AJAX Update Panel for GridView in ASP.NET2.0

I have a GridView which is geting fiiled on the click of a button have method "FilGrid"
I want to use the update panel of AJAX so that the page should not get refreshed at the button click but i m not able to do it ..
I have putted the Gridview in update panel

Posted On: Tuesday 27th of November 2012 12:02:49 AM Total Views:  426
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Hi! I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong with this no matter how many things I try. I've looked through Google for a related issue but found nothing specific. Hopefully someone can help me. The script runs through a external .js file calling a list of music albums, then listing the song of the album chosen via ajax. The user can then edit of delete the songs. Everything works fine until I submit the edited information through a form. When I click the submit button I get a web developer error "updateSong is not a function" Here's the form which is loaded into the already existing page via ajax:
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. I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge or a code that will refresh a script without a full page load. Just a widget/box on a site. What I have is a script which displays random posts in wordpress. Just calls 5 posts from the database with a simple random call. What I would want is to have a button/image that when clicked the random call is executed again without a full page load. Any clues
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Dear viewer, I've got a database with the tables Category, Subcategory and Products. I've been able to get this far; Click on category -> shows the subcategories for that category Click on subcategory -> shows all products for that subcategory Now I've been looking around how to do it in Ajax, but I haven't come around anything useful, perhaps I just didn't look good enough but okay. I know I'll need to use an eventhandler on click, but other than that I don't know. Thank you sincerely for your help. Tom
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okay i've spent hours in the web searching for the right image slideshow/gallery to use for my website but in vain! Dont get me wrong the jQuery, Ajax scripts i've seen so far are so good but they all use lists to load all the images at once and yet i'm targeting an area with not-so-much-bandwidth. Is there an image gallery script around that uses ajax to maybe fetch an image from an external file and display it on the page hope this makes sense!
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My problem at the moment is a bit different than specified in topic title. I have an Iframe which displays .html file with js/ content slider when i click a link inside of that iframe I want for pop up window (greybox) to appear, but not inside of iframe , outside of it. I found a section of developers page about this, but I don't seem to be able to do this.. I undersand that I must leave greybox folder/files where they normally are located! Do i need to add something more to Visit Google as I just copied it. with no changes ..
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I'm new to the UI side of AJAX, and I was wondering if there was any AJAX framework (or an extension to the framework) which has the functionality like this: (scroll down to the section "Example: Sorting in two dimensions")
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hi, i m in to performance testing. so for me to mandatory to know that whether a website using ajax or not an if yes ,what are different things associated with it in that perticular webiste so can any body tel me, is there any way to know that whether any perticular site using ajax or not its urgent. Thanx in advance.:)
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helo there, i need some help on some image/photo slide show display. i would like to do a photo carousel function similar as the . the function i would like to do is on tis web at the right hand side for tat photo stream let say in my album have 100 photo. and from tis funciton, it will not load out all my 100 photos when the page is loaded. it will load the others photo when i click on the NEXT arrow button. i need some help on tis funciton and implement it with ASP VBscript code. please help me....