Lookup value from a table to input in a query

I am building a mortgage/amortization database and I need to look up the "points paid" from another table and also the "adjustment to margin" based on the points paid and the index, "MTA" or "COFI". I have no idea how or where to write this lookup. Any suggestions

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solved the problem... silly me
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I am trying to get he max value from a table that I will be updating in a form... I am using this max value as the unique identifer. I was doing this in Access 2003 but now in Access 2007...its not working... I am trying these two ways...maybe someone can shed some light on this The table is a LINKED SQL Table in SQL Server Hope someone can help here... THAnks EXAMPLE 1 In this example. Complaint Field Name dbo_Complaints_Table Linked SQL table name Complaint is the Textbox name in the form ERROR: Run time error '6' OVERFLOW Code: 'populate ID box with largest value + 1 Dim varID As Integer varID = Val(DMax("Complaint", "dbo_Complaints_Table")) + 1 Complaint = varID Me.Refresh EXAMPLE 2 I am getting errors on the ADODB Dim statement Code: Dim rs As ADODB.Recordset, MyVal As Currency Set rs = New ADODB.Recordset Open a Connection to the Recordset rs.Open "SELECT MAX(Complaint) from dbo_Complaints_Table", CurrentProject.Connection rs.MoveFirst MyVal = rs.Fields(0).Value Me.Text1.Value = Format(MyVal, "#,##0.00") MsgBox MyVal rs.Close Set rs = Nothing
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Understand the basics of using a cascading combo box as follows: Table criteria for stblDiscipline set to [forms]![frmPersonContact].cmbDiscipline and SQL statement for cmbDiscipline_AfterUpdate() Me.cmbSubDiscipline.Requery When I switch to another record the cmbSubDiscipline displays the correct value from the table but, the selection values are left from the last Requery. Unfortunately, the combo box will also let the user select one of the incorrect values. Tried to add a _Current statement without success.
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Below is the code I have created to calculate the values "CalcValue" and "CalcWork". The values for AssignValue, AssignPriority, Complex, Effort, Goal are all assigned by the selection made in the referred to/related combo boxes. However, the caluclated values return the concatonation of the intergers and not the sum of the integers. Additionally, if I am to use the CDec() function how do I specify the number of decimal places what am I missing here thanks! Private Sub cboAssignPriority_AfterUpdate() Dim CalcValue, AssignValue, AssignPriority, Complex, Effort, Goal, CalcWork As Integer Value = 0 AssignValue = 0 AssignPriority = 0 CalcValue = 0 CalcWork = 0 AssignValue = Me!cboAssignValue.Column(3) AssignPriority = Me!cboAssignPriority.Column(2) Complex = cboDBObjectID.Column(2) Effort = cboTaskTypeID.Column(3) Goal = cboAgencyGoalID.Column(2) Value = AssignValue + AssignPriority CalcWork = Complex + Effort + Goal CalcValue = CDec(Value) CalcValue = Me!lngCalPriority Debug.Print "Complex="; cboDBObjectID.Column(2) Debug.Print "Effort="; cboTaskTypeID.Column(3) Debug.Print "Goal="; cboAgencyGoalID.Column(2) Debug.Print "AssignValue.Column(3)="; cboAssignValue.Column(3) Debug.Print "AssignPriority.Column(2)="; cboAssignPriority.Column(2) Debug.Print "Value ="; Value Debug.Print "CalcValue ="; CalcValue Debug.Print "CalcWork ="; CalcWork End Sub , thanks - I think that's what I've done (almost) but... CalcValue won't calculate correctly! I don't get it. jh Originally Posted by sbenj69 Try something like this: Code: Private Sub cboAssignPriority_AfterUpdate() Dim MyValue as Single Dim CalcValue as Single Dim AssignValue as Single Dim AssignPriority as Single Dim Complex as Single Dim Effort as Single Dim Goal as Single Dim CalcWork as Single MyValue = 0 AssignValue = 0 AssignPriority = 0 CalcValue = 0 CalcWork = 0 AssignValue = Val(Me!cboAssignValue.Column(3)) AssignPriority = Val(Me!cboAssignPriority.Column(2)) Complex = Val(cboDBObjectID.Column(2)) Effort = Val(cboTaskTypeID.Column(3)) Goal = Val(cboAgencyGoalID.Column(2)) MyValue = AssignValue + AssignPriority CalcWork = Complex + Effort + Goal CalcValue = Format(MyValue,"0.00") CalcValue = Val(Me!lngCalPriority) Debug.Print "Complex="; Val(cboDBObjectID.Column(2)) Debug.Print "Effort="; Val(cboTaskTypeID.Column(3)) Debug.Print "Goal="; Val(cboAgencyGoalID.Column(2)) Debug.Print "AssignValue.Column(3)="; Val(cboAssignValue.Column(3)) Debug.Print "AssignPriority.Column(2)="; Val(cboAssignPriority.Column(2)) Debug.Print "Value ="; MyValue Debug.Print "CalcValue ="; CalcValue Debug.Print "CalcWork ="; CalcWork End Sub Not sure if you meant for these lines to be like this: Code: CalcValue = Format(MyValue,"0.00") CalcValue = Val(Me!lngCalPriority) Not exactly sure if that's what you wanted, just went off the code you had posted.
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, I have 2 combo boxes. The first one gives a lis of Prefix letters for railcars. The second uses the value of the 1st and finds railcars that start with the same letters. finally got the 2nd combo box to list the prefix and number of a railcar based on the 1st combo box and also got it to clear as each run-through starts. Now that the user can select a number (ex. dfcv1234 as the railcar), I need to find the record with the prefix dfcv and the car number 1234 and load the record to the form for view and editing. So far, I know it needs to be the after update event and have a select statement that finds the [key], [prefix], [car_number] that matches the value selected on the form but how do I use the key to make the record show on the form
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I have a very simple question that I should now the answer to but I must be having a brain cramp.I have a text box on my form and I want to make sure the textbox is not null before running some code. How do I do that if Me.txtBatchID Is Null -I get an error 'Object Required' If Me.txtBatchID = "" -doesn't work.Even if there's nothing in the text box, apparently access thinks it is. Can anyone help me with this I can't believe I haven't been able to figure this one out! GEM
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the variable is only takes the first record in the table does not check the next one, Code: varuid = DLookup("[VehicleReg]", "VehicleInfo", "[VehicleReg]=txtCarReg") VarDsed = DLookup("[Destroyed]", "VehicleInfo", "[VehicleReg]=txtCarReg") VarRen = DLookup("[Remewed]", "VehicleInfo", "[VehicleReg]=txtCarReg") VarCity = DLookup("[City]", "VehicleInfo", "[VehicleReg]='" & txtCarReg & "'" And "[City]='" & txtCity & "'") If ((varuid = Me.txtCarReg) And (VarDsed = False) And (VarCity = Me.comCity)) Then MsgBox "The vehicle is allready regestered" Form.Requery Form.Refresh Me.txtCarReg.SetFocus Else
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Simple questions I hope. 1. What I'd like to do is do a lookup based on 2 fields in my table. I'm tracking inventory for the company I am currently working with. I have a computer table with 3 relevant fields: compID, areaId, locationId computer table compID = PK for this table areaId = FK from area table locationId = FK from location table area table areaId location table locationId areaId There is a distinct relationship between area + location. I want a lookup for the locationID, based on the area they have selected.
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