Flash load SWF created by AC 3.0 to SWF in 2.0

please from all people who have experience i have i big problem i am doing my assignment and i should submit it on 29/4/2011. And i create some of document by Action script 3.0 and other by Action script 2.0, my question is how i can load SWF created in AC 2.0 via document has been created in AC 3.0 i saw some of thread hear about loading but i tried it didn't work please please any help

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Hi all I followed a tutorial online to create a flash menu that 'knew' which page it was on via javascript ( The menu worked until I assigned links to the buttons. The code for the menu is: Code: stop(); // setup our 5 buttons item1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoURL); item2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoURL); item3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoURL); item4.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoURL); item5.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, gotoURL); // grab variables try { var key:String; var val:String; var flashvars:Object = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters; for (key in flashvars) { val = String(flashvars[key]); if(key == "item"){ // If the parameter is called 'item'... if(val.substr(0,4) == "item"){ // ... and the name of the button starts with the characters 'item'... // ... we can extract the number-part of the item-name and go to the correct frame var frameToGoTo:Number = Number( val.substr(4,1) ); gotoAndStop( frameToGoTo+1 ); } } } } catch (error:Error) { // what to do if an error occurs } // Get the new page function gotoURL(e:MouseEvent):void { // First we grab the URL of the HTML document and split it into an array var htmlUrl:String ="window.location.href.toString"); // split the string at the questionmark var splitUrl:Array = htmlUrl.split(""); // use only the first part (ditch existing parameters) var trimmedUrl:String = splitUrl[0]; // get the name of the button clicked and set it as a parameter var parameters:String = "item="; trace("parameters "+parameters); // combine url and parameters with a new questionmark var requester:URLRequest = new URLRequest(trimmedUrl+""+parameters); // reload the page navigateToURL(requester, '_self'); } And the code for the buttons is: Code: item1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,goindex1); function goindex1(e:MouseEvent){ var request = new URLRequest(""); navigateToURL(request,"_self"); } item2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,goindex2); function goindex2(e:MouseEvent){ var request = new URLRequest(""); navigateToURL(request,"_self"); } item3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,goindex3); function goindex3(e:MouseEvent){ var request = new URLRequest(""); navigateToURL(request,"_self"); } item4.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,goindex4); function goindex4(e:MouseEvent){ var request = new URLRequest(""); navigateToURL(request,"_self"); } item5.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,goindex5); function goindex5(e:MouseEvent){ var request = new URLRequest(""); navigateToURL(request,"_self"); } As you can see item1 should go to The item=item1 part means that the button 'item1' is highlighted. This works for fine if you click the buttons incrementally (button1 then button2...) but doesn't worki if you go back down through the sequence, only the part after the '' changes not that page itself. I am sorry if this is not explained very well but I am a total noob. You can see a working example at
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, I'm wondering how I should go about this.. My portfolio is going to consist of certain experiments I have done in flash like this ( and I am trying to work out in my head at the design stage how I should go about implementing them on my website. - - he uses split frames, but this limits what you can do with the portfolio bit - - loads them into a new window, but can lose focus of the portfolio - I have momentary thought about using popups.. then I remembered how crass and annoying they are xD IDEALLY I would like to have the projects loading within my flash portfolio on one page.. and it might be possible seeing as they are mostly single sprite class files.. but the logistics of optimization.. importing the classes.. creating and deleting them completely is a massive challenge... If you have any suggestions please let me know.. and send me some flash portfolio/experiment examples you may have stumbled upon..
