Change parent without moving child

, I'm working on a project and I need to be able to change the movieclips parent without moving the child, so I can tween it into position myself.

Any ideas on how I would do this

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hi ! just started learning as3 and ive got a little problem. im making pretty much a basic math program that once run will become like a digital/ input receipt. with editable input fields that say how many you want of a certain item. in this case 3 different types of fruit. i've got the whole system working with 4 input fields, 3 on the amount of the different fruits, 1 of cash tendered and then 1 dynamic text field that shows the change. problem im having is the change part. i know the problem, its that its only taking the last input box's amount into consideration when printing out. i kinda know what i need to do but i cant figure it out, i need to create a var or a function that adds all the amount of fruit i have given * amount per fruit then subtract that from the cash given and show in receipt field. here is my work. anyone have any ideas var plumPrice: Number = 3.00 var grapePrice: Number = 2.50 var peachPrice: Number = 1.90 var myChange:Number = 0 changeBtn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, changeBtnClick); function changeBtnClick(evt:MouseEvent) { myChange = ((Number(cashBox.text) - (Number(inputBox1.text)) * plumPrice)); myChange = ((Number(cashBox.text) - (Number(inputBox2.text)) * grapePrice)); myChange = ((Number(cashBox.text) - (Number(inputBox3.text)) * peachPrice)); totalBox.text = myChange.toString(); }
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I'm (still) working on an xml phone book for mobile devices. The code below imports the XML, parses it into arrays, then displays it on screen in dynamimc text boxes and UILoader components. The XML only has 4 sets of (people) data in it. I have a graphic set as a button that holds the thing at image one. I need to get rid of that, I think. The problems are it waits to display the first data set in the array until clicked and it does not go all the way through the last data set. I traced imageNum after it gets incremented. On the first click, the home screen goes away and I get a blank screen. Second click, I get image 1, third click, I get images 2 AND 3. Forth click, image 3 stays up but the output window says image 4. So, where it should be image 3, the code thinks it's image 4 and stops. So, problem 1: I need to get rid of the function that eliminates the home screen. I'm thinking of using a loader swf to fix this. Problem 2: incrementation malfunction Help How do I fix that Here's the code: stop(); var nameArray:Array = new Array(); var countryArray:Array = new Array(); var portraitArray:Array = new Array(); var flagArray:Array = new Array(); var jobtitleArray:Array = new Array(); var contactArray:Array = new Array(); var imageNum:Number = 0; var totalImages:Number; //Load XML var XMLURLLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); XMLURLLoader.load(new URLRequest("recbook.xml")); XMLURLLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, processXML); function processXML(event:Event):void { var theXMLData:XML = new XML(; totalImages =; for (var i:Number =0; i < totalImages; i++) { //push xml data into the arrays nameArray.push([i]); countryArray.push([i]); portraitArray.push(theXMLData.portrait[i]); flagArray.push(theXMLData.flag[i]); jobtitleArray.push(theXMLData.jobtitle[i]); contactArray.push(theXMLData.contactInfo[i]); } //data is processed; loadData(); } //click to move past the home screen homeScreen_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goNext); function goNext(event:MouseEvent):void { homeScreen_btn.visible = false; } function loadData():void { var thisPortrait:String = portraitArray[imageNum]; var thisCountry:String = countryArray[imageNum]; var thisName:String = nameArray[imageNum]; var thisJobtitle:String = jobtitleArray[imageNum]; var thisFlag:String = flagArray[imageNum]; var thisContact:String = contactArray[imageNum]; var dataLoader:Loader = new Loader(); dataLoader.load(new URLRequest(portraitArray[imageNum])); dataLoader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Even t.COMPLETE, dataLoaded); function dataLoaded(event:Event):void { goNext_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadMainImage1); function loadMainImage1(event:MouseEvent):void { portraitUILoader.source = thisPortrait; flagUILoader.source = thisFlag; selectedName.text = thisName; selectedCountry.text = thisCountry; selectedJobtitle.text = thisJobtitle; selectedContact.text = thisContact; //add 1 to imageNum and cycle through the data if (imageNum < totalImages) { imageNum++; trace(totalImages); if (imageNum!=totalImages) { loadData(); } }//closes incrementation loop }//close loadMainImage }//close dataLoaded }//close loadData
