Requery value of combo to listbox


I have a form with a text box, a combo and a listbox.

The textbox stores the name of the user.

The combobox gets its data from a query.

I would like that when I open my form, by default the list box will show all the records of a table named Master and then, I would use the combo to requery the list by selecting another user. records under that criteria, will have to show up in the list box.

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I have two textboxes on a form. I want to test to see if they have values. If text1 has a value write it to a variableX If text1 does not have a variable then test text2 If text2 has a variable then write it to a variableX If text2 does not have a variable then clear the variable. Any thoughts on how to do this THanks
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I am trying to get he max value from a table that I will be updating in a form... I am using this max value as the unique identifer. I was doing this in Access 2003 but now in Access 2007...its not working... I am trying these two ways...maybe someone can shed some light on this The table is a LINKED SQL Table in SQL Server Hope someone can help here... THAnks EXAMPLE 1 In this example. Complaint Field Name dbo_Complaints_Table Linked SQL table name Complaint is the Textbox name in the form ERROR: Run time error '6' OVERFLOW Code: 'populate ID box with largest value + 1 Dim varID As Integer varID = Val(DMax("Complaint", "dbo_Complaints_Table")) + 1 Complaint = varID Me.Refresh EXAMPLE 2 I am getting errors on the ADODB Dim statement Code: Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset, MyVal As Currency Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset Open a Connection to the Recordset rs.Open "SELECT MAX(Complaint) from dbo_Complaints_Table", CurrentProject.Connection rs.MoveFirst MyVal = rs.Fields(0).Value Me.Text1.Value = Format(MyVal, "#,##0.00") MsgBox MyVal rs.Close Set rs = Nothing
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Within my query I have a field that I need to do a nested IIf Statement that has a NULL value. The name of the field is "smokingcessation". The possible responses are a "1" = Yes, "2"= No, "3"=Unknown and there is also the possibility of a "no answer" at all (blank). I've got the following statement to work so far but need to include the possibility of a blank/no answer response. My statement so far is as follows and is working: IIf([smokingcessation]=1,"Yes",IIf([smokingcessation]=2,"No","Unknown")) How would I do a statement that would take into account the existing possibilities plus that of a blank (NULL) answer and leave the field blank in that case In otherwords, I need to see a "Yes", "No", "Unknown" or a blank field.
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, I have a main form which has 2 subforms. The main form is the name of the Student. The first subform is the data entry form. It has 2 fields. One for the Trimester - a drop down which has "1, 2, 3" listed. And the second field is the benchmarks (again drop down). Now the second subform is a more elaborate way of viewing (only for viewing purposes) which standards have been chosen for which trimester. Now this form's control source is a Crossstab query, which updates the Trimester field for each of the benchmarks for the particular student. Now my problem is I am trying to update this subform which is for viewing purposes only, automatically, so that the moment a benchmark is chosen on the other subform, the [trimester] field automatcially gets updated on this form. the benchmarks are listed on this form (view form) and a field which is the trimester field. Data entry is not allowed in this form. So the information has to get updated automatically. It does when I close and open the form, but thats not how it should work. I tried everything I thought possible (requery, refresh, a button to click) but couldn't get the form to update. Please help! I would really appreciate if you could help me find a solution.