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I have linked a MovieClip to a class. After that I have places some movie clips of them on the stage. And now I like to do something with them, but I couldn't because some extra instances are created (I wonder how ) and they make me problems. The names of instances of the class I placed on the Stage are legs1 legs2 legs3, ... and the extra instances are: instance21, instance25,...(and they are not visible on the Scene) I really want to remove them!Could anyone help me , please
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In order to add an EventListener to a static text field, I wrote some ActionScript that takes StaticText and puts it inside a Sprite. The Sprite rests in the same place as the StaticText and is added via addChild. (I even added it to the same ChildIndex.) Once you navigate to the next page, the text remains on the stage. Is there a way to add this text to a specific frame Or do I need to simply detect the frame change and compare any text fields that exist
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Is there anyway with Flash Player 10 to create an jpeg and then allow a user to download without doing anything on the backend server side I would need to do this entirely within the player. Possible
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For a project I am working on, I need the focus to be on a test field when the site loads. I can get the focus to be on the text field in the swf file, but how do I set focus to the swf file in the first place in the browser. Any Solutions
Does flash[in ActionScript 3.0] supports relative URL?   (286 Views)
Hi all, I am new to the Flash platform. My work is on Java. But, I need the help of a flash file(.swf) in my Java application to work with. So, I came to here to listen my doubts like this in this forum. Can we pass relative-url using ActionScript 3.0 with Flash I have worked with absolute-url till now[WHICH IS IN BOLD] within localhost server only. And my sample piece of code looks like below: Code: var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://localhost:8082/getviews"); var urlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); urlLoader.dataFormat = URLLoaderDataFormat.TEXT; urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, completeHandler1); urlLoader.load(request); function completeHandler1(event:Event):void { trace( Inside COMPLETE handler.); var loader:URLLoader = URLLoader(; var; trace("listData: "+listData); var viewswithusertype:Array=listData.split("$"); /* These are the fields saved in the database server. * Further,I am trying to pass these fields using URLVariables * class available in AS-3.0 into */ usertype=viewswithusertype[0]; var views:String=viewswithusertype[1]; var users:Array = views.split("."); trace("list is:"+users.length); for (var t=0; t
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Friends, How to call a javascript method from flash am having a simple javascript code ie function helloWorld() { alert(' World'); } Now how to call the method helloWorld() from flash Similarly how to call a php method also am having the php code as, now i want to call writeName() from flash how to achieve these things from flash Wats the code i have to write in flash cs3 Rajesh
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Hi... I have this code in my .fla file. What it does, in a nutshell, is get data from a .xml and display it in a movieclip. And, what i would like to do is palce this code in a .as file and use it from there. Can anyone help me on this AS3 Code: -------------------------------------------- Code: import gs.TweenMax; import fl.motion.easing.*; import gs.*; import gs.easing.*; import flash.display.Loader; import classes.CustomURLNavigator; stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE; var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); var xmlData:XML = new XML(); var teste:Number = 0; var imageURLs = new Array(); var descHolders = new Array(); var imageHolders = new Array(); var loadedImages:Number = 0; var loadedText:Number = 0; var rows:Number = 0; var columns:Number = 1; var calc:Number = 0; var imageWidth:Number = 71; var imageHeight:Number = 69; var descWidth:Number = 440; var descHeight:Number = 40; var tituloWidth:Number = 280; var tituloHeight:Number = 18; var fonteWidth:Number = 100; var fonteHeight:Number = 18; var dataWidth:Number = 60; var dataHeight:Number = 18; var padding:Number = 1.35; var paddingTitulo:Number = 5.2; var paddingDesc:Number = 2.35; var paddingFonte:Number = 5.2; var left:Number = 10; var top:Number = 15; var fim:Number = 0; function loadText():void { xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML); xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest("noticias.xml")); function LoadXML(e:Event):void { xmlData = new XML(; ListarNoticias(xmlData); } function ListarNoticias(noticiasInput:XML):void { if(teste == 0) { var listaNoticia:XMLList = noticiasInput.Noticia; for each (var noticiaElemento:XML in listaNoticia) { imageURLs.push(noticiaElemento.img); rows++; } teste = 1; } for (var i = 0; i < rows; i++) { for (var j = 0; j < columns; j++) { var square:Sprite = new Sprite(); var imageHolder:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); var tituloHolder:TextField = new TextField(); var descHolder:TextField = new TextField(); var dataHolder:TextField = new TextField(); var fontHolder:TextField = new TextField(); var formatoDesc:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); formatoDesc.align = TextFormatAlign.JUSTIFY; formatoDesc.font = "Verdana"; formatoDesc.size = 9; formatoDesc.color = 0xFFFFFF; var formatoTitulo:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); formatoTitulo.align = TextFormatAlign.LEFT; formatoTitulo.font = "Verdana"; formatoTitulo.size = 9; formatoTitulo.bold = true; formatoTitulo.color = 0xFFFFFF; var formatoFonteData:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); formatoFonteData.align = TextFormatAlign.RIGHT; formatoFonteData.font = "Verdana"; formatoFonteData.size = 9; formatoFonteData.bold = false; formatoFonteData.color = 0xFFFFFF;,0xFFFFFF);,0,imageWidth,imageHeight); square.x = left + j * imageWidth * padding; square.y = top + i * imageHeight * padding; imageHolder.x = left + j * imageWidth * padding; imageHolder.y = top + i * imageHeight * padding; tituloHolder.x = 90; tituloHolder.y = top + i * tituloHeight * paddingTitulo; tituloHolder.width = tituloWidth; tituloHolder.height = tituloHeight; tituloHolder.selectable = false; tituloHolder.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED; tituloHolder.sharpness = 100; //tituloHolder.border = true; descHolder.x = 90; descHolder.y = tituloHeight + top + i * descHeight * paddingDesc; descHolder.width = descWidth; descHolder.height = descHeight; descHolder.selectable = false; descHolder.embedFonts = false; descHolder.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED; descHolder.sharpness = 100; descHolder.multiline = true; descHolder.wordWrap = true; //descHolder.border = true; fontHolder.x = 90 + tituloWidth; //fontHolder.y = descHeight + tituloHeight + top + i * fonteHeight * paddingFonte; fontHolder.y = top + i * tituloHeight * paddingTitulo; fontHolder.width = fonteWidth; fontHolder.height = fonteHeight; fontHolder.selectable = false; fontHolder.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED; fontHolder.sharpness = 100; //fontHolder.border = true; dataHolder.x = 90 + tituloWidth + fonteWidth; //dataHolder.y = descHeight + tituloHeight + top + i * dataHeight * paddingFonte; dataHolder.y = top + i * tituloHeight * paddingTitulo; dataHolder.width = dataWidth; dataHolder.height = dataHeight; dataHolder.selectable = false; dataHolder.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED; dataHolder.sharpness = 100; //dataHolder.border = true; var preloader:StarPreloader = new StarPreloader(); preloader.x = imageWidth / 2; preloader.y = imageHeight / 2; imageHolder.addChild(preloader); imageHolder.preloader = preloader; tituloHolder.text = noticiasInput.Noticia.titulo.text()[i]; descHolder.text = noticiasInput.Noticia.desc.text()[i]; fontHolder.text = noticiasInput.Noticia.fonte.text()[i]; dataHolder.text =[i]; preloader.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, rotatePreloader); tituloHolder.setTextFormat(formatoTitulo); descHolder.setTextFormat(formatoDesc); fontHolder.setTextFormat(formatoFonteData); dataHolder.setTextFormat(formatoFonteData); var url:String = ""; var customURLNavigator:CustomURLNavigator = new CustomURLNavigator(url); imageHolder.buttonMode = true; imageHolder.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, customURLNavigator.callLink); fim += 79; content.addChild(square); content.addChild(imageHolder); content.addChild(tituloHolder); content.addChild(descHolder); content.addChild(fontHolder); content.addChild(dataHolder); calc = rows - 1; if(i == calc) { var blankArea:TextField = new TextField(); blankArea.x = 0; blankArea.y = fim + 55;//dataHolder.y + 10; blankArea.width = 30; blankArea.height = 30; blankArea.selectable = false; blankArea.visible = false; blankArea.border = true; content.addChild(blankArea); } imageHolders.push(imageHolder); } } loadImage(); } } loadText(); function loadImage():void { var loader:Loader = new Loader(); var urlRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest(imageURLs[0]); loader.load(urlRequest); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, imageLoaded); imageURLs.splice(0,1); } function imageLoaded(e:Event):void { var image:Bitmap = (Bitmap)(; var holder:MovieClip = imageHolders[loadedImages]; holder.addChild(image); TweenLite.from(holder, 3, {alpha: 0});, 1, {scaleX: 2, scaleY: 2, alpha: 0, onComplete:tweenFinished, onCompleteParams:[holder.preloader, holder]}); loadedImages++; if (imageURLs.length > 