Is javascript updating before mysql finishes?

, I have a fun application I did for class the other day. I noticed a little bug in it though. I've already turned it in, but I want to know what I could be doing better for my own benefit.

The assignment was to create a mysql database, put some information into it, and then be able to update it and view the updates (I paraphrase for brevity). I created everything just fine, and I decided that I want the site to be ajaxy. I put 2 tables reflecting data in the database, but for some reason, the tables only sometimes update with ajax. sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I feel like the response might be getting sent back before mysql finishes updating, but I'm just speculating. This was my first time using ajax with jQuery, in the past I had to implement with pure javascript (assignment's rules, I wanted to use jQuery).

To run the site, just make sure you have mysql installed, you can adjust the security credentials in functions.php. I know that this site is very open to SQL injection, but that wasn't a concern for me for this assignment.

Here's the code:

Admin var stateRegEx = /^((AL)|(AK)|(AS)|(AZ)|(AR)|(CA)|(CO)|(CT)|(DE)|(DC)|(FM)|(FL)|(GA)|(GU)|(HI)|(ID)|(IL)|(IN)|(IA)|(KS)|(KY)|(LA)|(ME)|(MH)|(MD)|(MA)|(MI)|(MN)|(MS)|(MO)|(MT)|(NE)|(NV)|(NH)|(NJ)|(NM)|(NY)|(NC)|(ND)|(MP)|(OH)|(OK)|(OR)|(PW)|(PA)|(PR)|(RI)|(SC)|(SD)|(TN)|(TX)|(UT)|(VT)|(VI)|(VA)|(WA)|(WV)|(WI)|(WY))$/; function updateOwnerData() { document.create_edit_owner.state.value = document.create_edit_owner.state.value.toUpperCase(); if( document.create_edit_owner.first_name.value.length > 0 && document.create_edit_owner.last_name.value.length > 0 && document.create_edit_owner.age.value.length > 0 && parseInt(document.create_edit_owner.age.value) > 0 && parseInt(document.create_edit_owner.age.value) < 255 && stateRegEx.test(document.create_edit_owner.state.value) ){ $.post('transaction.php', { type: "updateOwner", OID: document.create_edit_owner.OID.value, first_name: document.create_edit_owner.first_name.value, last_name: document.create_edit_owner.last_name.value, age: document.create_edit_owner.age.value, state: document.create_edit_owner.state.value }, function(output){ $('#create_owner_result').html(output).show(); }); updateTable("owner","ownerTable"); populateOwnerSelects(); }else{ alert(" fields must have a value, state must be a valid state, age must be a number between 1 and 254 inclusive"); } } function resetOwner(id){ document.create_edit_owner.OID.value = "-1"; document.create_edit_owner.first_name.value = ""; document.create_edit_owner.last_name.value = ""; document.create_edit_owner.age.value = ""; document.create_edit_owner.state.value = ""; document.loadOID.OID.value = ""; $('#load_owner_result').html("").show(); } function getOwner(){ $.post('transaction.php', { type: "loadOID", OID: document.loadOID.OID.value }, function(output){ var out = jQuery.parseJSON(output); document.create_edit_owner.OID.value = out.OID; document.create_edit_owner.first_name.value = out.first_name document.create_edit_owner.last_name.value = out.last_name document.create_edit_owner.age.value = out.age document.create_edit_owner.state.value = out.state $('#load_owner_result').html(out.message).show(); }); } function deleteOwner() { $.post('transaction.php', { type: "deleteOwner", OID: document.delete_owner.OID.value }); updateTable("owner","ownerTable"); updateTable("vehicle","vehicleTable"); populateOwnerSelects(); } function queryByOwner(){ $.post('structures.php', { table: "ownerQuery", OID: document.query_by_owner.OID.value }, function(output){ $('#ownerQuery').html(output).show(); }); } function updateVehicleData() { if( parseInt(document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value) > 1901 && parseInt(document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value) < 2155 && document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value.length > 0 && document.create_edit_vehicle.make.value.length > 0 && document.create_edit_vehicle.model.value.length > 0 ){ $.post('transaction.php', { type: "updateVehicle", VID: document.create_edit_vehicle.VID.value, OID: document.create_edit_vehicle.OID.value, year: document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value, make: document.create_edit_vehicle.make.value, model: document.create_edit_vehicle.model.value, color: document.create_edit_vehicle.color.value }, function(output){ $('#create_vehicle_result').html(output).show(); updateTable("vehicle","vehicleTable"); }); }else{ alert("Year must be between 1901 and 2155 and all fields must have some value"); } } function deleteVehicle() { $.post('transaction.php', { type: "deleteVehicle", VID: document.delete_vehicle.VID.value }); updateTable("vehicle","vehicleTable"); } function resetVehicle(id){ document.create_edit_vehicle.VID.value = "-1"; document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value = ""; document.create_edit_vehicle.make.value = ""; document.create_edit_vehicle.model.value = ""; document.create_edit_vehicle.color.value = ""; document.loadVID.VID.value = ""; $('#load_vehicle_result').html("").show(); } function getVehicle(){ $.post('transaction.php', { type: "loadVID", VID: document.loadVID.VID.value }, function(output){ var out = jQuery.parseJSON(output); document.create_edit_vehicle.VID.value = out.VID; document.create_edit_vehicle.year.value = out.year; document.create_edit_vehicle.make.value = out.make; document.create_edit_vehicle.model.value = out.model; document.create_edit_vehicle.color.value = out.color; for (var i = 0; i < document.create_edit_vehicle.OID.length; i++) { if (document.create_edit_vehicle.OID.options[i].value == out.OID) { document.create_edit_vehicle.OID[i].selected = true; break; } } $('#load_vehicle_result').html(out.message).show(); }); } function queryByVehicle(){ $.post('structures.php', { table: "vehicleQuery", VID: document.query_by_vehicle.VID.value }, function(output){ $('#vehicleQuery').html(output).show(); }); } //validate age with ^([1-9][0-9]*)$ $(document).ready(function(){ updateTable("owner","ownerTable"); updateTable("vehicle","vehicleTable"); populateOwnerSelects(); }); function updateTable(name, whichTable) { $.post('structures.php', { table: name }, function(output){ $('#'.concat(whichTable)).html(output).show(); }); } function populateOwnerSelects(){ $.post('structures.php', { table: 'ownerSelectBox' }, function(output){ $(".owners").html(output).show(); }); } This section is for creating a new owner or updating an existing one.
If you want to create a new owner, there is no need to enter an ID.
If you want to edit an existing owner, please load the owner using
the owner ID in the 'Load Owner from ID' section.
First Name
Last Name
Load Owner from ID
Use this to load pre-existing owners for editing
ID Owners
Delete Owner By ID ID Get vehicles owned by a given owner Owner ID This section is for creating a new vehicle or updating an existing one.
If you want to create a new vehicle, there is no need to enter an ID.
If you want to edit an existing vehicle, please load the vehicle using
the vehicle ID in the 'Load Vehicle from ID' section. This can also be
used for changing the owner of an existing vehicle.
Owner ID
Load Vehicle from ID
Use this to load pre-existing vehicles for editing
ID Vehicles
Delete Vehicle By ID ID Get the owner of a given vehicle Vehicle ID


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, My code i pretty messed up at the moment but i was hoping someone could help me change it so that when the form is reloaded the 2nd time round that the value in the drop down menu that's selected stays after the reload. Postcode and Address Selection Test //Reloads the page function reload(form) { var val=form.postcode.value; self.location='dd.phppostcode=' + val; } function reload2(form) { var val=form.postcode.value; var val2=form.suburb.options[form.suburb.options.selectedIndex].value; self.location='dd.phppostcode=' + val + '&suburb=' + val2; }
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