Change table row height

, once again I have a Javascriptin' problem!

In my table I have a row which is hidden like so...
Error: Unknown Error
(The slashes are because It's rendered from a PHP script)
Linked CSS classes:
.fsa { text-align: right; } .err { color: #FF0000; display: none; visibility: hidden; }

This makes the row completely hidden and not even a space where it should go.
It's then made visible with Javascript like so:'block';'visible'; nameErr.innerHTML='Please enter your name.';

This also works fine. Now it's visible I want to hide it again when they start to type in the nearby input text box. So this is my code for that ..

function updateCheck(x){ var nameErrC=document.getElementById('err_nameC'); if(x==document.details.ord_name){'none';'hidden'; }

Now, when they type into the text box the table row disappers like it should do, but it leaves a space where it was, almost like it's just turned blank but is still there. Is there anyway to make it disappear like it was at the start

I tried changing it's height but that doesn't work, when I tested the same height changing function on a visible table it worked so it can't seem to change the height of the "ghost row" as it doesn't exist.

Hope this isn't too confusing to understand

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at // // 9/6/2002 // IMPORTANT: // If you add this script to a script-library or script-archive // you have to add a highly visible link to // on the webpage // where this script will be featured // URLs of slides var slideurl2 =new Array("pic1.jpg","pic2.jpg","pic3.jpg","pic4.jpg") // comments displayed below the slides var slidecomment2=new Array("Mary","Jane","Rita","Tina") // links for each slide var slidelink2=new Array("","","","") // targets of the links. owed values: "_parent", "_top", "_blank", "_self" var slidetarget2=new Array("_blank","_blank","_blank","_blank") // the width of the slideshow (pixels) var scrollerwidth2=245 // the height of the slideshow (pixels) var scrollerheight2=75 // width of the transparent zones (pixels) var translayers2zone2=0 // font-attributes for the comments var slidefont2="Arial" var slidefont2color="blue" var slidefont2size="2" // background-color of webpage var pagebgcolor2="#FFFFFF" // do not edit below this line var translayers2width=1 var 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(parseInt(document.getElementById('picturediv2').style.left)>=scrollerleft2-allpicturewidth2) { document.getElementById('picturediv2').style.left=parseInt(document.getElementById('picturediv2').style.left)-step2 clip2right+=step2 if (clip2right>scrollerwidth2) { clip2left+=step2 } document.getElementById('picturediv2').style.clip2 ="rect("+clip2top+" "+clip2right+" "+clip2bottom+" "+clip2left+")" var timer22=setTimeout("scrollpicture2()",pause2) } else { resetposition2() } } if (ns4) { if (document.roof2.document.picturediv2.left>=scrollerleft2-allpicturewidth2) { document.roof2.document.picturediv2.left-=step2 document.roof2.document.picturediv2.clip2.right+=step2 if (document.roof2.document.picturediv2.clip2.right>scrollerwidth2) { document.roof2.document.picturediv2.clip2.left+=step2 } var timer2=setTimeout("scrollpicture2()",pause2) } else { resetposition2() } } } function onmsover2() { step2=0 } function onmsout2() { step2=newstep2 } function resetposition2() { if (ie) { 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Hi all.. i want to create a banner in my website using and ajax.. banner will consist of many banners and have the paging under the banner that moving y itself.. what we call it i cannot find any other example yet because i dont know the name of that application..
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hello :-)i want to have your going to design a site for a car showroom .which includes a search form,the problem im facing is that there are two combo box one for the make and one for the when the user selects the make the model combo box will load the related models. suppose if i choose ford ,in the combo box below the models Mustang,focus will be loaded and once the user clicks the search button the result will be displayed I was told to use ajax but i have no clue of AJAX at all,is there any way to make it happen by using only javascript ,php and sql to have the combo box working This post has been edited by deathmeat: 03 March 2011 - 12:56 PM
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I have found this random image generator. It works well enough for my needs, but now I need the image that this code below generates to have an opportunity to present some simple text to describe what the image it. Basically, if the image is that of a shoe then the text that appears upon hoovering on image would say "jimmy cho' shoes". can someone help me I have tried be keep messing it up.
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while(frames['ghfa'].contentDocument===""); I can't figure it out : / Its basically just supposed to idle while the frame is empty