0) { loadImage();//ParseBooks(xmlData); } } function rotatePreloader(e:Event):void { += 5; } function tweenFinished(preloader:MovieClip, holder:MovieClip):void { holder.removeChild(preloader); } var yOffset:Number; var yMin:Number = 0; var yMax:Number = sb.track.height - sb.thumb.height; sb.thumb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, thumbDown); stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, thumbUp); function thumbDown(e:MouseEvent):void { stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, thumbMove); yOffset = mouseY - sb.thumb.y; } function thumbUp(e:MouseEvent):void { stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, thumbMove); } function thumbMove(e:MouseEvent):void { sb.thumb.y = mouseY - yOffset; if (sb.thumb.y = yMax) { sb.thumb.y = yMax; } var sp:Number = sb.thumb.y / yMax;, 1, {y:(-sp*(content.height - masker.height)), ease:Back.easeOut}); e.updateAfterEvent(); }
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Need to get a flash banner to carry through PHP session download. The PHP code is below;
bookmark functionality in flash   (257 Views)
Friends, i need a small help from u . Actually i will tell u the reqmnt wat am looking for... i've done some animation in flash 8 and it was simple animation moving a movieclip vertically from keyframe 1 to 100. And i published the animation, i got an html file as well. still now everything is good. i can click the html file and can see the o/p... now when am trying to open the same html second time, i need to display a popup mentioning do u want to continue the animation from wher u stoped... on clicking yes, it has to start from wher u stopd earlier. if no, start from the beginning of the keyframe... its more or less like bookmark functionality !! how to achieve this !! waiting for ur replies... i need to finish this task asap. Rajesh
flash gallery thumbnail linking problems   (353 Views)
im working on a photo gallery, and working with AS3, basically i have a slider where when the mouse moves to the left or right of the thumbnail "strip", it slides to that direction, therefore the layout of the gallery is like so: (for the thumbnail slider) MAIN TIMELINE -> gallery_mc -> imagebar_mc -> imagebarinside_mc the thumbnails all have instance names and are buttons. (for the full images) MAIN TIMELINE -> gallery_mc -> images_mc im having problems getting the thumbnail buttons to play the images. heres the AS ive been using: import; thumbnailinstancename.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, thmb24Click); function thmb24Click(event:MouseEvent):void{ gotoAndPlay("frameanchorpointforimagemovieclip") } i would really appreciate it if i could get some help on this
flash to php   (369 Views)
hi i need from as3 script that send an array to php can u help me i need the most simple( as and php code) 10x in advance
actionscript 3 and flash topic   (370 Views)
i realized something this week which probably many knew. if i do any effects in flash cs4 (meaning use flash to do graphic art with effects) it will for some reason consume so much resource.... ex: i have a swf which plays fine on its own and uses 10% resource cpu already on my quad... when i create a graphic glow effect made in flash to the video layer (video is loaded externally and its a 3d 40sec animation).... cpu usage when i play swf with the glow effect goes up to 23-30%..... very odd..... if i try to load via actionscript 3 the effects totally; meaning make the rectangle - size it and load it externally, then uses 16% cpu usage about... this is very very odd unless something i doing wrong... or i missing something... my project is 2% done and already this cpu usage issue.. any info or help on this
help: update flash player on authoring tool   (300 Views)
Anyone knows how to do that I can upgrade the player on the browser, the standalone player, the projector player... but not the test player inside flash cs3 authoring tool. this is driving me mad....
Passing Variables to flash   (279 Views)
Hi I want to create dynamic links inside my flash site. for example, or should open the linked page inside flash. I don't know how to do is pass the variable to Flash. Any ideas
my flash vars not working. bleh.   (271 Views)
I thought this would be simple. Then again, my AS knowledge is limited. I have a website that shares one .swf - it's loaded into every page. I'm using flash vars to make the movie jump to a specific frame depending on the .html page that is loaded. But it's not working. I'm setting the variable to the frame label I want the .swf to go to. This is what's on the first frame of my .swf: Code: var marker:String; if (marker == null) { gotoAndPlay ("intro") } else { gotoAndPlay (marker) } My index page: Code: or here's my "Films" page: Code: On my index page, the movie loads and plays from the beginning (which is great), but when I click over to the "Films" page, the .swf just plays from the beginning again.
