Access a var inside a child MC

I'm new to AS3 and have a movie clip on the stage that contains a var,

the MC is called "myMC"
ie Code: var path = "my path";//this is in the first frame of myMC I want to access this value from the parent element, in this case it is the stage.

So on the first frame on my stage i have,
Code: trace(myMC.path);// this returns underfined This would work in AS2.

Can i access this or do i need to create a class to access vars of a child

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I have button is scroolbar. I can link it with: scrooll_mc.content_mc.five.addEventListener(MouseE vent.CLICK, clickFive); function clickFive(evtObj:MouseEvent){ trace("uz triju bt") gotoAndStop("antras"); } But the problem comes when I go to link of that button and come back it doesnt work. Flash gives an error: #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at bandymai_fla::MainTimeline/frame1() at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() at flash.display::MovieClip() at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren() at flash.display::Sprite() at flash.display::MovieClip() at bandymai_fla::scrollMkkkC_1() at flash.display::MovieClip/gotoAndStop() at bandymai_fla::MainTimeline/clickSection() Im a little lost now, maybe anybody can help with that
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I've got some buttons in a movie clip called myContent. myContent is in the library, it is being exported for actionscript, and then referenced by a scrollpane component on the main stage. The idea is that there is a scroll pane with buttons in it, each button loads a video (from a folder called FLV) on the FLVplayer component (instanced 'vidPlayer') on the main stage. For some reason the buttons are unresponsive when I publish the movie. the scrollpane loads up ok with the buttons in it, but the buttons dont load the videos they are supposed to when clicked on. no errors though. I get the feeling this is because they are inside a movie clip which is inside a scrollpane. This is an example of the script inside the myContent movie clip for one of the buttons: dance.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, vid1); function vid1(e:Event):void{ MovieClip(root).vidPlayer.source = "FLV/dance.flv" }; Do I need to add some script on the main timeline, to tell it there are buttons to look for
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Im building a project using an MVC pattern. I have (pseudo) abstract classes Model and View, each extended with particular models and views. But I cannot access properties on the extended classes of Model... Model simply distributes XML data, heres its constructor: Code: public function Model(data:XML) { _data = data; /*_data is a protected var of type XML in Model*/ } MainModel extends Model, and has a property called _background of type Background which also extends Model: Code: private var _background:Background = new Background(some XML source); public function MainModel(data:XML) { super(data); } public function get background():Background { return _background; } View's contstructor: Code: public function View(model:Model, controller:Controller, container:Sprite) { _model = model; /*_model is a protected var of type Model*/ _controller = controller; /*_controller is a protected var of type Controller*/ _container = _createView(container); /*_createView is an overridden method in the View Class's extended classes, _container is a protected var*/ } public function get model():Model {return _model;} MainView is a class that extends View, it has a property _bgView that also extends View: Code: private var _bgView:BgView = new BgView(model.background,controller,container) public function MainView(model:MainModel,controller:Controller,container:Sprite) { super(model,controller,container); } The problem arises when I try to pass MainModel's background property as a parameter of _bgView (highlighted in red above). The compiler says there is no background property on Model, which is true, but I need it to look at its extended class MainModel, not Model. I've typed MainView's constructor parameter with MainModel, but it is still seeing it as Model. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I have a question for any OOP experts our there: Is it possible to limit access to an object's property values based on the type of object requesting it For example: Code: public function get someValue():Type { if(the object requesting this information is the right type) { return _value; } else { trace("Sorry, you can't access this property") } }
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Hi all, i have a problem accessing the objects present inside an array. For example, var array:Array=new Array(); var obj:Object = {}; var int a=1; var int b=1;var int c=1; var int d=1; for(i=0;i
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Hi I am using a flvplayback component which I have attached to my own skin. I want to be able to target the full screen toggle button since I can't get the fullscreen to work and others posts have led me to think that it might be better to code that bit myself. For the skin fla the button that I want to get at has this written in the properties class box "" I figured I might be able to get at this from my main timeline so I added the code below : Code: stop(); function edward(event:MouseEvent):void{ trace ("the button was pressed"); }, edward); which doesn't work. It says "access of undefined property fl" - which I can kindof understand.... Anyway, what should I write please to access that button
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Hi. I have an array in my doc class that I'd like to access from an external class. Can you do this and if so what's the syntax
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Here is the scenario: I have an MC in the library (call it "MC"). It consists of 2 shapes (symbols) "MCback" and "MCframe" and dynamic TextBox "MCtext". I create 10 instances of this mc on the stage. Now I wanna go in, grab a reference to one of the instances and change ".text" of the internal dyn textBox "MCtext". I also wanna change color of the existing shapes/symbols in the mc. Now I have to be doin something wrong as Im unable to do that. Can you give me an example or point me in the right direction please... thx
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, A simple access from class question: I have a dynamic text field on my stage, instance name: "lives_txt" I want to populate this field from my Document class "" So in my class I have tried: parent.lives_txt.text = String (lives); where: public var lives:int = 3; I get an error: access of possibily undefined property lives_mc through a reference with static type flash.displayisplayObjectContainer. What am I doing wrong