controlling main swf through sub swf

i have main fla its name "sections.swf"
it loads sub swf files "sec1.swf" that has animation that open window movie clip with instance name "cont" and a close btn inside "cont" with instance name "close"

i want to play a specific frame on "mainSection.swf" when i click the "close" button

my code:
Code: close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, closeBox, false, 0, true); function closeBox(evt:MouseEvent):void { // This tell the window to play its timeline; // This tell the "mainSection.swf" play its timeline, lets say label "sec1" MovieClip(parent).play("sec1"); }

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I am very new to AS3. I have not wanted to migrate to it, but have been forced to do it for a current project which uses AS3 components. I am creating a slideshow (full screen) and will be creating each slide as a separate SWF file. I have been successful in loading and unloading the slides (SWF's). I need to use the arrow keys to move through the slides. I have that working, but want to load the slides without hard coding everything in each frame of the main timeline. I am using a var to get the currentFrame value. is well exept that if the left arrow key is pressed and the main timeline is on FRAME 1, the playhead seems to think it can go backward to frame zero and then into negative numbers with each press of the left arrow key. I need to be able to stop the timeline from advancing backward at frame one. I have tried several methods that either do nothing or cause the right arrow key to work unpredictably and keep returning to FRAME 1 no matter what if statement and evaluation I perform. Here's the current code on FRAME 1 of the main swf: Code: stop(); stage.displayState = StageDisplayState.FULL_SCREEN; import; import flash.display.Loader; import; import; var swf:MovieClip; var loader:Loader = new Loader(); var defaultSWF:URLRequest = new URLRequest("slide1.swf"); loader.load(defaultSWF); addChild(loader); var currentFrameNumber:Number; currentFrameNumber = currentFrame; function setup() { stage.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, useKeys); } setup(); this.stage.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, checkFrame); function checkFrame(e:Event):void { if (MovieClip(root).currentFrame
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Ok, I assume this issue has been covered to death, but I'm still lost. In my application, I have numerous buttons which, when clicked, will activate numerous movie clips. To avoid having to create individual event ahndler functiosn for each button, I would like to be able to pass parameters to the event handler so it knows which movie clip to activate. In other words, here's what I'd like to do: Code: for (i=0; i
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Hi all, thanks in advance for your help. This is the situation: I have created a website in Dreamweaver and it functions entirely upon hiding/showing divs, using the appropriate behavior (very basic html knowledge on my part So it's just one page in which layers are alternatively hidden and shown. I have created a set of flash buttons (they are all in one file, because a very basic Flash animation is supposed to make them fade in one by one when another flash button inserted in the html page is activated). Now, I have two problems regarding this: 1. On page load, this "animation" (the buttons which fade in successively one after another) appears automatically, even though it is located inside a div which is invisible by default and should only be visible at the trigger of a button. This is not acceptable for me because it is a submenu which should be invisible at first. 2. Let's suppose item #1 is resolved. Different html divs are supposed to appear/be hidden when rolling over each of these Flash buttons, and I haven't been able to find out how to do this. I know I should work with the Flash code in order to do this, "on (rollover) {//no idea what to place here to call the Javascript function from dreamweaver which I don't know how to create, if it's not applied directly to an object//} So if anyone can help me out with this, I'd really appreciate it! Don't hesitate to ask for clarifications... thanks! ps: This is the site: www(dot)wise-ls(dot)comlu(dot)com (I'm working on expanding the width, that's why it looks funny The section in question is "soluciones", and what I want to do is replace the text links with Flash buttons.
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, please help me on this last part of my project. I'm sure it's really simple but I can't seem to figure it out: I have dynamically loaded buttons (thumb) and images (galImage) going to container_mc and full_mc containers respectively. I can't get the buttons to stay down when pressed using MOUSE_DOWN and MOUSE_UP. When I use CLICK instead, they all stay pressed. Please help! //Load Gallery Images and Thumbs for (var i:Number = 0; i <; i++) { //Load Gallery Images var galImage:Loader = new Loader(); var galUrl =[i]; galImage.load(new URLRequest(galUrl)); //Create Thumbs var thumb = new ThumbButton(); thumb.image = galImage; = i; thumb.y = 20*y_counter; thumb.buttonMode = true;,0xFFFFFF);,0);,0,15,15);; y_counter++; //Add Thumbs to Container container_mc.addChild(thumb); thumb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, showFull); thumb.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, stayClear); function stayClear (ev:Event):void {;,0xFFFFFF);,0);,0,15,15);; } function showFull (evt:Event):void { full_mc.x = 420; full_mc.y = 100; full_mc.addChild(;,0xFFFFFF);,1);,0,15,15);; }
