Dynamic list of tagged posts, tumblr

Been searching all night for a way to do this, so thanks in advance for any help forthcoming.
I'd like to be able to create a list of post titles that share the same tag in tumblr (rather than a list of tags).
Tumblr allows you to filter your posts by tag by typing in a url, but this brings up a full page of posts, and I'd just like a list of the titles that I can then use as a menu. Hope this all makes sense. I'd imagine this is fairly simple as the capability to filter by tag already exists, but I cannot for the life of me work out how to do it.

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, I have done this successfully in firefox, but I need to do this in IE now, I want to dynamically generate an id for my input elements for an element being created. So far I can't get the id to come out correctly, here is what I have: var i = 1; while(i < 10) { var rowItem = document.createElement(""); tdItem.appendChild(rowItem); i++; } so I would want the id's for my input elements to be up1, up2, up3, up4, etc.,
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Hi all, I have a problem in javascript , ajax and jsp. Please see this url . I am working on this form. There are sum buttons (like submit , add ,edit at bottom of this page , but not visible in printscreen). On click of a radio button on left side , form fields on right side and small table on right bottom is gettig populated. The table on right bottom , is actually the eligibility criteria associated with the record whose radio was clicked on left . On clicking radio of this record(right side) , I want to populate its values in the above text boxes present right in front of text "Eligibility". During the whole click process (clicking the left and right radio button ) page should not get refreshed. I am able to show records on left side by iterating over a resultset (in jsp) and able to populate field on right side also, but have no idea how to populate table on right bottom dynamically such that I can handle onclick event on its radio button. I am pretty much new to ajax. please tell me how to achieve this.
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should be: btn.onclick = doSomething;
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I grabbed this script from dynamicdrive "vertical menu flyout" it works fine in IE but not Mozzilla. It doesn't seem to calulate the x,y position correctly to place the dropmenudiv. It returns the same position from the getposOffset function no matter what menu you are hovering over. For example 192, wher ie gives different values and places the dropmenudiv in the correct location. here is my HTML: Home Education News & Calendar Contact Grants Member info reports Maine's Health Initiatives the Javascript is /*********************************************** * AnyLink Vertical Menu- Dynamic Drive ( ) * This notice MUST stay intact for legal use * Visit for full source code ***********************************************/ //Contents for menu 1 var menu1=new Array() menu1[0]='PW Sub-Menu 1' menu1[1]='PW Sub-Menu 2' menu1[2]='PW Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 2, and so on var menu2=new Array() menu2[0]='Ed Sub-Menu 1' menu2[1]='Ed Sub-Menu 2' menu2[2]='Ed Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 3, and so on var menu3=new Array() menu3[0]='N&C Sub-Menu 1' menu3[1]='N&C Sub-Menu 2' menu3[2]='N&C Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 4, and so on var menu4=new Array() menu4[0]='Cont Sub-Menu 1' menu4[1]='Cont Sub-Menu 2' menu4[2]='Cont Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 5, and so on var menu5=new Array() menu5[0]='Grant Sub-Menu 1' menu5[1]='Grant Sub-Menu 2' menu5[2]='Grant Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 6, and so on var menu6=new Array() menu6[0]='Memb Sub-Menu 1' menu6[1]='Memb Sub-Menu 2' menu6[2]='Memb Sub-Menu 3' //Contents for menu 7, and so on var menu7=new Array() menu7[0]='MHI Sub-Menu 1' menu7[1]='MHI Sub-Menu 2' menu7[2]='MHI Sub-Menu 3' var disappeardelay=150 //menu disappear speed onMouseout (in miliseconds) var horizontaloffset=2 //horizontal offset of menu from default location. (0-5 is a good value) /////No further editting needed var ie4=document.all; var ns6=document.getElementById&&!document.all; if (ie4||ns6) document.write(''); function getposOffset(what, offsettype){ var totaloffset=(offsettype=="left") what.offsetLeft : what.offsetTop; var parentEl=what.offsetParent; while (parentEl!