designer seeking help with javascript menu

I'm a graphic designer with very little HTML knowledge who has inherited the maintenance of non-profit agency's website. They have javascript drop-down menus as the part of their main navigation. Up until now, I've only had to change the text or change the size of the menus. But now, they've asked me to add a new menu to one of the buttons. I was hoping it would be simple "copy & paste" of the following code to create a new menu but I've tried it and it is isn't working. My guess is that it has something to do with the 'mm_menu_0623105927_3' but I really have no idea. Can someone shed some light window.mm_menu_0623105927_3 = new Menu("root",140,24,"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",10,"#ffffff","#ffffff","#ff9900","#ffc700","left","middle",5,0,1000,1,-1,true,false,true,0,false,true); mm_menu_0623105927_3.addMenuItem("FORMS & APPLICATIONS","'downloads/forms.htm', '_self');"); mm_menu_0623105927_3.addMenuItem("MEDIA","'downloads/media.htm', '_self');"); mm_menu_0623105927_3.hideOnMouseOut=true; mm_menu_0623105927_3.menuBorder=0; mm_menu_0623105927_3.menuLiteBgColor='#ffffff'; mm_menu_0623105927_3.menuBorderBgColor='#ffffff'; mm_menu_0623105927_3.bgColor='#ffffff';
The live site is at .
(They want me to add a menu to the 'Contact Us' button) Thank you in advance., I assume that u have ur if statement and return function to where ever site ur editing, What I suggest u do for now is to change the last digit of ur submenu\MenuItem.... That is (eg.) in ur case if the last digit of downloads is 3 then for contact us u changed it to 4 U can try this and see if its gona work window.mm_menu_0623105927_4 = new Menu("root",140,24,"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif",10,"#ffffff","#ffffff","#ff9900","#ffc700","left","middle",5,0,1000,1,-1,true,false,true,0,false,true); mm_menu_0623105927_4.addMenuItem("The menu u want to add","'Contact Us/forms.htm', '_self');"); mm_menu_0623105927_4.hideOnMouseOut=true; mm_menu_0623105927_4.menuBorder=0; mm_menu_0623105927_4.menuLiteBgColor='#ffffff'; mm_menu_0623105927_4.menuBorderBgColor='#ffffff'; mm_menu_0623105927_4.bgColor='#ffffff';

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. First let me say I'm completely novice in Java. Someone else wrote this and emailed it to me, I have just tried to used it. I know my way round html pretty well but this one's got me foxxed. I'm trying to write a image slide show website that can scroll. I'v managed it and it appear to work well. But then when I try it in firefox the images are selectable but the scrollbar locks solid. Here's the website and here's the java or a direct dowload I'd really appreciate any help in fixing this. Many
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i am trying to create a webpage. In creating webpage i have troubling by java script. I have to make a drop down button. The elements of drop down button are pakistan afganistan india. Question is, when i click on pakistan then cities of Pakistan must be show, same if i click on afganistan then cities of afganistan must be shown, same as india, when i clicked at india then cities of india must shown, in another dropdown box. After that when i click on india. then there city. then a message window must be appear with Message "Chuck dai india", sane as pakistan "Pakistan is world champion", and with afganistan "Afganistan is neighbour of pakistan" Can u tell me java script use for it. Please give me proper code and tell me reference of website. I am new to java script.
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, I am designing my website and I want people visiting my site to be able to submit a form. However, if they submit a form, I would like to require certain information to be submitted. I got a script from Dynamic Drive that is supposed to do that but here is the problem. Inside the form tag it has this code-"form name="formcheck" onsubmit="return formCheck(this); " As you can see, there is not a "Action" or "Method" shown. So can someone tell me what I will need to do to cause this script, if form validation occurs, to send me the info from form in an E-Mail. Thank you.
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hey u all code master...plzz help me...i need complete javascript code whichlist all files that are in a it possibl;e in javascript or not to list the files..... for exam c:\Books\...i have five file...then i need a javascript code which list all the file on a hml page......
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Can anyone send me a simple, understandable javascript code for form validation, including e-mail validation,name validation , password validation etc. pls! send me in hurry!!!:'(
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, Here's what I'm interested in doing but can't get working. In my webpage, the user can visualize some information from the database and eventually choose to edit it. ( this is done with AJAX). When the user clicks on "edit" the appropriate section is refreshed such that the aforementioned information appears in a text input and can now be modified by the user. What I would like to do next, is to take this modified information, associate it with a new variable and send it to the database to replace the old information - this is done after clicking a "save" button. (Again done with AJAX). However I'm having difficulties with this as I do not know how to associate the new information from the text input to a new variable. Perhaps there is a more intelligent way Any ideas are welcome! Best from Brussels, TMT000