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I can't find a way to control an external SWF in AS3 like I used to be able to in AS2. This used to be a real simple way (among others) in AS2: loadMovieNum("yourMovie.swf",1); onMouseDown = function(){ _level1.stop(); } onMouseUp = function(){; } Unfortunately this has been abolished in AS3 . To load a SWF externally from a separate SWF file (on a separate CPU) in AS3, you now must now use a URL request along with a load request. However, the SWF is tied into this loader object of which's class does not contain "play", "stop", "currentFrame", "nextFrame", "prevFrame", "gotoAndPlay", "gotoAndStop", etc..... According to the help panel, you can target any of the loader's child's methods by virtue of calling "loader.content".... but it doesn't work. When I trace my "loader.content".... all I get back that it is an [Object Main Timeline] when I would expect it to be [Object MovieClip] if it were to have the methods I need. Inevitably.... I need to do all sorts of gotoAndStop / gotoAndPlay functionality with external SWFs on another CPU. I have a nice XML server running successfully... I just hit this brick wall.... any suggestions thx
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Greetings. How do I control the timeline from a movieclip from within itself I made a menubutton for a school assignment. To make it, I created a movieclip of the button's graphic, with on the second frame the button again but with the menu open (haven't added anything in it yet). Opening the menu is as easy as Code: menu_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK,openMenu); function openMenu(evt:Event):void{ this.menu_mc.gotoAndStop(2); } Inside of the menu is a CLOSE button (just a movieclip) that should, when clicked, take menu_mc back to frame one. A simple gotoAndStop() doesn't work. Using a parent to issue the order to the movieclip doesn't work either. -How can I make menu_mc go back to frame 1 when clicked on inside itself note: I am also open to the suggestion that I'm just going the wrong way about this. I'm really learning as I go here.
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, I have a simple gallery that rearranges itself when the stage is re sized. Can anyone help me with adding a scrollbar to the browser once the stage size is small enough. I want to add a scrollbar to the browser window when the stage height is reduced below a level.
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, first flash website. I'm a designer, wanting to make a portfolio website. So i have 4 movieclips on stage, with - when you click on it - a dynamic drop down menu, each placed within these respective movieclips. This works fine. Now I should add next functionality: when the movieclip1 is clicked (and the menu drops down), the other 3 should be with menu dropped in (so one of these three will have a menu dropping back in, while movieclip1 menu is dropping down.) So i guess i could put my question this way: 1) how can i control from within movieclip1 actions in hierarchically equal movieclip2, 3 , 4, ... 2) how to do it efficiently in code I tried already a lot of stuff, please check the fla file in attachment. It's only this step away from a website...
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Hi! I am loading text from an XML file into dynamically created MCs. How do I target those MCs so that I can change where they are, their alpha, etc. For example, I want them to have zero alpha until the image from the XML node they're in is loaded, then make them visible. XML: PHP Code: portfolio/01.jpg one AS: PHP Code: functionxmlLoaded(e:Event):void{ varloadedxml:XML=newXML(; for(vari:uint=0;i
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1) The code below works but the browser sends an annoying alert message Received Parent Message and you are obliged to click OK before the program can run. How can it be fixed 2) Why this code needs to use the ExternalInterface class if the Child SWF gets loaded and becomes incorporated in the Parent SWF 3) Is there a simpler and more straightforward way for a Parent SWF to communicate with a Child SWF package { import flash.external.ExternalInterface; import flash.display.Sprite; import flash.text.*; public class ChildMovie extends Sprite { public function ChildMovie():void { // } public function alert(msg:String):void {'alert', msg); txt.text = msg; } } } package { import flash.display.Loader; import; import; import flash.display.LoaderInfo; import flash.display.Sprite; public class ParentMovie extends Sprite { public function ParentMovie():void { var loader:Loader = new Loader(); loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.CO MPLETE, onLoadComplete); loader.load(new URLRequest('ChildMovie.swf')); } private function onLoadComplete(e:Event):void { var loaderInfo:LoaderInfo = as LoaderInfo; addChild(; var swf:Object = loaderInfo.content; swf.x = 75; swf.y = 50; swf.alert('Received Parent Message'); } } }
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I have been working on an animation with Actionscript 3.0 (see link below) that utilizes an xml file to dynamically populate a text field with links. I am then putting them into some sort of bulleted list. I am having a problem fine-tuning the formatting of links whether they be in a ul list or some approximated styling. I first put bullet styling in as3. But I could not control the margin spacing between the bullets and the links so it was too big for my the small space for the rounded rectangles. I then tried to put it in an ul html list, same thing, couldn't control that margin space. I don't think Flash/Actionscript allows for this type of formatting. Is this true Then I tried to add a break and a space in the xml. For some reason, flash breaks it into 2 links, even though I put the break and the space within the link. I even tried to put in a placeholder symbol in the xml and then replace it after importing the xml into flash. When Flash parsed the html text. it again broke it into 2 links. I also tried to add the break and the space in the Actionscript, same thing 2 links. (See the first bullet point in the yellow popup). The text needs to indent and not wrap under, any suggestions