[AS3] using the class   (262 Views)
I'm trying to figure out a nice way to handle connecting with a client made in Flash CS3 to a Flash Media Server (3.5). I intendedly called the connect method with some random IP and tried to control a scenario in which connecting to the server would fail - there seems to be however no timeout after which some Error would pop up or something... as I'm fairly new to AS3 I came up with an Idea I would like somebody experienced at AS3 to comment on : I have a Connect button, to which I add a listener : Code: bConnect.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, fmsConnect); The fmsConnect function invokes the connect method : Code: nc.connect("........."); When the client connects to the server successfully, the NetStatusEvent changes, so to move to frame 2 I use another listener : Code: nc.addEventListener(NetStatusEvent.NET_STATUS, onStat); So my onStat function actually controls the main timeline : Code: function onStat(nse:NetStatusEvent) { if ( == "NetConnection.Connect.Success") { gotoAndStop(2); } else { //..................... } } Now, since the NetConnection.Connect.Rejected won't pop up in the dead end scenario, I decided I could add a timer to fmsConnect : Code: var timer:Timer = new Timer(15000, 1); timer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE, timedCheckConnection); timer.start(); and finally check if anything happened after those 15 seconds : Code: function timedCheckConnection(event):void { if(!nc.connected) { //................................ } else { //................................ } } Is this too messy and is there some smarter way to do it
Help scaling down a flash website to fit screen resolution ?   (287 Views)
, I almost finished a website for a customer, it's a full flash website running at almost 1024/768px...BUT this guy still use a lower screen resolution and tell me I have to resize evertything down...meaning a lot lot people will find this website ridiculously little. Is there a way to scale down a full flash and all of it's external swf loaded using I dunno javascript or anything else Many many
testing flash on local machine (woes!!!!!!) help!   (285 Views)
Right, I have a few questions I hope to get answers for. I am working on a flash application on my local machine. It involves reading and writing to an xml file. I am facing a lot of security problems because of flash sandbox. In order to get around this I have installed php+apache to call an external file that writes to a file. I have created the crossdomain.xml and put it in the root of the web server on my local machine. However, I can ONLY run the flash file in the flash program AND IT DOES WRITE TO A FILE. If I publish it as a html I still get the security error msg. Now another requirement of my program is as the user interacts with my flash application it changes an xml and the page should refresh to show the changes. But because I can't run my flash program as a html file I can't refresh the damn page! I'm half thinking of setting up a vm machine as a pretend server to get this damn thing working. Then I at least have the server + client model. What the hell should I do
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I am passing a php value to my flash movie but it isn't inserting the file. Here is the PHP code: PHP Code: AC_FL_RunContent('codebase',',0,0,0','width','780','height','370','id','videoPlayer-1','align','middle','src','videoPlayer-1','quality','high','bgcolor','#282727','name','videoPlayer-1','allowscriptaccess','sameDomain','allowfullscreen','false','pluginspage','','movie','videoPlayer-1','flashvars','ID=');//endACcode }
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I need to pass a php value from my page to a flash as3 on that page: Here is the php: PHP Code:
AS3 Full browser flash   (292 Views)
am currently building a full browser site using as3 and will probably have loads of questions.. i am able to get it all expanding correctly etc.. 1. i want a preloader bar that expands the width of the stage but cant figure out how to get this working as my resize listener is called after the preloader has completed 2. when a movie clip is resized with the listener it stops it from playing.. im not really sure of the correct way to structure a full browser flash site so any help would be great! cheers
Best way to SEO a full flash site??   (403 Views)
above of the title, whats the best legal way of using SEO on a full flash site, i heard of the javascript that spawns html text if the browser doesnt support flash, but there should be something better, also i dont want to get in trouble for cloacking text :S because u get banned, please i dont want answers saying "dont use flash for the site", i want to know ways of really using SEO with flash
