visible children with invisible parents

Hi all, I've looked but can't find this anywhere.

This may well just be because it can't be done but here goes.

Does anyone know of a way that I can make a MoviecClip "visible=false" whilst stopping just one of its children's, children's, children...etc from also going invisible.

I am aware that it can be done by setting them all individually but this will take a lot of code (and I like tidy code...and I'm lazy), and I am reluctant to use a loop as it will interrupt the animation that is going on at the time.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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down vote favorite hi I have a quiz and when the correct answer is clicked i want to show a correct answer mc so when the answer is clicked a "correct" or an "x" will flash up for 1 second. I have to functions on for right (celebrate) and one for wrong (wrong_answer) Code: function celebrate() { _root._root.>>>>>> _root.triangle_mc.scaleTo(100, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 0, glamour); _root.triangle_mc.scaleTo(100, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 3); _root.triangle_mc.brightOffsetTo(23, 0.4, "easeOutSine", 0); _root.triangle_mc.brightOffsetTo(0, 0.5, "easeOutSine", 3); _root.triangle_mc.tween('_y', 370, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 0); _root.triangle_mc.tween('_y', 418, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 3); } function wrong_answer() { _root.>>>>>> _root.triangle_mc.scaleTo(100, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 0); _root.triangle_mc.scaleTo(100, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 3); _root.triangle_mc.brightOffsetTo(23, 0.4, "easeOutSine", 0); _root.triangle_mc.brightOffsetTo(0, 0.5, "easeOutSine", 3); _root.triangle_mc.tween('_y', 370, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 0); _root.triangle_mc.tween('_y', 418, 0.4, "easeOutBack", 3); } so can anyone help with this issue of showing a mc clip for 1 second many
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I just started working with Action Scripts and I am at a standstill with a problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm using Action Script 2 and FlashMX version 6. I have a sound volume slider that I am trying to make visible on rollover and otherwise invisible all other times. The action script I'm using is: slider._visible = false; on(rollOver){ slider._visible = true; } on(rollOut){ slider._visible = false; } But what happens is the reverse. It becomes invisible on rollover instead. I've tried every combination but I can't seem to solve the problem. When I use the script on the invisible button I get this output message: Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Inv_btn, Frame=1: Line 2: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances on(rollOver){ Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Inv_btn, Frame=1: Line 5: Mouse events are permitted only for button instances on(rollOut){ Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Inv_btn, Frame=1: Line 1: Statement must appear within on handler slider._visible = false; When I try to put the script on the instance of the button, the action window tells me actions can't be applied to it. When I delete the script, it still is the same problem...invisible on rollover...but the output messge is this: Scene=Scene 1, Layer=Inv_btn, Frame=1: Line 1: Statement must appear within on handler slider._visible = false; I've tried to put the actions in a separate actions layer but sill have the same issue and the same output as when I put it on the invbutton layer. I'm at a loss. Been trying to figure it out for two days now. I want to use the sound slider to control the volume of the music in a flash animation. I would so appreciate help. I am attaching the fla file in zip[ATTACH]InvisibleSoundSlider[/ATTACH]
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, I'm using Flash Cs4 with As3 to make a project. In part of it I have an object which is invisible, but when a button is pressed is made visible. Only problem is, it won't make it visible. Does anyone know what my problem could be Heres my code PHP Code:;;aSettings.visible=falsevarsetVisible:Boolean=false;buttonVisibility.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN,function():void{ if(setVisible=false){ aSettings.visible=true; setVisible=true; trace(setVisible) }elseif(setVisible=true){ aSettings.visible=false; setVisible=false; trace(setVisible) }}); I'm not receiving any errors at all, but whenever I click the button the output says "false", so I know that its not changing it to true. I can't seem to figure out what I've done wrong, so its probably just a newbie mistake of mine...
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OK I have an mc with tweening movieclips that were ripped from an original page of a project I have to re do. The original was coded differently so I need to drop the mc in the new movie. The fla here is just the mc I'm having a problem with in a simple movie with frames to illustrate what I need to do symbol1 is an mc of movieclips, when the animation is done when you press on each clip the color changes and stays until you click the next. This was originally in a an swf that used the clip to display what page you were on, follow OK, that part of the clip works fine but I need to make the clips act as buttons so when you press on each not only does the animation turn blue but it will call an onRelease _root gotoandstop (frame) function which will move the movieclip pages to there proper frames . The only way I figured to do was to make an 1 invisible btn , 5 instances of that with 5 different names. Put all the button actions on a frame and that would work. Problem is that it does work but the mc clip underneath no longer works. If I drag the btn instances off the top of the mc's and test the movie , the original animation works fine. So it seems the btn actions stop the mc from running, any way around this as I need both to work. fla link is here swf url is here
