Adbrite Java Ad Code Amendment Needed!

Dear brothers I want that my adbrite inline text ads open in new window, so its need ad code alteration. Can anyone here alter this given below code so that ads open in new window.

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I have this email validation which checks to make sure a "@" sign is present but doesn't check for "." I just need to add this to the function which I thought would be pretty easy but has proved otherwise. Here's my script: I tried adding another if statement that looked like this... if (test.indexOf('isEmail')!=-1) { p=val.indexOf('.') ...just after the '@' check, but that didn't seem to work.
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the more i deep to javascript more i got confused..!! . . i have put a autocomplete texbox in a row.. which have two more buttons Add/Remove..!! . . With add u can append clone row under original row... and withy delete u can delete the row..!!!! . . Problems when i add new row... which make clone of original row..!! which means that Id of autocomplete also get cloned...!!!! . . Please help me out..!!! :( my javascript code..!! function add(oRow) { oRow.parentNode.replaceChild(oRow.cloneNode(true),oRow.parentNode.insertRow(oRow.rowIndex+1)); var inpR = oRow.getElementsByTagName('input'); var inpN = oRow.nextSibling.getElementsByTagName('input'); inpR[0].id = 'month_' + parseInt(oRow.rowIndex+2); iteration = parseInt(oRow.rowIndex+2); for(i=0;i
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Hi all, I have a problem in javascript , ajax and jsp. Please see this url . I am working on this form. There are sum buttons (like submit , add ,edit at bottom of this page , but not visible in printscreen). On click of a radio button on left side , form fields on right side and small table on right bottom is gettig populated. The table on right bottom , is actually the eligibility criteria associated with the record whose radio was clicked on left . On clicking radio of this record(right side) , I want to populate its values in the above text boxes present right in front of text "Eligibility". During the whole click process (clicking the left and right radio button ) page should not get refreshed. I am able to show records on left side by iterating over a resultset (in jsp) and able to populate field on right side also, but have no idea how to populate table on right bottom dynamically such that I can handle onclick event on its radio button. I am pretty much new to ajax. please tell me how to achieve this.
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hello, i'm trying to get login functionality to work. It's my first logon script, which was tested to work, but I'm running out of brute force to get this one through... Superior Mini Trucks var num = 0; function login(num) { var loginForm0 = document.getElementById("loginForm0"); var loginForm1 = document.getElementById("loginForm1"); var loginForm2 = document.getElementById("loginForm2"); var loginForm3 = document.getElementById("loginForm3"); var submitForm = document.getElementById("submitForm" + num); if (loginForm0.username.value == "" && loginForm1.username.value == "" && loginForm2.username.value == "" && loginForm3.username.value == "") { alert("Please enter your user name."); return false; } if (loginForm0.password.value == "" && loginForm1.password.value == "" && loginForm2.password.value == "" && loginForm3.password.value == "") { alert("Please enter your password."); return false; } if(num == 0) { submitForm.username.value = loginForm0.username.value; submitForm.response.value = hex_md5(+loginForm0.password.value); submitForm.submit(); } if(num == 1) { submitForm.username.value = loginForm1.username.value; submitForm.response.value = hex_md5(+loginForm1.password.value); submitForm.submit(); } if(num == 2) { submitForm.username.value = loginForm2.username.value; submitForm.response.value = hex_md5(+loginForm2.password.value); submitForm.submit(); } if(num == 3) { submitForm.username.value = loginForm3.username.value; submitForm.response.value = hex_md5(+loginForm3.password.value); submitForm.submit(); } } // end login() window.addEvent('domready', function() { var mySlide_inventory = new Fx.Slide('test'); var mySlide_information = new Fx.Slide('test1'); var mySlide_options = new Fx.Slide('test2'); var mySlide_home = new Fx.Slide('test3'); mySlide_inventory.hide(); mySlide_information.hide(); mySlide_options.hide(); mySlide_home.hide(); $('slidein').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_inventory.slideIn(); e.stop(); }); $('slideout').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_inventory.slideOut(); e.stop(); }); $('toggle').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_inventory.toggle(); e.stop(); }); $('hide').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_inventory.hide(); e.stop(); }); $('slidein1').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_information.slideIn(); e.stop(); }); $('slideout1').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_information.slideOut(); e.stop(); }); $('toggle1').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_information.toggle(); e.stop(); }); $('hide1').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_information.hide(); e.stop(); }); $('slidein2').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_options.slideIn(); e.stop(); }); $('slideout2').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_options.slideOut(); e.stop(); }); $('toggle2').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_options.toggle(); e.stop(); }); $('hide2').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_options.hide(); e.stop(); }); $('slidein3').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_home.slideIn(); e.stop(); }); $('slideout3').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_home.slideOut(); e.stop(); }); $('toggle3').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_home.toggle(); e.stop(); }); $('hide3').addEvent('click', function(e){ e = new Event(e); mySlide_home.hide(); e.stop(); }); }); body { text-align: left; } #test, #test1, #test2, #test3 { background: #222; color: #fff; padding: 10px; margin: 20px; } #test { border: 10px solid saddlebrown; } #test1 { border: 10px solid darkgoldenrod; } #test2 { border: 10px solid darkkhaki; } #test3 { border: 10px solid olive; } a { text-size: large; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: none; outline: none; color: white; border-bottom: 2px solid white; } Please Login                                         Home Error User Name Password  
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Before uploading files via a HTML-form, I want to do some client-side validating. E.g. to check the filesize of the file selected by the user to upload. Filesize should be,say, between 5MB and 50 MB. My 'feeling' says there should be such an instruction in Javascript, but I can't find one!