bytesTotal issue with flashplayer 10 ?   (241 Views)
Hi Kirupa Forum ( 1st post ) I made a preloader, and it work's fine in my IDE of flash CS3(fllashplayer 9 installed). But when i put it on the server, and run it my browser with FP 10 installed, it seems like the bytestTotal and bytesLoaded values are the same. They are increasing simultaneous. If i give a constant value instate of bytesTotal, it work's Has anybody the same troubles Here is my preloader which should be ok: PHP Code: //importgs.*; stage.scaleMode=StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE; stage.align=StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; varcontentLoadArea:MovieClip; varcontentLoader:Loader; varloaded:Number; //varswfPath:String="some.swf"+"d="+String(newDate().day); varswfPath:String="some.swf"; //-->LOADCONTENT contentLoader=newLoader(); //contentLoaderInfo contentLoader.load(newURLRequest(swfPath)); contentLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS,contentLoading); contentLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,contentLoaded); //-->LOADINGINPROGRESS functioncontentLoading(e:ProgressEvent):void{ loaded=e.currentTarget.bytesLoaded/e.currentTarget.bytesTotal; bytes_tf.text=String(e.currentTarget.bytesLoaded); //debugfield1 total_tf.text=String(e.currentTarget.bytesTotal); //debugfield2 prozent_mc.prozent_txt.text=String(int(loaded*100)); preloader_mc.preloader_bar_mc.width=loaded*preloader_mc.preloader_background_mc.width; } //-->LOADINGCOMPLETE functioncontentLoaded(e:Event):void{ //sometweening //,1,{alpha:0,delay:0.2}); //,1.2,{alpha:0,delay:0.2,onComplete:endOfPreloading}); endOfPreloading(); } //-->SHOWCONTENT functionendOfPreloading():void{ contentLoader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener(ProgressEvent.PROGRESS,contentLoading); contentLoader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener(Event.COMPLETE,contentLoaded); removeChild(preloader_mc); removeChild(prozent_mc); contentLoadArea=MovieClip(contentLoader.content); addChild(contentLoadArea); contentLoader=null; } stop();
Passing a variable to flash   (266 Views)
I'm pretty new to AS3 and although I keep seeing the same solution all over the forums, I can't seem to get my flash movie to work properly. I'm trying to pass a parameter id from a URL to my movie...for example: Here is the AS code: Code: var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); var xmlData:XML = new XML(); var idString:String =; xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML); xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest ("xmas.xml")); function LoadXML(e:Event):void { xmlData = new XML(; ParseNames(xmlData); } function ParseNames(nameInput:XML):void { var nameRecipient = nameInput.Recipient.(@id == idString).firstname; firstname.text = nameRecipient; var nameSender = nameInput.Recipient.(@id == idString).sender; sender.text = nameSender; var titleSender = nameInput.Recipient.(@id == idString).title; jobtitle.text = titleSender; } And here is the html code where the flash movie is embedded: Code: AC_FL_RunContent( 'codebase',',0,28,0','width','550','height','400','src','xmas_2111','quality','high','pluginspage','','movie','xmas_2111' ); //end AC code If I comment out this line in the actionscript: Code: var idString:String =; then replace it with a value like this: Code: var idString:String = "3"; it reads the correct elements from my xml file as hoped! I just can't seem to take the id value from the query string and pass it to the variable, so frustrating! Any suggestions are most welcome. Cheers, W
Html text in flash   (249 Views)
. I have some Html text loaded into my flash movie through an external text file and formatted through an external css file. I know I can make links from that text to other websites but I was wondering if it would be possible at all to link some of that text to a specific section of my flash website. Also the text file is a very long CV file and that is why I have decided to load it and format it like this, so any updates that need to be done to the text can be dealt with easily without having to open flash. I have a question: can you think of anything why this procedure is not worth doing Thank you always for your support! Andres.
flash object in dreamweaver template   (311 Views)
HEY y'all! I have a page loaded that is supposed to have a flash object, I put a text line in where the object should be............ I guess my first question, is, is it possible to add a flash object to a dreamweaver template, and if so, is there something "specific" i have to add or change in order for it to be viewed Take a look at the below link...any help or suggestions would be helpful!