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Hi. I'm a newbie in flash and i've encountered problem using visible = false command. I'm making a quiz page with flash so beside all the choices there are ticks and crosses indicating if the answer clicked is correct or wrong. In the main page i have a button for the user to click to get him to the quiz page with the following code: on(release){ _root.quiz_mc.gotoAndPlay(40); _root.quiz_mc.correct1._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.correct2._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.correct3._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.correct4._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.correct5._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong1._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong2._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong3._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong4._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong5._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong6._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong7._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong8._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong9._visible=false; _root.quiz_mc.wrong10._visible=false; } At the click area for the choices of the question i have the following code: on(release){ _root.quiz_mc.wrong2._visible=true; } So what i'm trying to do is to make all the ticks and crosses invisible at first, and when the user click on the area then either the tick or cross would be visible, indicating if the question is answered correctly or wrongly. It seems to be okay but i just can't figure out where i gone wrong. Please advice.
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Hi all.. thanks for taking the time to look at my problem, its actually making me lose hair. PROBLEM 1: RollOuts Im trying to make my new site in flash, which is pretty much unchartered territory for me. The first problem i've come accross is rollouts.. I've tried numerous tutorials, but either it just plain hasn't worked for me (after triple checking the steps) or it mentions something i havent heard of and cant find in my version of flash (flash pro 8) In my "over" tab in the button, i have a movie. its simple, it moves a box into my deed position (tween) from the right. I want it to move back to its original position (again with a tween/animated effect) when the mouse leaves the "hit" area.. how do i achieve this A few things i'v been told on other sites just plain havent worked because i get an error saying mouse events cant be used in movies just buttons. PROBLEM 2: "Invisible Barrier" As mentioned above, my button is basically a box moving into position from right to left using a tween. The thing i haven't a clue how to do is stop the thing being seen in its original position. I've made a very quick example here What i want (for the top button) is for the green box to be invisible when its to the right of the black line, so it looks like the bottom button (theres just a white box covering it on the bottom) Is there a way to do this, or is there a different way to achieve the deed effect Apologies for this being so long winded.. If you can help it would be much appreciated.. I've been using flash for just a day so far, so try dumb it down as much as possible. Please dont post links to tutorials.. Though helpful they may be, i've probably tried it.
Using an event handler to call multiple events you want (temporarily) invisible   (293 Views)
Is there a tutorial out there on a way to use an event handler (i.e. a button) to call up one visible event, and another number (i.e. three ">) more) to be invisible on the stage, with the other invisible items to be made visible by another button (or buttons) I've had an idea I've been experimenting with for awhile that I've not yet made I'm trying a different tactic.
Textfield not visible in parent Sprite   (133 Views)
Given this: PHP Code: varcontainer:Sprite=newSprite(); var_myriad=new_Myriad(); vartff:TextFormat=newTextFormat(_myriad.fontName,24); vartf:TextField=newTextField(); tf.embedFonts=true; tf.autoSize=TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT; tf.text="world"; tf.setTextFormat(tff); ...why is it that I can see my text when I do this: PHP Code: addChild(tf); but I can't see my text when I do this: PHP Code: container.addChild(tf);
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ive come across a strange problem, maybe. Im loading in my main swf, which will take the place of the preloader(which consists of the entrance) like so... Code: var entrance:Entrance = new Entrance(); addChild(entrance); import gs.TweenLite; import gs.easing.*; stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE, onStageResize); stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE; stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; function onStageResize(evt:Event):void { entrance.x = stage.stageWidth/2; entrance.y = stage.stageHeight/2.4; entrance.width = stage.stageWidth/5; entrance.height = stage.stageHeight/1.7; } entrance.x = stage.stageWidth/2; entrance.y = stage.stageHeight/2.4; entrance.width = stage.stageWidth/5; entrance.height = stage.stageHeight/1.7; var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("waterLight2.swf"); var loader:Loader = new Loader(); loader.load(req); addChild(loader); loader.alpha = 0; loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, done); function done(evt:Event):void { addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, entranceHandler); } function entranceHandler(evt:Event):void { removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, entranceHandler);, 1.5, {alpha:0, ease:Strong.easeIn}); addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, removeEntrance); } function removeEntrance(evt:Event):void { if (entrance.currentFrame == 30) {, 1.5, {alpha:1, ease:Strong.easeOut}); removeChild(entrance); removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, removeEntrance); } } However, for some reason or other, my loaded swf isnt visible until i resize the stage. Ive been trying various things with the way the preloading is done, but it doesnt seem to change anything, and also ive tried taking out the tweens but that doesnt do anything either. Has anyone had this problem before If so, some advice would be much appreciated.