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A requirement for the project I am currently working on is that when various links on a page are clicked that the appropriate "layer" (i.e. div) will be displayed centered in the browser. I have tried using various javascript solutions and they center some div's and not others. Does anyone have an example of a way to show and hide a div that is centered in the browser no matter where the div is located in the html Any html/css and javascript code examples greatly appreciated!

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I managed to get the following script to work Adding and Removing Text Boxes Dynamically var intTextBox=0; //FUNCTION TO ADD TEXT BOX ELEMENT function addElement() { intTextBox = intTextBox + 1; var contentID = document.getElementById('content'); var newTBDiv = document.createElement('div'); newTBDiv.setAttribute('id','strText'+intTextBox); newTBDiv.innerHTML = "Memory "+intTextBox+": "; contentID.appendChild(newTBDiv); } Demo of Adding and Removing Text Box Dynamically using JavaScript AddRemove   How do I get the row and column in the javascript to appear in the html page. I want the row created by the javascript as the second row below the