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I am still new to CSS, how would I add a drop shadow around the main conent of this page I have been trying for a while but I can't seem to get it to work.
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Guys check this site.. If you are not logged in.. it gives a IE tool bar saying "You are not logged in."similar like the ActiveX warning of IE.. Any idea how this was done.., It is somehow activating the security alert system - or doing a good job of faking it.
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hi , actually i am developing a web application in using c#. i have come across a requirement to read a excel file without going to the server . i need to use javascript for the same. so i need help on javascript function to read from excel file. i tried a lot many codes available but nothing seems to be working... so somebody help me... one of the codes i tried is: function readFromExcel() { var excel = new ActiveXObject("Excel.Application"); var excel_file = excel.Workbooks.Open("C:\\Book2.xls"); var excel_sheet = excel_file.Worksheets("Sheet1"); return data; }
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I've created a fairly simple method for obfuscating email addresses as an anti-spam measure. It should work for any browser that supports JavaScript and a fairly modern Document Object Model (DOM). A composer window in the user's default email application will be opened. First up is the javascript function that assembles the mailto: url and 'submits' it: // Action taken when an email 'link' is clicked function local_emclick(parm1, parm2) { test_4 = "lto:"; d37 = "@"; t2 = "mai"; parm = t2+test_4+parm1+d37+parm2; self.location = parm; } You should customize everything (but the script tags and function and self.location) to prevent spammers from learning to recognize the pattern. Even the order of the parameters should be customized. Next up is the PHP function that eases using this method: function local_emlink($one, $two, $three, $four, $five="") { if ($five!="") { $smso = ""; $rmso = ""; } else { $smso = ""; $rmso = ""; } print("$smso$four$rmso"); } An example of its use is: Sample Company 012 Rhode St. Notown, MI 00000 (123)555-7890 Fax: (123)555-7891 If you don't have access to PHP, then you can create the link directly in HTML. This is the same HTML generated by the PHP, except for whitespace:: Contact
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I am building an Ajax-application that functions as a 'formserver'. A php-script is generating HTML-code for a form that is packed in XML that is sent to the browser via an XHTML-request. There a Javascript-script makes the HTML-code part of the document tree. I have problems with inputs of the 'radio'-type. I first give the code that is needed to understand the problem. a small piece of XML generated by the php-script: ... yes no ... ]]> ... this is part of a string that is sent from the server to the client in XML-format. The client reads the whole string with the HTML-code into a variable and then makes it part of the documement tree using javascript like: fielddiv.innerHTML=formHTML; The form appears 'as expected' on the screen. It doesn't go 'as expected' if I true to read the values of the radio-inputs. (I use the Prototype-framework in this script) radios=$(formName).getInputs('radio'); //reads all inputs of type 'radio' in the array radios rname='t3_nothing'; for (i=0; i
"add this site to your bookmarks" in firefox   (206 Views)
Is it possible to have a link so users can add my site to their bookmarks via a link I have found out how to do it using IE but it doesn't work with Firefox. Cheers for anyhelp.
