Play a movie clip continuously throughout different scenes

Here's what i'm trying to do:

I have a movie clip playing throughout my movie to simulate an old computer screen, but when i change scenes, the movie clip starts over at the beginning. How do I have the movie clip play continuously without restarting when i change scenes

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I am a beginer in Action script. I am working on an interactive banner and I came to a problem I can't resolve. It's a kind of drag and drop little game. I need to play a movie clip after something is dropped in the right place. I think I need to add Event Listener to a movieclip and create a function with a conditional, but I'm getting it wrong. Could anyone help me please
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I am curious if there is a way to call back to the main timeline using AS3 after a video clip or audio clip that is being loaded externally, is done playing For instance: you get to a page with a video on it, but when the video is done playing, instead of just sitting there, it automatically takes you to a new page (framelabel). Is this possible And if so how does it work
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Stupid question and I know this, just can't remember... (not the version inside Flash IDE)
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, I am building an air app, which includes an XML with text and images. Although the text/links and all the html tags work, images do not. How do I fix this I didn't find any option in publish settings that may have to do with it. Forgot to mention, I am using Flash CS4 and AS3 to build this.
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I'm learning to code its the same structures we see in many online tutorials obviously, what is bugging me is during up and down i have the ship perform some roll action (rtype knock off)this.nextFrame & this.prevFrame seem to cause the playheads to stop in the engine/thrust movieclip; even though its timeline, (i thought), was independent. my solution was make ourBody inside next/prev frames to just ourBody and leave the engine+thrust animation movieclips out of that process.... dur...... i can see advantages to having control over the engine/body separately but feels like a bit of a band-aid, should I be thinking more in terms of flashes default art ability to have a movieclip play regardless of parent timelines as the "unusual" logic here
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In my .fla file, in frame 1 on the main timeline, I have a Button symbol in the display list. When that button is clicked, a function removes it from the display list, then adds a MovieClip (created in the library & exported for AS3) to the display list, then plays the MovieClip. Within that MovieClip, on the last frame is the stop(); function. The MovieClip is an animation of a transition from one room to another. Everything works ok up to this point. After the MovieClip is done playing, I need to add more whatevers to the display list (such as a button to transition back to the previous room). The problem is I don't know how to tell ActionScript to wait till the MovieClip has played before adding to the display list. When trying to get it to do so, it just skips to the last frame of the MovieClip, not playing the animation. Please help. Code: import flash.display.MovieClip; import flash.display.SimpleButton; import; //----------------------------------------------------------- //||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| //----------------------------------------------------------- // Background images: var background_01:Background_01 = new Background_01; = "background_01"; var section_01bright:Section_01bright = new Section_01bright; = "section_01bright"; var section_02bright:Section_02bright = new Section_02bright; = "section_02bright"; // -------------------------------------------------- // The Buttons: var btn_goRight_01:Btn_GoRight_01 = new Btn_GoRight_01; = "btn_goRight_01"; btn_goRight_01.x = 736; btn_goRight_01.y = 300; var btn_goLeft_01:Btn_GoLeft_01 = new Btn_GoLeft_01; = "btn_goLeft_01"; btn_goLeft_01.x = 63; btn_goLeft_01.y = 300; // ------------------------------------------------- // The MovieClip: var sectionChange_1to2:SectionChange_1to2 = new SectionChange_1to2; //----------------------------------------------------------- //||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| //----------------------------------------------------------- // Display list: addChild(background_01); background_01.addChild(section_01bright); section_01bright.addChild(btn_goRight_01); //----------------------------------------------------------- //||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| //----------------------------------------------------------- // Event listener and function: btn_goRight_01.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changeToSection2); function changeToSection2(event:MouseEvent):void { section_01bright.removeChild(btn_goRight_01); background_01.removeChild(section_01bright); background_01.addChild(sectionChange_1to2);; if (sectionChange_1to2.currentFrame == 45) { background_01.removeChild(sectionChange_1to2); background_01.addChild(section_02bright); section_02bright.addChild(btn_goLeft_01); } }
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How to save image using as3 by opening save dialog box in flash player9 any one help me..
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, when I use the following function in my doc class to launch a local video, the video "freezes" after a few seconds. This happens no matter what video I am trying to play. Code: private function startVideo(e:MouseEvent):void { var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection(); nc.connect(null); var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc); ns.addEventListener(AsyncErrorEvent.ASYNC_ERROR, asyncErrorHandler); ns.client = this;"1280 x 800 Version_1.mp4"); function asyncErrorHandler(e:AsyncErrorEvent):void { trace(e.text); } var vid:Video = new Video(); vid.attachNetStream(ns); vid.width = 1280; vid.height = 800; vid.x = 1024; vid.y = 0; addChild(vid); } Any reason why this might be happening Thankyou.
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hi I have been working with flash for quite sometime. I have been having issues with the debugger a lot lately. The debugger throws a popup with the error content on firefox which hangs up the browser causing the flash plugin to crash. This happens mostly in the following cases. There is a load on the server and then the server turns 500 or something like that then my flash trying to fetch an xml through db query doesnt get it. My flash is loading and in between the page is refreshed. (In this case i get "Load never completed" error) Also gets xml markup language error sometimes. And I do not know WHY this ONE COMES "#2000:No active security content", or How to fix this I use as3 to code. At first i thought disabling firebug and flash console might help but didnt I keep thinking maybe IOError handler should fix this but it still throws me the dialogue box on firefox Or does the "try catch error" should be used. How do i stop that popup from coming up and hanging firefox. Please provide some insights... Thank you in advance
