Basic Javascript Rollover

For some reason I cant get my rollovers to work on my web design

here's the html

THE Javascript
window.onload = rolloverInit; function rolloverInit() { for (var i=0; i

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A small script which can be hosted on a server which you can put an url into and will show website with changes example, website/gallery with thumbnail images and want to change the "thumb" file to "original" file eg. Gallery view .../images/1a/thumbnail.jpg but want it to be able to view .../images/1a/original.jpg I'm sure this is possible as i can't imaging it would be a very hard code but am not used to coding only basic html at the moment regards,
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I have been looking for this for very long but still can't figure it out. I want a script to login to website without even typing the username and password while logging in.Its very annoying when you have to type the passwords to to login to multiple sites each time and open those sites one by one instead I could have somthing like a click on a file and all the websites open(no need to login)/OR a click on the bookmark and all the websites open(no need to login). I know a bit of HTML/javascript(as well as windows shell scripting,C++,unix shell scripting).please provide some working example in any one of these two languages if possible and how to use it.(I don't know ajax at all so please avoid ajax unless it becomes impossible to do without it). EDIT:Any other language is also welcome but I would need the instructions to use your programme
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var sw_interval; var sw_x = 10; var sw_dx = 0; var sw_t = 10; var sw_cursor = 1; var sw_v; var sw_w; var sw_numItems; var sw_first; var sw_last; var sw_clipRight; var sw_ref; function moveSWBlueBox(n) { if(sw_interval == null) { if(n > 0) { moveLeft(n*swItemsInSet); } else { moveRight(-n*swItemsInSet); } var idx = getSWBlueBoxIdx(); var box; box = document.getElementById("sw_box"+idx); box.src = swWhiteBox; pause(50); idx += n; if(idx < 1) { idx = numSWBoxes + idx; } else if(idx > numSWBoxes) { idx = idx - numSWBoxes; } box = document.getElementById("sw_box"+idx); box.src = swBlueBox; pause(50); swBlueBoxIdx = idx; } } function moveToSWBox(i) { if(sw_interval == null) { var idx = getSWBlueBoxIdx(); var diff = i-idx; if(diff != 0) { moveSWBlueBox(diff); } } } function getSWBlueBoxIdx() { return swBlueBoxIdx; } function moveLeft(n) { if(sw_interval == null) { var id = "widget_item"+sw_cursor; sw_ref = document.getElementById(id); // calibrate to sw_ref var last_wi = sw_ref; for(var i=sw_cursor+1; i=1; i--) { id = "widget_item"+i; wi = document.getElementById(id); = (parseInt( - sw_w) + "px"; last_wi = wi; } for(var i=sw_numItems; i>=sw_cursor+swItemsInSet; i--) { id = "widget_item"+i; wi = document.getElementById(id); = (parseInt( - sw_w) + "px"; last_wi = wi; } sw_cursor -= n; if(sw_cursor < 1) sw_cursor = sw_numItems + sw_cursor; sw_interval = setInterval("move("+n+")",sw_t); } } function move(n) { var id; var wi; var m = Math.abs(n*sw_w); var f = 36; sw_dx = Math.floor(f*Math.sin(sw_x*Math.PI/m)); if(sw_dx < 1) sw_dx = 1; sw_x += sw_dx; if(n
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I made a simple slide show using jquery and "setInterval() " function. Everything working fine but I just need to start this serInterval function only after the div or page loads completely. I will post my code here ... 1. $(document).ready(function () { 2. var s=setInterval('slide()',3000); 3. }); 4. function slide(){ 5. var pos=$("#slider").position().left; 6. if(pos>-5400){ 7. $("#slider").animate({"left":"-=600px"},300); 8. }else 9. $("#slider").animate({"left":"0px"},600); 10. } 11. } and my html page Friends Please go through this and help me. I tried to give a pre loader . But can't Please help