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I am trying to create a movie that will resize depending on the data that will be displayed in it. I have an intial movie with stage set to 800*600 and if you click a button then the stage height chages to let say 1000. but because my movie height is set to 600 the remaining bit is chopped off. so is there a way to change the stage height dynamically
image display bug in flash 9?   (360 Views)
hello all, i'm having a strange image display problem where i load an external image onto the stage, then at runtime if i put a sprite over part of that image, say a pulldown menu covers the image temporarily, after the sprite goes away the image repaints with a 2 or 3 pixel offset from the uncovered part of the image. this happens regardless of any dpi adjustment in the image or the image format (.jpg, .png, .gif). this happens regardless of whether i load from an external file or from the library. any clues michael
getHours flash Cache issue AS3.0   (316 Views)
hello, I am trying to get time from user`s PC, and change contents depending on if it`s day or night. the following code works perfectly when I preview within flash. it updates everthing when an event occurs. BUT it only works first time when I open it from HTML, unless I clear browser`s cash. Code: var nowStat:String; stage.root.addEventListener(Event.ADDED, getTime); function getTime(e:Event):void { var hour:Number = now.getHours(); if (hour > 6 && hour < 18){ nowStat = "day"; trace(nowStat); }else { nowStat = "night"; trace(nowStat); } } can anybody help me P.S. I`m using AS 3.0 Thank you.
Help regarding flash player security warning   (423 Views)
Hi I am using truveo XML api and i get the thumbnails url of the videos from it and display it in my flash, when i compile the flash and preview the movie it works fine, it displays the images correctly.. but when i export the movie and open the swf it says a flash security domain error that the flash swf file is trying to access the what should i do............ if i make a projector, it works fine.. but i want the swf to work... i am publishing it and if i open the html page also i get the same error.. plssss tell me what should i do.. currently i tried adding Security.allowDomain(""); but it doesnt work.. plsss tell me what to do.. when i compile the flash it works fine, but when i export it,its not working.. i know it ll work when i add the location of the swf in the flash security settings in adobe website, but this file is a widget, it can be added at anyone's location.. so tell me what i should do.. i have to make it work as such.. without adding anything in adobe site.. pls friends help me
Help Passing username and password to browser from flash/php   (275 Views)
I am using a secured system from that I had a flash file sending parameters to php file which will update the database.In that when i am executing the flash file the browser is always asking username and password.So I am new to flash can some one help me to pass values to browser from flash or Can we pass them from PHP .please suggest me.
Dynamically create and export .mp3's from AS3.0 and flash?   (327 Views)
I'm brand new here, well rather, I've been getting help from these forums for a very long time and am just now actually joining! First, thanks to on here... the help has been invaluable! Now on to the question! Ok so I'm working on an audio project, a sequencer to be exact, kind of like on but much simpler. The hang up I'm having is what method to use to actually process and create .mp3's based on the music in the player that the user can download It's easy enough to extract a kind of array skeleton of which tracks to use where and what not, but actually converting the data into an .mp3 is where I'm stuck. I was just hoping that someone may have some experience with some kind of web app/ api/ php method/ that could be used to feed it sounds and have it spit back an .mp3 file, or even any idea on how to build one myself, which is also fine. Kind of like the method of using php to convert bitmap data into .jpegs, etc.
flash unload problem - memory issue   (295 Views)
I am using the loader class to load an swf into a container. That seems pretty basic, but it's creating this huge memory usage in the browser. In other words, my swfs are not getting unloaded. And, the more that load, the bigger the memory usage gets. It's my understanding that I need to get rid of the loader, remove child, and null it. But, I can't seem to figure this out. Any help is greatly appreciated. // load Home Movie into container on stage var loader:Loader = new Loader(); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(nextMovie + ".swf"); loader.load(request); container.addChild(loader); btn1.gotoAndStop("on"); // this function is called at the closing of the clip that is active. it is called from the timeline of the active clip, it's last frame. function movieLoad(){ var loader:Loader = new Loader(); var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(nextMovie + ".swf"); loader.load(request); container.addChild(loader); }
Good XML nodes for "flash cards"   (377 Views)
Hidey ho, first time here, and I'm liking what I see so far. Very nice tutorials on the site. Wish I came here sooner! So, as an utter newbie at XML, I am trying to teach myself some AS3 and XML integration by making a flash card program within Flash CS3. I'm not entirely sure what to do within Flash, but I'll burn that bridge when I get there. For now, I want to set up an XML file that is conducive to flash cards. After some poking around, I have decided to write the data in the following way: Code: The smallest unit structure of living things is the... mucous nucleus protein cell One Greek term meaning back is... lateral ventral dorsal anterior What is the enlargement of the extremities centesis acromegaly paralysis dermatitis So, my question is: Is this a good structure for a flash card This will go into AS3, but naturally I welcome input from all angles. Who knows what I'll use for flash cards later on I've never constructed flash cards using XML before, so I'm a little hesitant. Kevin
Creating flash application from existing database   (274 Views)
I was just wondering, for example, if I had an existing database for an airline company or similar that was already a website - am I were able to create a flash application where I can utilise the existing code/backend database and create a spiffy flash application. What things would I need/need to know before I can undertake such a program In the end I'm hoping to then make a touchscreen program. Cheers!