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Plz tell me, how to remove particular value from input text in jsp by using javascript. function findSeat() { alert("hi") document.getElementById("sam").value.removeChild(SEW1); alert("remove") } By Himmat
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Hi all; i have script below i would like to ask why there var step=1; outside the function works but inside not anyone explain me pls
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Try to bring it up inside the tags! Some Title And with external script! Simply link it in to your page by doing this... Well that's all for now! Hope it helps you...
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html { height: 100% } body { height: 100%; margin: 0; padding: 0 } #map_canvas { height: 100% } function initialize() { var myOptions = { center: new google.maps.LatLng(51.510559,-0.128431), zoom: 12, mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP }; var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map_canvas"), myOptions); } This is the working code for the map im trying to implement into my website. The problem i am getting is that when i place it inside of my col div it will not appear yet if it is not inside of the col div it will display, please look below. Maps - source Google The CSS for both the map and the col are as follows; #col{ background-color:grey; float:left; margin-left:3%; padding:10px; width: 42%; -moz-border-radius: 8px; -webkit-border-radius: 8px; -khtml-border-radius: 8px; border-radius: 8px; } #map_canvas { height: 100% }
Javascript innerText Span issue   (202 Views)
I'm quite new to javascript, but not at all new to programming. I've been working on an extension in google chrome and I've run into a rather odd problem. Basically I have an html snippet that looks like this Total Questions: Answers Found: Click here to load questions There are two possible states, in one I want the whole QuestionsAnswers div to be hidden and the ClickToLoad to be visible, and in the other I want QuestionsAnswer to be visible and the two spans (questionNumber, answerNumber) to contain the releveant numbers, and ClickToLoad to be hidden. I tried to implement that like this: function AppropriateVisual() { if (!localStorage.QuestionList) { document.getElementById('ClickToLoad').style.display="inline"; document.getElementById('QuestionsAnswers').style.display="none"; } else { document.getElementById('ClickToLoad').style.display="hide"; document.getElementById('QuestionsAnswers').style.display="inline"; document.getElementById('questionNumber').innerText=localStorage.QuestionList.length; if (localStorage.AnswerList) document.getElementById('answerNumber').innerText=localStorage.AnswerList.length; else document.getElementById('answerNumber').innerText="0"; //error here } } The first part works. If there is no QuestionList then only the appropriate elements are shown. However if the reverse is true, both QuestionsAnswers and ClickToLoad are shown. Weirder, the browser reports an error at the marked line saying answerNumber doesn't exist. Furthermore, inspection of the elements on the page show that whenever I set the inner text of questionNumber, answerNumber ceases to exist. What terrible thing have I done
$.getJSON and Global Variables   (213 Views)
I use the following code to retrieve a json file into my code. Temp=new Array(); $.getJSON("document.json", function(data) { console.log(data); x = data.readings.length; for(i=0;i
event handler named clear_click that clears text boxes   (275 Views)
pls help. i am having a dickens of a time figuring out how to add an event handler that clears my text fields when the clear button is clicked. this is the code that ive done but to no avail... thanks pls advise var $ = function (id) { return document.getElementById(id); } var calculate_click = function () { var investment = parseFloat( $("investment").value ); var annualRate = parseFloat( $("rate").value ); var years = parseInt( $("years").value ); $("futureValue").value = ""; if (isNaN(investment) || investment 20) { alert("Annual rate must be a valid number\nand less than or equal to 20."); } else if(isNaN(years) || years > 50) { alert("Years must be a valid number\nand less than or equal to 50."); } else { var monthlyRate = annualRate / 12 / 100; var months = years * 12; var futureValue = 0; for ( i = 1; i
Calling Web Services from independent browser using javascript   (218 Views)
, I'm trying to call some web services only using javascript from a html page. I succeeded on doind this in IE with the use of the behavior:url(; (technique founded in the microsft site) but when i'm going to try ...
Re: How to see source code as rendered (not the script)   (226 Views)
On Jul 2, 3:41 pm, "V S Rawat" wrote: > When I run a javascript in ff, the "view source" shows the > javascript that I had put in the html file that is being rendered. Which is ...
formatnumber   (428 Views)
How can I convert the number 123456789 to 123,456,789
