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access 2000 have a form with a list box some items in the list box after i click on it i want to open a query and the others i want to open a form help

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Hi , It has been a long, long time. I have a form that shows records and sometimes I need to run a query that will append a fee record. I put a button on the form that will open the query but it still pulls all records. Rather than put a parameter [What EntryCodeNum] in the query field [EntryCodeNum] and make the user type in the number, I would like it to make it the stLinkCriteria. I copied code from a another button but it opens a form so I am having trouble making it work. I still get all records. Here is my current code on the button: Private Sub Command313_Click() On Error GoTo Err_Command313_Click Dim stDocName As String Dim stLinkCriteria As String stDocName = "qPartPayFeeCreateFeeRecord" stLinkCriteria = "[EntryOrderNum]=" & Me![EntryOrderNum] DoCmd.OpenQuery stDocName, acViewNormal, acReadOnly Exit_Command313_Click: Exit Sub Err_Command313_Click: MsgBox Err.Description Resume Exit_Command313_Click End Sub I know this is super easy VB 101 but can't figure it out with Access VB Help nor a book.
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I try to get the mailmerge letter opened by a Command Button. Its works fine but the only problem is that it opens initially the Document with another name (Letters1) and the mailmerge toolbar is not functioning. After I close it the right name apperars and I can manipulate the documents with the mailemerge toolbar. How can I get rid of the first document that it opens initially. The code I use is: Dim Ws_Name As String Dim objWord As Word.Document Ws_Name = "Memo random" Set objWord = GetObject(Application.CurrentProject.Path & "\" & Ws_Name & ".doc", "Word.Document") objWord.Application.Visible = True objWord.MailMerge.Execute
How do I make sure my form opens with no values?   (289 Views)
At the moment, my form opens showing details of the first record in the associated table or remnants of data from the last time I was playing around in it. If a user opens the form and it already contains data, there's a danger that the wrong stuff will get saved. How do I make sure it opens with nothing in it
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Hi all I need to put a combo box on the a form (which is a home made switchboard) that will open up data entry forms. So when the user clicks on the drop down and sees the the name of the form they are looking like (Parent_frm), the form pops up and the user just starts entering the data. so instead of a command button how can I make it so that its a Combo Box instead or a list box Can anyone help pls
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Hi all, I am new to microsoft access. I've got one question that can't solve. I am making database with several items. Under each item, there got different field lists to fill in. So I made several forms for each of them. In main form, I put one combo box to choose the item and one common button. So how can I write the code to open the several different forms,one at a time, by clicking one button according to the value that is chosen from combo box
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Since building a new machine over Christmas I haven't been able to open, edit or print reports in MSAccess 2003. I've just paid MS GBP41 for the solution which I wanted to share. MSAccess has a problem with Network Printers. Update your printer drivers or re-assign the default printer to a local printer. presto!
Getting "Too Few Parameters. Expected 1" when trying to open a report   (180 Views)
hello, * I have a report with data from a crosstab quary. * The crosstab is based on a regular select quary. The reoprt was working fine untill i added a date field to the regular quary that has a critiria to take the date from a listbox located on one of my forms. *The listbox enables selecting only one date value. *I added the the date filed to the crosstab (by declaring a date parameter) abd it works fine. But when i'm trying to open the report, i keep getting the "Too Few Parameters. Expected 1" error. i understand after a bit reading that apparently it happens when a quary doesnt get value for a parameter. i think it's because the report read the expression "[Forms]![VIEW_COUNTS_DATA]![DATES]" as parameter and not looking inside the DATES listbox control/ 1)Could you please explain me how does my crosstab work and the report which is bounded to it does not 2)does the report runs its own invisible quary when i open it and that quary is the one that triggers the error message 3) Could you please guide me on how getting the report to get the date chosen in the listbox (I need a step by step thorough explanation becasue i've just started with access...)
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I have been working on a database but I have quite basic knowledge. I have a customer contact form created in which i can press a command button to open a new form which allows me to detail what equipment they have ordered. What I would like is the equipment form to automatically populate the customer name ect from the contact form. I hope that makes sense
General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for process 0   (241 Views)
Up until the end of last week the webserver was working fine. However since all the recommended patches were put on the Windows 2000 Server running IIS 5 the following error is now displayed: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver]General error Unable to open registry key 'Temporary (volatile) Jet DSN for process 0x380 Thread 0x460 DBC 0x2013f84 Jet'. /library/inc_dbconnection.asp, line 10 The only thing that changed was the recommended updates were put on. Any ideas
Code to open a sub form   (229 Views)
I need help in getting a sub form to open on a form. I have a form that has parents and when I click on the check box for children I can not get the sub form "Childrens form" to open within the parents form. I have Access 2002 (Access for XP).