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i have a movie clip on the stage called block, which is just a grey cube and i copied it so there are multiple blocks. i have another movie clip called player and i want the block movie clip to change to a random colour when the player movie clip hits it, but i want it to do this to each block individually and for each block to be a different colour. how would i go about doing something like this ps i'm a complete as3 noob
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i have a flash loader thats loads many flash swf games, the problem is that the mouse corsair turns to the game's corsair and we trying to keep our original corsair. help will be appreciated.
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please help this is code from as2 i wanna to change it to as3
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Hi everybody!! I'm adding some Buttons (from the UI components) to the stage and I would like to change their background color using AS3. It might sound stupid but I can't find how to achieve this anywhere, even in the flash AS3 documentation I hope somebody knows how to do it.
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I have a weird problem. I create a movieclip, and place it in another movieclip, which is placed on stage. In the first MC I have a button, and when I push this button the movieclips height suddenly changes! I don't have any code that will change the height, and I don't add or remove anyting that will effect the height. Code: function addProduct(e:MouseEvent):void { var cartProduct_mc:MovieClip = new MovieClip(); ......... ......... var del_btn:Button = new Button(); del_btn.label = "Delete"; del_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, preDeleteProduct); cartProduct_mc.addChild(del_btn); cart_mc.addChild(cartProduct_mc); trace(cartProduct_mc.height); // This returns 185 } function preDeleteProduct(e:MouseEvent):void { var this_mc:MovieClip =; trace(this_mc.height); // This returns 107 ........ ........ }
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I have many flash players in my html page. How can I change attributes of each html element (witdh and height) from each Flash file (swf) At the moment I'm using: if (ExternalInterface.available)"changeSize", width, height); in order to call a javascript function in my page. However, in order to make it work, I should add this javascript function to each Embed element, and it is not very elegant solution.
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moved to AS2
Why my dynamic movieclip change size.   (166 Views)
I have a rectangle shaped movieclip that is my contentPlaceHolder for my content. I added action script to dynamically load pictures. I addChild() the loaded pictures to my contenplaceholder movie clip. The problem is when i export and play the movie pictures are loaded but not in there actual size. the code: var xmlLoaders:URLLoader = new URLLoader(); var xmlDatas:XML = new XML(); xmlLoaders.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXMLs); xmlLoaders.load(new URLRequest("content/diskografija.xml")); function LoadXMLs(e:Event):void{ var xmlData = new XML(; var albums:XMLList=xmlData.albums.children(); for(var i:int=0;i
Custom Event for height change AS3 (Flash)   (149 Views)
Guys.... how can i add an event listener to detect when the height of a DisplayObject changes. Obviously, Event.RESIZE doesn't work. should i make a new custom event i don't know how to slip the "height change" in the custom event..
retrieving instance name of buttons from array and change it stae   (192 Views)
! i am newy to AS3, i have four buttons instances (of same object) on the stage (first_btn,second_btn...fourth_btn). i created an array (btnArray) and stored buttons instance name in it. After this i created an timer event to cycle through all the button for certain interval. the code is:- function timerListener(e:TimerEvent): void { while ( i
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, Im running flash application in projector (EXE) The projector window title says "Adobe Flash Player 10" I there a way to make it say "My Title" AS3-native please. I dont want to use any 3rd party SW like mdmZinc etc.
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hi, I have a MC called rectangle, and inside I drew a rectangle with a width of 100,0, placed it at the center and linked the mc to a class of the name name (Rectangle) however, when I create and instance of Rectangle and I trace its width it says 149.5, I didnt make any change help
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I am having two panels with separate colorpickers in them. If i select a particular color in the colorpicker, then the border of that panel should change to that color. I am able to do this perfectly but, since i have written the same code for both colorpickers, when i select the other colorpicker the previous panel color is coming to the normal color i.e. default panel color. If i want the panels to retain the color even after selecting the other colorpicker what should i do... I am using event.CHANGE on colorpicker and setting the style of borderColor for the panel. Please provide me some suggestion on this.