Need to add multiple measurements virtual earth   (181 Views)
Does anyone know how to add more measurements to this code without continuing to measure the same distance which is what it does. I want to measure the distance between 2 points, then measure the distance between another 2 points keeping each measurement stored as a variable. geocodecalc.js /* ******************************************************** */ /* The code for the GeoCodeCalc class was copied from here: */ /* */ /* ******************************************************** */ var GeoCodeCalc = {}; GeoCodeCalc.EarthRadiusInMiles = 3956.0; GeoCodeCalc.EarthRadiusInKilometers = 2.093E+07; GeoCodeCalc.ToRadian = function(v) { return v * (Math.PI / 180); }; GeoCodeCalc.DiffRadian = function(v1, v2) { return GeoCodeCalc.ToRadian(v2) - GeoCodeCalc.ToRadian(v1); }; GeoCodeCalc.CalcDistance = function(lat1, lng1, lat2, lng2, radius) { return radius * 2 * Math.asin( Math.min(1, Math.sqrt( ( Math.pow(Math.sin((GeoCodeCalc.DiffRadian(lat1, lat2)) / 2.0), 2.0) + Math.cos(GeoCodeCalc.ToRadian(lat1)) * Math.cos(GeoCodeCalc.ToRadian(lat2)) * Math.pow(Math.sin((GeoCodeCalc.DiffRadian(lng1, lng2)) / 2.0), 2.0) ) ) ) ); }; default.htm.js function LoadMap() { // Load the Map map = new VEMap("myMap"); map.LoadMap(); var latLong = new VELatLong(39.882123, -75.513219); // Attach our onclick map event handler map.AttachEvent("onclick", Map_Click); map.SetCenterAndZoom(latLong, 20); map.SetMapStyle("a"); } // The Map onclick event handler function Map_Click(eventArgs) { var clickedLatLong = eventArgs.latlong; if (map.GetMapMode() == VEMapMode.Mode2D) document.getElementById("myMap").style.cursor = 'crosshair'; { // In 2D Mode the eventArgs.latlong property doesn't contain the lat/long point that was clicked. // So we must figure it out using the x and y coordinates of the point on the map that was clicked. clickedLatLong = map.PixelToLatLong(new VEPixel(eventArgs.mapX, eventArgs.mapY)); } // When the user Right-Clicks, Draw the Polygon if (eventArgs.leftMouseButton) { var newShape = null; if (map.GetShapeLayerCount() > 0) { // Get reference to the Default Shape Layer var shapeLayer = map.GetShapeLayerByIndex(0); if (shapeLayer.GetShapeCount() > 0) { // Get points already plotted var points = shapeLayer.GetShapeByIndex(0).GetPoints(); // Add the newly clicked point to the collection of points points[points.length] = clickedLatLong; newShape = new VEShape(VEShapeType.Polyline, points); // Don't show the shapes icon on the map, we only want to see the line newShape.HideIcon(); } } if (newShape == null) { // If this is the first Point plotted, then show it as a Pushpin newShape = new VEShape(VEShapeType.Pushpin, clickedLatLong); } // Clear out the old shape map.DeleteShapes(); // Add our new shape map.AddShape(newShape); CalculateDistance(); } } function CalculateDistance() { var distMessage = document.getElementById("spanDistanceMessage"); var dist = document.getElementById("spanDistance"); var points = new Array(); // Get all the Points being plotted if (map.GetShapeLayerCount() > 0) { var shapeLayer = map.GetShapeLayerByIndex(0); if (shapeLayer.GetShapeCount() > 0) { points = shapeLayer.GetShapeByIndex(0).GetPoints(); } } if (points.length Virual Earth - Calculate Distance UI Example Virual Earth - Calculate Distance UI Example How To: You can scroll/zoom around the Map as normal. Just Right-Click the Map to draw a polyline and measure it's length. Distance: Plot more points to Calculate distance. Units:  Miles  Feet Written by Chris Pietschmann This code was originally posted here:
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hi every1 i m using jsp in jbuilder9 to create a website i have 2 drop down button a1 and b1 when i select a option in a1 the values of b1 comes if i change the value of a1 then the value of b1 also changes. then i have a button to dynamically add 2 similar drop downs i click the button. the drop down are added a2 and b2 but the problem is when i select some thing in a2 the value of b1 changes instead of b2. i m not getting the solution. plz if any 1 can help me out.
Some advice appreciated   (223 Views)
Hi My name is Phil and I live in Lincolnshire.UK. I've been designing websites mainly as a hobby for 2-3 years mainly using Frontpage 2003. I'm very interested in getting to grips with Javascript and have just bought a few second hand books to study and put into practice. The main point I need to clear up (in my head) is this: If a visitor to my site doesn't have Javacript - they can't see the effects that I've written but will see an invite to download it () What if they don't want to download- can they still see the rest of the page - or do I need to give them an alternative :( I'm sorry if this a really stupid question - but it's really bugging me and I need to know before I can progress. Many
JavaScript -- Validating an email address   (191 Views)
Is there a way to validate an email by checking it's existence, As far as I know there is no way to see if an email is a valid one. (otherwise spammers would be in heaven). But there is a technique used to make sure somebody is using a real email. I dont know what your application is but lets say somebody is signing up to be a member on your site, or any sort of application. You will probably need to give them information after they hit submit. (username, password, receipt info....) any of these things you could display on the "confirmation page" but why do that. If they are using a fake email for whatever reason, you'll never know. Just send them their username, password etc. to their email. This keeps them honest. They must check their email to do anything else, therefore it must be valid By the way, a lot of these things have nothing to do with JavaScript
Radio button in table   (142 Views)
hey , I want to make a table but i want the first column of the table to have a radio button. On clicking the radio button i want the user to go to another page. Please suggest some ideas or some coding which could help me.
click label to select radio button   (185 Views)
Hi i want to develop a code such that when i click on the text next to the radio button the radio button should be selected and even if the button is clicked how can i achieve this any help would b appriciated thanks in advance 1. Select an option Yes No , There is a potential problem relying on the html label solution above: I am trying to set up a list of buttons using javascript to highlight the selected option. 1911-1920 In the above, the javascript function jfsw highlights the label when the input or label is clicked on. The problem is that firefox leaves a small space between the input symbol and the label. Clicking on this space activates the javascript but does not select the corresponding radio button. Internet Explorer appears not to have this problem. Can the format of the label be made to change when the button is checked without using javascript