[AS3] send Object DataType, flash->PHP (simple Q)   (269 Views)
Hi people, simple question How can i get the property values from an Object datatype in PHP situation: AS3.0 example Using AS3.0 i am sending to PHP two variables inside an Object like this: Code: var var1:int = Math.floor( Math.random( ) * 100 ); var var2:String = "test string"; var test:Object = new Object(); test.var1 = var1; test.var2 = var2; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest( "path_to_php_file" ); = test; request.method = URLRequestMethod.POST; var loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader( ); loader.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, handleResponse ); loader.load( request ); situation: PHP example path_to_php_file points to PHP file called from flash, its content looks like this: Code: The result is traced in flash (function handleResponse ), and it traces: Code: GLOBALS:__ file_get_contents:__[object Object] POST:__Array i also tried.. (not working) echo $fgc->var1 // returns empty string echo $fgc['var1'] // returns left bracket --> [ (lol..) echo $_POST[0] // returns empty string my questions 1. GLOBALS: why does $GLOBALS['HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA'] return empty string 2. file_get_contents: how can i trace values of properties var1 and var2 inside PHP 3. POST: how can i trace values of that Array datatype inside PHP You see, this is simple problem, and i am complete llama with PHP Thank You so much for Your time..
embed Font to flash   (377 Views)
i use a particular font in my flash animation. how can i include/embed it to flash animation in order to be sure that user will have no problem to see it or no default font to select at start up
web flash button   (246 Views)
i see in all website made with flash that people have a menu bar with something which looks like button. those buttons include text and a picture usually and an animation when mouse pointer is over those buttons. i would like to do the same so i was thinking that inserting a new symbol as button could be the main layout for a button. inside this button i could insert a layer including dynamic text and another layer for the picture. i try to setup the dynamic text value on fly directly from my main stage but without success. if my button instance is called ibut_aboutus and the dynamic text instance is call txt_aboutus. so i try to do this.ibut_aboutus.txt_aboutus.text = "my new text button"; but this generate me an error as such property does not exist. how is it possible is there another possibility to do such button without have to convert all my dynamic text to button symbol thx. A
Kinda urgent question (code error = frozen flash :S), and then a URL question   (443 Views)
Code: import; import; navigateToURL(new URLRequest('',"_blank"); There is no autoRecovery u must save ur work often.
Dynamically change the of a page via flash   (327 Views)
Not sure if this is the best place to ask but here goes: Anyone know how I can use swfobject or something else to change the page title of my html container page depending on where a user is in the flash swf I realize it will mean sending a var from flash and likely firing some javascript in my html doc but beyond that I'm stumped as the page doesn't refresh.
flash package   (304 Views)
Does anyone know if the flash package is exposed anywhere, or is it just built into the player I'd like to have a look at e.g. Ta
making a modem interface with flash ?   (360 Views)
Hi Is it possible to make a modem interface using flash... I couldnt find any codes that can do network job(like connecting an IP adddress with actionscript). Is there any document that includes suitable actionscript codes for LAN/WAN operations. or did someone work a project like this
writing xml with flash   (314 Views)
Hi! I made a gallery in flash, it is updated with xml. I need to give this gallery to my client wich it really NOT experienced with computers. So I was wondering if there is a way to update the xml throug a flash interface or html interface so the user does not need to download the file, update the file, and upload the file.
flash does not see my updated .as files on a server   (328 Views)
I have a flash app with many .as files. When I change one of them and resave it to the server and then refresh the flash app, it does not see the new .as files. In IE and FireFox I have deleted my cache and history but the flash app is still reading an old .as file. Is there a way to have flash always look to see if files are new