Flash Replacing array and removing previous children


I have a problem with replacing values in an array.

I have this code that takes the string values out of an XML file:
Code: publicfunction loadXML(xml:Event):void { container = new XML(; var aantalSommen:Number = container.somTotaal.length() -1; var randomSom:Number = Math.round(Math.random()*aantalSommen); uitkomstGetal = container.somTotaal.uitkomst.text()[randomSom]; trace("Uitkomst getal: "+uitkomstGetal) deSom = container.somTotaal.som.text()[randomSom]; trace("De som: "+deSom) Ballen = container.somTotaal.andereGetallen.text()[randomSom] +","+ container.somTotaal.uitkomst.text()[randomSom]; trace("Extra ballen: "+Ballen)getallenRij = Ballen.split(",");
And then this code inside a function which adds a new child (tijdelijkeBal) for every string in the array:

Code: for each (var buttonArray:String in getallenRij){ tijdelijkeBal = new Getal((String)(buttonArray)); tijdelijkeBal.x = Math.random() * stage.stageWidth; tijdelijkeBal.y = Math.random() * stage.stageHeight; addChild(tijdelijkeBal); tijdelijkeBal.mouseChildren = false; ballenRij.push(tijdelijkeBal); }
And I have this in my constructor function: Code: lader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, loadXML); lader.load(new URLRequest("sommen/plus.xml")); So far so good. Every time I reload my application, it takes a random set of 5 strings from the XML and it adds the 5 children.

What I want to do is reload the XML so that the previous added childred are replaced with new ones when I execute another lader.load(new URLRequest("sommen/plus.xml"));

Right now it's so that whenever I load a new URLRequest for the XML file it just adds new children and leaves the previous ones there.

I tried doing removeChild(tijdelijkeBal); but that just removes one child. I think the last one in the array in fact.

I hope this made sense.

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, I am currently developing an application in flash. In this application user will be able to buy in-game currency using real life money. For this purpose we have some external actors. In our case, it is hipay. Now, once a user clicks on a particular button, as3 will use amfphp to call a php file that eventually will do this: header("Location: ".$url) ; Once this happens I get an error in my flash: Error: Request for resource at by requestor from denied due to lack of policy file permissions Connection to halted not permitted from *** Security Sandbo Violation *** Warning: failed to load policyfile from Now, is this a problem on my side or hipay's side. If it is the latter I'm screwed I guess and have to find another solution. Can anyone help me with this
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