child swapdepths?

I have a question about a child component's hitTest. Say I have a MainCanvas component which holds ViewZero, ViewOne and ViewTwo. Further, ViewTwo holds a ComboBox (which I'm creating from scratch).

- ViewZero
- ViewOne
- ViewTwo

Within that ComBox, I have a dropdown which slides up and down. When the ComboBox is dropdown is visible, I want to test for it's hitTest so I can close it. For example, in AS2 I can do something like this:

Code: private function mouseDownHandler() : Void { closeOnMouseUp = isDropVisible && (!dropdownCanvas.hitTest(_level0._xmouse, _level0._ymouse, false) } private function mouseUpHandler() : Void { if (closeOnMouseUp) //Close the dropdown; }

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, I;m pretty new to Kirupa, but it has helped me alot in the past finding out more about Actionscript 3. I have a problem and I cannot get to fix it, it might be a simple thing but as I'm not a real OOP coder, I'm experiencing headaches . Here's the situation: I have a scene(as3) with on frame one the preloader that centers on the canvas, on the second frame there's two MC's; one containing the Background that scales proportionally and centers. The second MC on the same frame contains my website content(called main_) that doesn't scale but only centers on the canvas. Now I created two buttons in that main_ MC to jump to the next frame of the Backgroud MC. so actually I'm trying to target frames or framelabels of another child of the parent of main_ MC. I've tried multiple things like MovieClip(this.parent)... and adding the child to its parent and try to inherit its listener function. It throws errors or isn't doing anything. I think I'm not thinking in the correct hierarchy or I'm making a mistake. Or it might not even be possible, Does anybody have some suggestions thanx in advance!
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HI I have an MC that I want to add to Stage dynamically. Until here everything seems fine: for (var j:int = 0; j < nomePostosArray.length; j++) { var MC:MovieClip = new mc(); namelistscroller.text.addChild(MC);"newsMc"+j; trace("newsMc"+j); MC.y=MC.height*j+MC.y+20*j; trace(MC.y); MC.nome.text = j+". "+nomePostosArray[j]; MC.morada.text = moradaPostosArray[j]; MC.codigo.text = codigoPostosArray[j]; MC.contacto.text = contactosPostosArray[j]; MC.mapLink = ""; } the variable mapLink is inside the MC. This should be a link that should follow when someone press the link button inside MC. This is the only part that is not working. Can anyone give me a hint
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When beginning without any key pressed the ryustance_mc plays as it should. When right or left key is pressed the ryuwalk_mc plays but the ryustance_mc plays at the background. How to remove it from the holder The thing is when I stop pressing any of the keys then ryustance_mc must play again. function control(event:Event):void { if(rightKeyIsDown) { holder_mc.addChild(ryuwalk_mc);; holder_mc.x += speed; } if(leftKeyIsDown) { holder_mc.addChild(ryuwalk_mc);; holder_mc.x -= speed; } } initializeGame();[/code] Please help me. Thank You
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Hi all, I've looked but can't find this anywhere. This may well just be because it can't be done but here goes. Does anyone know of a way that I can make a MoviecClip "visible=false" whilst stopping just one of its children's, children's, children...etc from also going invisible. I am aware that it can be done by setting them all individually but this will take a lot of code (and I like tidy code...and I'm lazy), and I am reluctant to use a loop as it will interrupt the animation that is going on at the time. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I have a movieclip that will have between 3 and 6 children in it. I need a way to delete all the children. What is the best way to do this Cheers, AK
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I'm new to AS3 and have a movie clip on the stage that contains a var, the MC is called "myMC" ie Code: var path = "my path";//this is in the first frame of myMC I want to access this value from the parent element, in this case it is the stage. So on the first frame on my stage i have, Code: trace(myMC.path);// this returns underfined This would work in AS2. Can i access this or do i need to create a class to access vars of a child
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, I know this one is going to sound ridiculously stupid, but while I am more than capable of controlling the text property of a TextField when it is on the stage by itself, my testing of a altering a TextField's text as a child of a MovieClip object is failing miserably. Can anyone tell me what kind of knuckleheaded mistake I'm making I tried to write out the code as clean as possible below... //IMPORTS... //VARIABLES... //create movieclip object var myMovieClip:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); //create object to be made a child object of myMovieClip var myChildObject:TextField = new TextField(); myChildObject.text = "Child Object"; = "Object1";//COMMANDS... TextField //add myChildObject as a child of myMovieClip myMovieClip.addChild(myChildObject); //place myMovieClip on the stage addChild(myMovieClip);//ADDEVENTLISTENERS... //this will allow user to click on the stage activating a change in the x-coordinate of myChildObject stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, changeChildObjectProperties); stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL, add2ndObject);//FUNCTIONS... //ADDEVENTLISTENER FUNCTIONS... function changeChildObjectProperties(event:MouseEvent):void { //CHANGING THE 'x' & 'width' PROPERTIES WORK JUST FINE... myMovieClip.getChildByName("Object1").x += 50; myMovieClip.getChildByName("Object1").width = 250; //!!!THIS IS THE THING THAT DOESN'T WORK NO MATTER WHAT... myMovieClip.getChildByName("Object1").text = "Object1's text has been changed..."; } function add2ndObject(event:MouseEvent):void { var my2ndChildObject:TextField = new TextField(); = "Object2_" + myMovieClip.numChildren; my2ndChildObject.text =; myMovieClip.addChild(my2ndChildObject); my2ndChildObject.y += 20; } //END ADDEVENTLISTENER FUNCTIONS //NORMAL FUNCTIONS... //END NORMAL FUNCTIONS //END FUNCTIONS
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Hi , I was working with masks today and something was bugging me... For example, I have a Movieclip and 2 Childs: - Parent: Movieclip - Child of Movieclip: Mask - Child of Movieclip: Shadow Now, Mask is working properly for Movieclip and is also applying the mask effect to Shadow. I would like Shadow to stay behind Movieclip but to ignore the Mask effect. Is it possible Or should Shadow be adopted by Stage instead of Movieclip