Recipe 7: Camera e-commerce site Useful Links Click here for Google Click here for BBC No Image
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I'm currently working on a site's HTML code and am wondering how can I achieve this: I need to make certain images change, in a form of a slideshow, randomly and with random intervals; this means I will need it to start with a certain image and to go on with showing random images in a specified folder, and all that with random time intervals (somewhere between 3 and 8 seconds). What I do have currently is a page that changes images with fading effect, follows a certain order, and it does it all with the time interval of 6000 miliseconds, or 6 seconds (setInterval() function). Below is the code I have now, and at the bottom of the page are the names of the images (slika-1, slika-2 and slika-3). I've tried a few stuff, but to no avail; I didn't want to spoil the code. So what I do need is the slideshow to change images with random time intervals like, for example: [first image] 4 seconds [another image] 7 seconds [another image] 5 seconds etc... Anyone has ideas DOOR Training Serbia /* rotator in-page placement */ div.rotator { position:relative; height:345px; margin-left: 15px; display: none; } /* rotator css */ div.rotator ul li { float:left; position:absolute; list-style: none; } /* rotator image style */ div.rotator ul li img { border:1px solid #ccc; background: #FFF; } div.rotator ul { z-index:500 } //Get a random number between 1-6 (1000-6000) and add 2000, to get one between 3000-8000 var random = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 6) * 1000 + 2000; function randomTime() { random = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 6) * 1000 + 2000; } function theRotator() { //Set the opacity of all images to 0 $('div.rotator ul li').css({opacity: 0.0}); //Get the first image and display it (gets set to full opacity) $('div.rotator ul li:first').css({opacity: 1.0}); //Call the randomTime() function randomly between 3-8 s setInterval('randomTime()',6000); //Call the rotator function to run the slideshow, random = call the rotate() function between 3-8 s setInterval('rotate()',random); } function rotate() { //Get the first image var current = ($('div.rotator ul') $('div.rotator ul') : $('div.rotator ul li:first')); if ( current.length == 0 ) current = $('div.rotator ul li:first'); //Get next image, when it reaches the end, rotate it back to the first image var next = (( (('show')) $('div.rotator ul li:first') : $('div.rotator ul li:first')); //Un-comment the 3 lines below to get the images in random order //var sibs = current.siblings(); //var rndNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * sibs.length ); //var next = $( sibs[ rndNum ] ); //Set the fade in effect for the next image, the show class has higher z-index next.css({opacity: 0.0}) .addClass('show') .animate({opacity: 1.0}, 1000); //Hide the current image current.animate({opacity: 0.0}, 1000) .removeClass('show'); }; $(document).ready(function() { //Load the slideshow theRotator(); $('div.rotator').fadeIn(1000); $('div.rotator ul li').fadeIn(1000); // tweek for IE }); Ako elite da sagradite brod, ne terajte ljude da skupljaju gradu i alat,ne zapovedajte im ta da rade, vec ih naucite da ude za beskrajnimdaljinama iza horizonta.Antoine de Saint-Exupry (1900-1944) Pocetna O nama Istorijat Principi poslovanja Na tim DOOR mrea Programi Integrativna reenja Sektorski pristup Liderski programi Univerzalni treninzi Specijalni programi Globalno partnerstvo Katalog treninga Timbilding Filozofija Lokacije Reference Internacionalne Regionalne Granske Preuzimanja Kontakt Mapa sajta Navigacija Pocetna O nama Istorijat Principi poslovanja Na tim DOOR mrea Programi Integrativna reenja Sektorski pristup Liderski programi Univerzalni treninzi Specijalni programi Globalno partnerstvo Katalog treninga Timbilding Filozofija Lokacije Reference Internacionalne Regionalne Granske Preuzimanja Kontakt Mapa sajta DOOR TRAINING & CONSULTING DOOR Training & Consulting je kompanija posvecena unapredenju performansi i efikasnosti svojih klijenata kroz sticanje i usavravanje vetina i znanja potrebnih za savremeno poslovanje. Svoju misiju ostvaruje kroz prakticne programe dopunjavane alatima za procenu polaznika i pre, i u toku pohadanja obuke, kao i pracenje napretka nakon zavrenih treninga. Nai klijenti su pojedinci, timovi, kompanije, dravna ministarstva... Na tim cine profesionalci koji imaju izraenu samoinicijativu, samostalnost i strast ka samorazvoju i razvoju svojih klijenata. Svaki trener u DOOR-u mora biti i jeste sertifikovan za dranje svakog pojedinog treninga. Proces sertifikacije je vrlo zahtevan i standardizovan za sve clanice DOOR mree. DOOR treninzi su medunarodno priznati, i za svaki zavreni trening polaznici mogu dobiti internacionalni sertifikat. Zato DOOR FOKUS NA KOMPETENCIJAMA Svi trening-programi su usmereni ka sticanju prakticnih kompetencija, koje se zasnivaju na konkretnim vetinama, znanjima i iskustvima. Kada god je to moguce, buduci polaznici se, po naoj preporuci, anketiraju pre konacnog definisanja programa treninga. Po potrebi, razvijamo alate procene kojima utvrdujemo razliku izmedu trenutne i eljene situacije na nivou kompetencija konkretnih zaposlenih, i to nam je glavna vodilja prilikom krojenja treninga. TRENINZI KROJENI U SKLADU SA CILJEVIMA OBUKE Nakon utvrdivanja potreba i ocekivanja polaznika i njihovih pretpostavljenih, kao i situacione analize, definiemo program obuke. Proces pripreme, realizacije i evaluacije programa je maksimalno koordinisan sa klijentima. Nudimo specificne treninge koji su skrojeni prema eljama klijenta i unapred definisanim ciljevima. Vrlo retko kompanijama