=null){ totaloffset=(offsettype=="left") totaloffset+parentEl.offsetLeft : totaloffset+parentEl.offsetTop; parentEl=parentEl.offsetParent; } return totaloffset; } function showhide(obj, e, visible, hidden, menuwidth){ if (ie4||ns6) dropmenuobj.widthobj.width=menuwidth if (e.type=="click" && obj.visibility==hidden || e.type=="mouseover") obj.visibility=visible else if (e.type=="click") obj.visibility=hidden } function iecompattest(){ return (document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat") document.documentElement : document.body } function clearbrowseredge(obj, whichedge){ var edgeoffset=0 if (whichedge=="rightedge"){ var windowedge=ie4 && !window.opera iecompattest().scrollLeft+iecompattest().clientWidth-15 : window.pageXOffset+window.innerWidth-15 dropmenuobj.contentmeasure=dropmenuobj.offsetWidth if (windowedge-dropmenuobj.x-obj.offsetWidth < dropmenuobj.contentmeasure) edgeoffset=dropmenuobj.contentmeasure+obj.offsetWidth } else{ var topedge=ie4 && !window.opera iecompattest().scrollTop : window.pageYOffset var windowedge=ie4 && !window.opera iecompattest().scrollTop+iecompattest().clientHeight-15 : window.pageYOffset+window.innerHeight-18 dropmenuobj.contentmeasure=dropmenuobj.offsetHeight if (windowedge-dropmenuobj.y < dropmenuobj.contentmeasure){ //move menu up edgeoffset=dropmenuobj.contentmeasure-obj.offsetHeight if ((dropmenuobj.y-topedge)
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I do not know if this is even possible in this language, but here goes: I am looping a recordset that has been returned for update. the problem is I have many records that can be returned, so when i submit my form, I get an error because it does not know what form elements to use. I used to use this method in coldfusion where I would apply a variable to the end of my form elelmets so they would all be uniquely named, thier form name + the incremt variable so it would give you textbox1 or textbox5. Now here is the problem. I want to go from the many variables down to a single variable. my plan is to have a function in the on click method that sets the increment to the current row number. I then have a javascript funtion in my onsubmit method that takes this increment to set the single form element = to that value. doe this make sense can it be done here is some sample code jsIncrement = 0; this is my on click function where ipass in the variable value and it works //fine function setIncrement(num){ jsIncrement = num; } this is where I wish to set the standard form element = to the dynamic form elelemnt but do not know how...or if it can be done function selectForUpdateSubmit() { document.process_form.action.value = "SU"; document.process_form.prod_usage_id.value = document.process_form.upd_prod_usage_id+jsIncrement.value; document.process_form.submit(); } any help or suggestions are most appreciated.
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, I badly need a solution. We have invoice system which take the text fields as, particular, qty, price and amount. the next rows with the same will be created dynamically. the problem for us how to sum amount and display these at the end of the rows.
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Im developing a script for dynamically creating html table structure so that from the input that has been given to the function it will fetch the values one by one and will create the structure. My problem is i want to add attributes to the elements created. sample code attached. with( window['o' + elementname]){ for(j=0;j
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I try to change script source dynamically. When I use the following code, it works fine, and the script is executed document.write('
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Write a javascript function that reads the month from the form field and then updates the values in the today field (similar to your jsp function) with values stopping at the correct upper limit. Then call this function in the onchange event on the month select.
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Hi Im new here and not very good with Javascript, so here im asking for a little help for my proyect the problem is Im trying to calculate text fields from results of php query my fields come from the query as amount1, amount2.... what i need is for JS to Sum those fields dynamically, I already did code for when i have all the values and for when the text field name is the same, but never for query results where the names are different this is what i have so far but its not working function calculatesumexcon() { var a, total = 0; var countJS = "";