Same base class for two different child classes in different swfs


Following is my code of base class :

Code: public class Application extends Sprite { private static var instance:Application; public function Application() { instance = this; } private function showBlurLayer(flag:Boolean):void { //some code here... } public static function showBlurLayer(flag:Boolean):void { instance.showBlurLayer(flag); } } swfA ==> Document class
Code: public function SWFA extends Application { //FLV player code goes here... } swfB ==> Document class
Code: public function SWFB extends Application { public function SWFB() { addEventListener("addedToStage", addedToStageHandler); } private function addedToStageHandler(e:Event):void { Application.showBlurLayer(true); var media:Media = new Media() addChild(media); } } SWFB ==> Media class
Code: public class Media extends Sprite { public function Media() { var loader:Loader = new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener("complete", completeHandler); var closeBtn:Button = new Button(); closeBtn.label = "Close"; closeBtn.addEventListener("click", closeClickHandler); addChild(closeBtn); } private function closeClickHandler(e:MouseEvent):void { Application.showBlurLayer(false); this.visible = false; } private function completeHandler(e:Event):void { addChild(loader); } } ---------------------------------------

So the problem here is when I call Application.showBlurLayer(true), it works fine (actually it applies blur filter). But after the swfA is loaded correctly, and when I click on "Close" button and call Application.showBlurLayer(false), it does not work.

Can some one help in this matter

Thank you,

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