isporucujemo vec gotove, kataloke trening programe, i to iskljucivo na njihov zahtev, onda kada je to opravdano. MERLJIVA EFEKTIVNOST SPROVEDENE OBUKE Naa usluga se obicno ne zavrava samim odravanjem obuke. Moguce je meriti efektivnost odranih treninga, i na zahtev klijenta, uz pomoc zajednicki definisanih alata, procenjujemo rezultate obuke koje zaposleni pokazuju u praksi. DOOR AKADEMIJA Nai treneri su eksperti u svojim oblastima i konstantno prolaze kroz sertifikacionu obuku organizovanu u okvirima DOOR akademije. Zahvaljujuci tome nai klijenti mogu racunati na standardizovani, visoki nivo kvaliteta u svim zemljama gde poslujemo. KORPORATIVNI UNIVERZITET Multinacionalnim kompanijama i kompanijama sa velikim brojem zaposlenih pruamo uslugu formiranja korporativnog univerziteta, u okvirima koga klijent, uz pomoc DOOR metodologije i trenera, moe realizovati standardizovanu obuku unutar mree svojih zaposlenih. Obuka na korporativnom univerzitetu moe obuhvatati i tehnicke i netehnicke programe. Preporuka 2011 DOOR Training Serbia Tel. +381(0)11.3629.148 Fax +381(0)11.3629.149 e-mail: var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-8694640-4']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); })();
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, How can i replace a button by an image Here is my code:
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pliz let me have an working example for it
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, I am trying to create an image gallery on my home page which gets displayed in the canvas. Ideally I would like to add some jquery to have a smooth transition between the images but I am getting a bit lost. First of all I want to make sure that the images alternate, no matter the jquery for the time being, but I am having problems with that too Here's the relevant code: -the canvas(created in the containers.css) is: .picture_box_home { clear:both; /* need to add this to make sure the navigation doesn't overlap it. Strangely, this doesn't happen in IE*/ /*background-color:red;*/ border:7px solid #7d003a; width:716px; min-height:541px; margin:0 auto; position:relative; /*background: #000000 url(../images/test1.jpg) no-repeat;*/ } .in_pic { border:4px solid white; width:708px; min-height:533px; margin:0 auto; position:absolute; } .in_pic1 { border:4px solid #7d003a; width:700px; min-height:525px; margin:0 auto; position:absolute; /*background: #000000 url(../images/test1.jpg) no-repeat;*/ } In my html page (in the )I have the script: function swapImages() { var myImages = new Array("images/test1.jpg", "images/test2.jpg", "images/test3.jpg"); randomImage = Math.floor(Math.random()*myImages.length); document.write(myImages[randomImage]); } Now, the images are not displaying, is it because I got the script wrong and because I have that "funny" situation with boxed layered up in the css any help much appreciated
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Just a little problem with functions for previous and next images in a lightbox type of gallery created by me. The src of a given image is taken form href attribute of a link. I need the src of the next or previous image to be loaded dynamically maybe using next() method of Jquery and to have previousimage function working with the same piece of code. Any help will be greatly appreciated. function nextimage(){ $('#lightbox').remove(); $('') .appendTo('body'); $('') .appendTo("#lightbox"); $('') .attr('class','lightboximage') .load(function() { resize(); positionLightbox(); }) .appendTo("#lightbox"); $('') .appendTo("#lightbox") $('') .appendTo("#lightbox"); } Here is some html code
edit caption of image in lightbox   (341 Views)
hello ! im just wondering if it is possible to edit the caption of an image while it's being viewed through lightbox
problem in javascript images placement in "div"   (72 Views)
, I am new in web development. I think this problem is related to javascript. My javascript script is below which changes images after 2 sec. But when i call my start function in img tag in my third row div of my layout, it does not show images in that div or in that area. It show that series of images in first row. var images = new Array ("img/1.jpg", "img/2.jpg", "img/3.jpg"); var currentIndex = 0; function Start() { setInterval("ChangeImage()", 2000); } function ChangeImage() { currentIndex++; if(currentIndex == images.length) { currentIndex = 0; } document.images[0].src = images[currentIndex]; } first div in html: My slideshow images places here, u can see i have call Start() function in another div. 3rd div html: Please resolve my problem as soon as possible, I'll highly appreciate.
Don't display page until all images are cached/downloaded   (153 Views)
I've noticed some websites don't display their content until everything's been processed, downloaded and ready for render. The result is images DO NOT render after download, so there're no images popping up everywhere on the page while the page is processing its next request, but wait until it's done and render everything at the same time. I've used image collections (background-positioning), to lessen the amount of requests; the bits of the same UI are displayed simultaneously since they belong to the same collection. If I were to use just one major image collection for everything on the page, it would take up a large amount of space, and a long time to download, not to mention the tedious work of placing the images inside the collection. I've got three questions: Can this be done using JAVASCRIPT / PHP, if yes, could you give me an example Is this what they are doing or do they use a different technique Is image collections a good idea, in general