Error 1009 Problems


I am currently devoloping my game and at run-time I get the error 1009..
This is just a test file but what im trying to do is there will be 2 buttons, a button to spawn some and a button to make them shoot.. When you click the spawn button once it will spawn a guy, you click it again and it will spawn him again but in a different spot.. that works fine, but what I need it to do is to make it so you can click on either guy, which selects him then you click shoot and he starts to shoot...

I spawn both, I click on the top one, then Click shoot.. he shoots, I click on the bottom one and try to shoot and I get the error: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.

If I do it vice versa I can get them both to shoot, I still get the errors but they are shooting..

The code is: Code: import com.cfreps.utils.GlobalVar; var RifleSquadNum:GlobalVar = new GlobalVar(); var RSquad1Select:GlobalVar = new GlobalVar(); var RSquad2Select:GlobalVar = new GlobalVar(); RifleButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, RifleHandler); function RifleHandler (e:MouseEvent) { RifleSquadNum.incData(1) if(RifleSquadNum.getVar() == 1) { var RifleSquad1:RifleSquad = new RifleSquad(); RifleSquad1.x = 450 RifleSquad1.y = 100 addChild(RifleSquad1); RifleSquad1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, Rifle1Handler); function Rifle1Handler (e:MouseEvent) { if(RSquad1Select.getVar() == 0) { RSquad1Select.incData(1) } else if(RSquad1Select.getVar() == 1) { RSquad1Select.incData(0) } } } if(RifleSquadNum.getVar() == 2) { var RifleSquad2:RifleSquad = new RifleSquad(); RifleSquad2.x = 450 RifleSquad2.y = 150 addChild(RifleSquad2); RifleSquad2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, Rifle2Handler); function Rifle2Handler (e:MouseEvent) { if(RSquad2Select.getVar() == 0) { RSquad2Select.incData(1) } else if(RSquad2Select.getVar() == 1) { RSquad2Select.incData(0) } } } ShootButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, ShootHandler); function ShootHandler (e:MouseEvent) { if(RSquad1Select.getVar() == 1) { RifleSquad1.gotoAndStop(2) } else if(RSquad2Select.getVar() == 1) { RifleSquad2.gotoAndStop(2) } } } The problem is at line 63 which is in the ShoootHandler function and is:
Code: RifleSquad1.gotoAndStop(2)

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I have an old AS2 application that I am updating to AS3. When I run the application I get an error 1087: Syntax error: extra characters found after end of program. It refers to Frame 21, line 1 and the source sited in the compile out box window is: on (release) { But when I go to Frame 21, line 1, I don't see any on(release) functions if I search the action script for that frame there are no on (release) { functions. If I double click the error it usually takes me to the spot in the code where the error is located but it doesn't do that either. So what is this error telling me How do I find the on (release) { function it's complaining about
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I have a main.swf that contains 3 swfs (one.swf, two.swf, three.swf). If I go to three.swf , it gives an error (TypeError: Error #1009). However, if I go to two.swf and return to three.swf, it works. I don't know why Thank you
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I've made a movie clip with buttons in it called 'myContent'. I want each button to reference a different video in the video player on the main stage. This movie clip is linked to a scrollpane, since there is not enough real-estate. I right clicked on the myContent movie clip in the library and chose 'export for actionscript' under properties. then used the script: scrollPane.source=myContent; scrollPane.setSize(205, 500); to get the scroll bar to work. When I add the script in the myContent movie clip to reference the different videos I get a few errors: 1152: A conflict exists with inherited definition in namespace public. 5000: The class 'fl.controls.ScrollBar' must subclass 'flash.display.MovieClip' since it is linked to a library symbol of that type. It seems I must tell the scroll bar to look in a subclass When I get rid of the script telling it to load the videos, the scroll bar works and I get no errors, but when I put in the script to load the videos, its a major malfunction. Any ideas would be much appreciated.