Between Errors 1009 and 1010

Obviously I have not assigned correct instances hence the errors though I spent hours reading the relevant posts. The problem seems to be that I don't know how to define the instance "shut" of close_btn inside the instance "popup1" of 01_mc_master.

The line giving the error 1009 is:
popup1.shut.close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent. CLICK, closebuttClick);

and the 1010:
popup1.close_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK , closebuttClick);

Thank you for directing me here.

Posted On: Friday 19th of October 2012 03:19:56 AM Total Views:  227
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Good day all, I have a swf file with some images inside. What I want is to update the information displayed in my webpage without refreshing the whole page. In the simplest way explained I know how to do this using a simple link using jquery: $(document).ready(function() { $("#refresh").click(function() { $("#Container").load("test.asp"); return false; }); }); However, what I exactly want is the same effect by clicking on the images that move around in my swf file: // Depending on the image you click on the swf file, the page should display different info in the same div target_mc.onRelease = function() { if (ruta.indexOf("AP") != -1){ //the next line doesn't work. I made it up indeed getURL("javascript:('#Container').load('test.asp ')"); //here the rest of if's which would point to a different page. } What I've found out till now is that this is ActionScript 2.0 and not 3.0. I suppose I'm getting closer to the solution with this ;). I'm fairly new in all this stuff. Does anyone know how to solve this problem Any kind of help will be much appreciated!
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, I have a simple gallery that pull photos from folders, dislays thumbnails and then when user clicks on a thumbnail it displays larger image. Here is a link to a gallery: http://www.joannebuttnerphotography....decompiled.swf However I would like to insert s black line between thumbnails like shown here: Bellow is action script for flash. Can you please help me where I need to insert this line creation in script and what command I need to insert I would like to control the line color since I might play around what is the best color. Thank you very much. --------------------------------------- function abc() { // this["category" + choice].gotoAndPlay("over"); clearInterval(id); } function tempA(category) { this; _root; this.createEmptyMovieClip("bar", 100); bar._x = mask._x; bar._y = mask._y; bar.setMask(mask); an = new Array(); i = 0; while (i 200) { an[click] = true; id = setInterval(aa, 100); this.onEnterFrame = null; } } ; } } ; } ; bar.onEnterFrame = function () { this; _root; if (this.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) { if (_root._xmouse > mask._x + mask._width / 2 && this._x > mask._x + mask._width - this._width) { this._x = this._x - btnSpeed; return; } if (_root._xmouse < mask._x + mask._width / 2 && this._x < mask._x) { this._x = this._x + btnSpeed; } } } ; click = 1; bb(); } function nextImage() { pause_btn._visible = 0; play_btn._visible = 0; previous_btn._visible = 0; next_btn._visible = 0; if (p < total - 1) { ++p; percent.onEnterFrame = null; clearInterval(id); click = p; if (an[click]) { screen.unloadMovie(); screen.loadMovie(path["category" + i] + "/img" + click + ".jpg", 1); screen._alpha = 0; id = setInterval(aa, 100); percent.onEnterFrame = null; } else { screen.unloadMovie(); bb(); } slideshow(); return; } p = 0; screen.unloadMovie(); screen.loadMovie(path["category" + i] + "/img1.jpg", 1); screen._alpha = 0; id = setInterval(aa, 100); percent.onEnterFrame = null; slideshow(); } function firstImage() { screen.loadMovie(path["category" + i] + "/img1.jpg", 1); slideshow(); } function slideshow() { myInterval = setInterval(pause_slideshow, 5000); } function pause_slideshow() { clearInterval(myInterval); if (p == total - 1) { p = 0; firstImage(); return; } nextImage(); } Stage.scaleMode = "noScale"; numOfCategory = 9; numOfImage = new Array(); path = new Array(); numOfImage[1] = 10; numOfImage[2] = 10; numOfImage[3] = 10; numOfImage[4] = 10; numOfImage[5] = 10; numOfImage[6] = 10; numOfImage[7] = 10; numOfImage[8] = 10; numOfImage[9] = 10; numOfImage[0] = 10; path[1] = ""; path[2] = ""; path[3] = ""; path[4] = ""; path[5] = ""; path[6] = ""; path[7] = ""; path[8] = ""; path[9] = ""; path[0] = ""; btnSpeed = 2; btnGap = 80; choice = 1; tempA(choice); id = setInterval(this, "abc", 100); i = 0; while (i
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The array is global, so it is there for all the frames. But when data is stored in the array in frame three, going back into frame two the data is wiped. I switched the order of the frames, and the program would freeze completely and almost crash Flash when it tried storing the data.
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Hi , I'm a beginner in Flash and I want to know all differents betweent Movie Clip and Graphic & Also I want to know when I use graphic or Movie Clip
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I am making an interactive map for my high school web page that allows a parent to put in their students classroom numbers and then the path is plotted on the map with numbered waypoints (loaded movie clips). What actionscript will draw a line between two movie clips or points
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ActionScript 3.0 question... The answer should be pretty easy to find, but I'm kinda stumped. I'm creating an asteroids clone for a practice project, and I'm instantiating all the objects dynamically from the library. I need a way to tell one movie clip (the ship) to pass a couple of variables (x and y rotation) to another movie clip (the shot), so that the shot can know the rotation of the ship which is needed to calculate the shot direction. I was under the impression you could just do: myClip.var1 = var2; but that doesn't seem to work.