bulleted links: controlling margins / splitting

I have been working on an animation with Actionscript 3.0 (see link below) that utilizes an xml file to dynamically populate a text field with links. I am then putting them into some sort of bulleted list. I am having a problem fine-tuning the formatting of links whether they be in a ul list or some approximated styling.

I first put bullet styling in as3. But I could not control the margin spacing between the bullets and the links so it was too big for my the small space for the rounded rectangles. I then tried to put it in an ul html list, same thing, couldn't control that margin space. I don't think Flash/Actionscript allows for this type of formatting. Is this true

Then I tried to add a break and a space in the xml. For some reason, flash breaks it into 2 links, even though I put the break and the space within the link. I even tried to put in a placeholder symbol in the xml and then replace it after importing the xml into flash. When Flash parsed the html text. it again broke it into 2 links. I also tried to add the break and the space in the Actionscript, same thing 2 links. (See the first bullet point in the yellow popup).

The text needs to indent and not wrap under, any suggestions

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Hi , I'm having a very strange problem. I have a Flash site which uses SWFAddress, it has been working fine for more than a year. Recently I opened the fla file again in order to update the site, which I do often. When I publish the swf to test it and click on a link which is supposed to link to another page within the swf itself, instead this opens up Google Chrome, which appears to be going to, then the browser crashes. After this, all links within the swf work normally. This is happening with fla / swf files that were working perfectly fine before, and haven't been modified since. When I upload the file onto the web server to update the site, it behaves a bit randomly; sometimes it works fine, other times the very first clicked link doesn't work, however if I click the same link again or any other link on the page it works fine from then on. Any ideas on what might be causing this strange behaviour would be much appreciated!
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! How to make simple conditional or loop I have much much more links... Code: function link1 (e:MouseEvent):void{ var url:String = ""; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url); navigateToURL(request, "_top"); } link-button1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, link1); function link2 (e:MouseEvent):void{ var url:String = ""; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url); navigateToURL(request, "_top"); } link-button2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, link2); function link3 (e:MouseEvent):void{ var url:String = ""; var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url); navigateToURL(request, "_top"); } link-button3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, link3); What is the simplest way to write a code for links pages in actionscript3 Thanx!
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As the title says Until you have been a member at the forums for 30 days and made 30 posts, you will be a restricted user. This means that you will be unable to: Create a signature to appear at the bottom of your posts; Upload an avatar for use in your profile; Change your user title to any custom text. Post in the shoutbox on the forums index. Upload attachments into post.In addition, the first five posts of any users will have URLS and EMAIL ADDRESSES automatically purged from them. This is intended to deter people from signing up with the intent of spamming. Forum rules and Guidelines - Full list of forum rules and guidelines. christo
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