Locking a table based on query results

I have a query that checks an expiration date field and displays the word "Expired" in another field if applicable. This query is used to look up items, then the user would enter whether or not it is approved right in the resulting data grid thereby entering that approval into the table being used for the query. Can I do something with the query so that if the item returned has expired, a user would not be able to enter anything into the approval field Something like, if field1 = "expired" then lock the table I can't use a form, I have to just do it in the basic query or forget it. I would very much appreciate any suggestions!

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hi, I've got a database that is split -front/back on a server. It is used by roughly 5 people. Usually one or two people use it at one time, with one of the users who leaves the application open at all times. Sometimes when the users are working in the screen, which would be in the subform, an error like "record is locked" pops up and they cannot enter any data. This happens on a date field where I have put some code to auto fill the date if the previous record has today's date in it. It doesn't seem like it should be locking on that. Should it This is what I have in the code: Code: Option Compare Database Public DateValue As Date Public DatePresent As Boolean Private Sub DateLog_AfterUpdate() 'fill the date with previous entry - if it has been entered in same session DateValue = Me.DateLog.Value DatePresent = True End Sub Private Sub DateLog_GotFocus() If (DatePresent) Then Me.DateLog.Value = DateValue End If End Sub Private Sub Form_Load() Me.Requery DatePresent = False End Sub
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I have some code that I am using to log users going into a series of Forms in my database. Right the code rights the info to a text file and I have programmed and Even procedure for every form. What I would like to be able to do is instead of writing the data to a txt file I would like it to write the info to my table in my database. Here is the current code. Function Punch_List_Entry1() Dim lngFile As Long lngFile = FreeFile Open "M:\Turnover\log\databaselog.txt" For Append As #lngFile Print #lngFile, Environ("COMPUTERNAME") & "," & CurrentUser & "," & Now & ",Entering Punch List Data Entry" Close #lngFile End Function I know how to call up the insert statement to enter in the last item which tells me what form they entered but I don't know how to insert the enviroment items. Also in access is there a way of inserting the form name instead of having to hard code it into each form This is the code that I was trying to use. Private Sub cmdEnterData_Click() DoCmd.RunSQL "INSERT INTO LogUser_tbl (" & _ "ComputerName, CurrentUser, Date_Time, Object_Accessed) " & _ "VALUES" (Environ("COMPUTERNAME") & "","" & CurrentUser & "","" & Now & "",Entering Integrated Turnover Database"") End Sub
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hey i have 2 tables : big (primery) , small (sub). i want that the sub-form will get automaticcly the numberof the primery i.e : when the deal number = 2 , all the "deal number" fields in the sub-form (small) get "deal number=2" automaticcly .
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I have a form with a subform (main form is "frm_Maintenance_Request_2" and sub form is "subfrm_Job_Costs". The main form has a field called "GrandTotal" which is draws from a calculation on the sub form.) What I want to be able to do is that once the field has the calculation it updates a field called "Estimate_Cost" in the table "tbl_Maintnenance_Request". Can I do this without running an update query I would prefer to use an Event Procedure that says something like afterUpdate: tbl_Maintnenance_Request!Estimate_Cost = Forms!frm_Maintenance_Request_2!GrandTotal Can you help please
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Simple questions I hope. 1. What I'd like to do is do a lookup based on 2 fields in my table. I'm tracking inventory for the company I am currently working with. I have a computer table with 3 relevant fields: compID, areaId, locationId computer table compID = PK for this table areaId = FK from area table locationId = FK from location table area table areaId location table locationId areaId There is a distinct relationship between area + location. I want a lookup for the locationID, based on the area they have selected.
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I am building a mortgage/amortization database and I need to look up the "points paid" from another table and also the "adjustment to margin" based on the points paid and the index, "MTA" or "COFI". I have no idea how or where to write this lookup. Any suggestions Thank you! KellyJo
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