How to ignore masking on one particular child

Hi ,

I was working with masks today and something was bugging me... For example, I have a Movieclip and 2 Childs:

- Parent: Movieclip
- Child of Movieclip: Mask
- Child of Movieclip: Shadow

Now, Mask is working properly for Movieclip and is also applying the mask effect to Shadow. I would like Shadow to stay behind Movieclip but to ignore the Mask effect.

Is it possible Or should Shadow be adopted by Stage instead of Movieclip

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I've loaded a clip (with a stop() and a trace() on the first frame) in my main swf but somehow when it's loaded and added on the stage it neither stops nor do the trace command, here's my code: PHP Code: package{ importflash.display.*;*;*; publicclassCoreextendsMovieClip{ privatevarloader:Loader; privatevarreq:URLRequest; privatevarthe_oval:Oval; publicfunctionCore(){ loader=newLoader(); req=newURLRequest("oval1.swf"); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,completed); loader.load(req); } privatefunctioncompleted(e:Event):void{ the_oval=loader.contentasOval; stage.addChild(the_oval); } } } inside the Oval class which is linked to Oval.fla, there's nothing but another trace(). This trace works though.
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