Re: [ANN]: NNTP Server slow downs.   (214 Views)
As much as I have liked your windows3.1 for its foresight of network capability. and disliked windows 95. I think your windows Dot Windows thing has reached the known edge of the universe. =========== May God decide on eradication of ...
Take a look at the corrective pack for Microsoft Internet Explorer   (166 Views)
Right click and get "copy link address" on javascript redirect   (236 Views)
So here's my situation, I have a div that is clickable and redirects to a page using the window.location.href method. I'm not using anchor tags because within the div, there are other links that can be clicked. So I'm using the onclick redirect for the div, then using stopPropagation to prevent the redirect when links are clicked. The problem is, I would like the javascript redirect to also work like a link. So that when you right click it, you are given the option to copy the link address, as this is significantly more convenient for myself and my users, rather than having to click it first and then copy the URL. Does anyone know how this can be accomplished This post has been edited by itdoell: 30 November 2011 - 04:07 PM
Layering between two JQuery image effects.   (166 Views)
Ok.. i'll start at the beginning so those reading this understand where im at.. My website has a large banner, that rotates between several hardcoded images with a fading effect... This works very well and im very pleased with the result.. (see the onmouseover demo (lower left) from DynamicDrive) I also added an image magnifier Jquery script to the page as well.. Click on the thumbnails and the magnified image fades in from the original image to the center of the screen. Ok.. now my problem.. In Internet Explorer, this combo works.. the large banner stays at the back, and the magnified image, appears ontop... BUT.. in Google Chrome (& Apple Safari) - its the opposite. The banner remains topmost and the magnified image apears above everything else but behind the large banner.. Is there anyway to force Chrome to understand which is which I rather like Chrome and don't want to move back to IE.. Cheers! PS:: I'll just quick that the whole sha-bang works exactly right in Frontpage Preview as well.. so.. TBH i think it's Google Chrome's problem.. But I'd like to know how to solve this This post has been edited by Saldash: 29 September 2009 - 03:01 AM
introducing collapsible pannel   (142 Views)
I have introduced javascript to enable and disalbe particular checkboxes on selection on radio buttons. But i want the checkboxes to appear on the page only when a particular checkbox is checked. Please guide me the way to do so. regards, SHivane Contact us function Validate(){ var name=document.loginForm.fname var var sadd=document.loginForm.sadd var if ((name.value==null)||(name.value=="")){ alert("Please Enter User Name") //uid.focus() return false } if ((mail.value==null)||(mail.value=="")){ alert("Please Enter Email Address") //pwd.focus() return false } if ((sadd.value==null)||(sadd.value=="")){ alert("Please Enter Street Address") //pwd.focus() return false } if ((mobile.value==null)||(mobile.value=="")){ alert("Please Enter Mobile Number") //pwd.focus() return false } else { return true } } function disableall(){ resedential(true) commercial(true) } function resedential(val){ document.getElementById("ip1").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip2").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip3").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip4").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip5").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip6").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip7").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip8").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip9").disabled=val; } function commercial(val){ document.getElementById("ip10").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip11").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip12").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip13").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip14").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip15").disabled=val; document.getElementById("ip16").disabled=val; } function resedentialEn(){ commercial(true) resedential(false) } function commercialEn(){ resedential(true) commercial(false) } Contact us First Name Last Name Email Address Street Address Suburb State Postal Code Phone# Mobile Type of Property RESIDENTIAL (HOUSE,UNIT,TOWNHOUSE,CARS,BOATS ETC) COMMERCIAL (OFFICE,RETAIL,STRATA,FACTORY ETC) RESIDENTIAL CARPET CLEANING CAR SEAT UPHOLSTERY BLINDS LEATHER MATRESSES OTHER(SPECIFY) RUGS Commercial CARPET CLEANING PARTICIAN OFFICE CHAIRS VINYL OTHER(SPECIFY) LEATHER Aditional STAIN TREATMENT WATER/FLOOD SERVICES CARPET PROTECTION ODOUR REMOVAL UPHOLSTERY PROTECTION PET STAINS/SMELL Best Contact method PHONE MOBILE EMAIL Comments / Questions The fields marked with () are mandatory fields