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I am a complete beginner to ActionScript, so please excuse my not knowing anything. ^^; I'm creating kind of a pseudo RPG menu, and I just have the animation go to a different frame when you press an arrow key, backspace, or enter. I also have a couple of sound effects I wanted to play depending on what you press, but I am having no luck at all getting it to work, and everywhere I look online has very different instructions on how to go about it. Here's what I have just without any sound at all: Code: stop(); stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, function(evt) { switch (evt.keyCode) { case Keyboard.LEFT: gotoAndStop(1); break; case Keyboard.RIGHT: gotoAndStop(1); break; case Keyboard.UP: gotoAndStop(8); break; case Keyboard.DOWN: gotoAndStop(2); break; case Keyboard.BACKSPACE: gotoAndStop(1); break; case Keyboard.ENTER: gotoAndStop(9); break; } }); And then just different numbers based on what frame I'm on. As I said, I don't really know what I'm doing; a lot of this code was given to me. :/ So I know it's a lot to ask, but if I could get a very detailed explanation of what to do, I'd really appreciate it. If the sound could play before it switches frames, that would be best.
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i want to use spritesheets in flash using as3 , is it possible. How plz provide me help link if available.
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I'm still having some problems understanding these touch events...or maybe something else..can anyone enlighten me as to what i'm doing wrong in this code Only left as1&2 to go to 3 recently so I'm sure I have bad habits and misconceptions but... In the IDE i have a button on the stage called: "touchBtn" and a textfield called "timer" the problem i have is that if i touch the button fast / lots, the display rate really slows down...I know this is down to something I'm doing totally wrong but not sure what... all help and ridicule appreciated. tinyflea package { import flash.display.MovieClip; import; import; import flash.utils.*; public class dotty extends MovieClip { public function dotty() { touchBtn.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN, TouchBegin); touchBtn.addEventListener(TouchEvent.TOUCH_END, TouchEnd); var theTime:int = 0; var Ypos:int=0; function TouchBegin(event:TouchEvent):void{ Ypos=mouseY; } function TouchEnd(event:TouchEvent):void{ Ypos=mouseY; } addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,myFunction); function myFunction(event:Event) { theTime=getTimer(); timer.text=String(theTime); } } } }
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How can I use arrays and some how display my objects accordingly based on my code below Is that even possible What I have here are three buttons that when clicked a new clip is added to the stage with a predefined position which means that when button1 is clicked the MovieClip will be added at the very top and when button2 is clicked the MovieClip will be added at second and when button3 is clicked the clip will be added at the very bottom, but what I would like to do is to be able to dynamically position these objects based on how many clips exist, in other words if button3 is clicked first, I want the clip to be positioned at the very top and if later button1 is clicked the clip is positioned Accordantly (at second place). I know this may be simple, in fact I could probably use a few IF statements but I know the code would look ugly (yes, even more) and I may have add more buttons later. What I would be awesome is to some-how use arrays or something that makes more sense to hold the MovieClips and then display them accordingly.
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I am having no success playing a short FLV through a SWF on my hosted web site. The video plays without problem on my local PC. This problem only occurs with SWF and HTML created with Flash CS5. With Flash CS3 the problem does not occur. The only difference I see between CS5 and CS3 files is this: There is a file called AC_RunActiveContent.js created with the SWF and HTML through CS3. But that file does not exist with the SWF and HTML created through CS5. Since the video plays on my local PC, I assume that AC_RunActiveContent.js is not required for newest version of Flash player. My web host provider assures me that MIME settings are correct and Window 2005 is the operating system. I am at my wits end trying to determine the cause and fix for this problem. Please give me some advice for resolution. Thank you.
Maximum Limit on displayed items?   (136 Views)
I just noticed that the last thing I added won't show up, unless I add it earlier to the display list. But then the last thing in my display list no longer appears. Is there a maximum # of items that can be displayed If so, where can I find that documentation I'm not finding anything via Google. If not, would anyone have any suggestion why things are disappearing in this way I have about 100 (give or take) items being displayed.
Flash swf parent player and loader   (137 Views)
Id like some help creating a file that will load separate SWF files that I have created for my website. So far I have created the first SWF file which includes an animated intro, functions (mainly enlarge thumbnail images and buttons for more info), and an outro (again animated out of stage). What Id like to create is a parent file that loads SWF1, then when its loaded SWF2 is loaded ready to be told to play via a next button or after a period of time the SWF file is automatically loaded (which would require the outro of SWF1 to be played then the intro of SWF2 following straight after. Ive had little experience with action script, the last time I used tried this was in AS2 and I found that difficult enough but AS3 has me stumped (though its becoming more familiar)
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I have a simple Flash gallery which reads from a xml file. Everything worked well but suddenly one of the images (image10.png) doesn't show up, all I get is an 'X'. the images are in the correct folders as I haven't moved them. It's the second item that doesn't work (in bold).... If you can solve my problem I'd be very grateful indeed : ) . Code: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Text text Text With HTML style support, a hyperlink here.]]> More text Additional text Loads of textLink here click here.]]>
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Hi i have made a small flash game (my first). Its a simple shotting style game and I want to display 3 variables at the end. The variables calculate fine but I am unable to display them in the end screen. Can someone guide me how to do this. I have uploaded the fla file I have created. If someone is kind enough to add a few lines of code my email address is
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! I'm working on a little project where I would like to use Dynamic text input to play corresponding movie files! Basicly what needs to happen is you type a VERB onto the Dynamic field i.e. JUMP and then a little character underneath would jump probably from an .swf file of the character jumping! I am a flash novice so any help or advice would be much appreciated! obiously there would be about 50 variotins to input to any action script you could give me that would trace the words and play the corresponding clips would be awesome!!