Access 2007: How can I open all attachments in a table at once?   (355 Views)
all, This should be really really easy, but I (and google) just cant get it. I have this huge table of hundred rows, and each row has an attachment. Now i can easily open an attachment on a row, but i need to open all of them. No way am I going to go that line by line. Is there any way to just highlight the attachment column and save all to a selected folder
Command Button to open Specific Record   (160 Views)
Hi , I have a form called "frmProducts" which is linking to table "tblproducts". Easy Enough... The form shows all the Products information (fields). I have a "More Info" command button (cmdMoreInfo) next to every record in the form. When the command button is clicked I would like it to open up another form "frmMoreInfo". But On frmMoreInfo I would only like it to show that specific product. I have tried the following code on the on click event on the command button but it was always asking me for the value of Form![frmMoreInfo]![txtInternalCode] Code: Private Sub Command12_Click() On Error GoTo Err_Command12_Click Dim stDocName As String Dim stLinkCriteria As String stDocName = "frmMoreInfo" stLinkCriteria = "Form![frmMoreInfo]![txtInternalCode]=" & Me![txtInternalCode] DoCmd.OpenForm stDocName, , , stLinkCriteria Exit_Command12_Click: Exit Sub Err_Command12_Click: MsgBox Err.Description Resume Exit_Command12_Click End Sub Any Ideas
Disable a form behind an open query!!!!   (260 Views)
I have a form which has a button on it. The button simply opens a query. How can I make the form become disabled or locked so that when the query is open in front of the form the user cannot click back onto the form (which is behind the query) Thus the only way for the user to return to the form is to close the query first! -
Button to open new form based on id #   (186 Views)
I have a main form where you enter in data. I want a button that when clicked will open the same table in form view to add a photo. I need this to open to the same ID # of the main form in the new form. I don't know if I am explaining this very well. I tried creating a macro...couldn't get it to work. I have another database where the button is linked to a report and the report has a query so it prompts you for last name and then first name. But I can't figure out how to do the same type of thing between two forms. Can someone please help me
How to open another access database from acess database   (223 Views)
i have a form containing 6 buttons leading to 6 different ms access database , how can i open these on click event
TreeView to open forms   (204 Views)
, I am here again. I have found on the web a great code to create treeviews in access and have been able to create my own but still need a final help. I would like to add a code to the click event so that when a selection (node) is made in the treeview, it will open a form which is based on a query which has a criteria to a txtfield on my forms. Ex. Treeview: -General + Form1 + Form2 -Other +Report1 +Report1 When I click on Form1, it should open a form names Form1, using a criteria that a type in a txtbox. Can anyone help me in finding a solution
Form is lost (cannot open it!)   (166 Views)
Today my Access database at work evidently burped! Now when I click on the Form that I want to open nothing happens! The Table still exists with info in it and the Reports still are there but the Form does not open at all.
Access can't open it   (187 Views)
This database is in an unexpected state: Microsoft Office Acess can't open it.. This database has been converted from a prior version by DAO. I can not open the database to get at my tables... Help please as I am locked out of my data..
Form open to new record   (294 Views)
I am trying to havea form that operates so that if a certain field in my "look up" subform (the one that I use to select which record to show in the other subforms) is "0" one of the other subforms will automatically show a new record. My macro for this returns a message that the form (the one I want to have show a new record) isn't open (but it is open on my screen). Here is my macro. condition: [Forms]![frmDataEntry]![frmFindRecord].[Form]![frmsubfindrecord].[Form]![Related Comp] action: gotorecord Object Type: Form Object Name: Forms![frmDataEntry]![Test Right side].Form![frmCompilations].form Record: New I thought a work around might be to have my subform that I want to show a new record defaulted to show a new record. Right now it is based on a query that is sorted by the primary key autonumber from lowest to highest. Any and all suggestions welcome (PS I'm lousy at code).
Form using dynamic query results   (523 Views)
hope this is a reasonable thing for semi-beginner to intermediate person to do. Our MS Access 2000 db shared on a server stores projects, categories of projects, clients, contractors doing the projects. Contractors are offered projects within their chosen categories based on their order on the list (last company who was offered a contract goes to bottom of list, like that). Currently we print out a phone list of the contractors (in desc. date order of the most recent offer accepted or refused), then we phone down the list until someone accepts. Later we enter all those offers in order on frmOffers to store the date & time stamp of that offer. Problem is, several contracts can be on offer on a given day, so when a company accepts/declines Project A, that company is still showing as high on the (paper) list for Project B. So when we have 3 people phoning they don't know they've offered multiple contracts to the same company this morning. Is it possible for a form "Offers" to be based on a query that keeps updating like that For example, you open frmProject to display details of a certain Project, cmd button to open frmOffers (continuous form, showing all offers so far with company, phone #, "accept"/"decline" & date/time stamp). Then, when you tab to the next record, can you have it show which company is next in line (even as the person beside you has updated their frmOffers in the meantime) Would you need to have a separate table storing only the most recent offer for each company If so, how would you get that updated all the time Anything you could offer to point me in the right direction would be very much appreciated!!