Listbox selections requery subfrm

I have a form that has names with a subform with information. The contacts are in a list box and the subform (in datasheet view) shows the phone number/email/etc.. of the selected contact person. I am using the form as a quick look up of a persons information. Before changing it to a list box, it was previously a combo box, and everything worked fine. i was able to requery the subform and the cooresponding info for the person would come up. However, its now a list box and i am having problems with the code to make this happen. I have a different button sending the names selected from the list box to a report...and that works fine, but i am obvisouly missing something to make it work with the subfrm requery. Below is the code i got so far. Any help would greatly be appreciated. its driving me nuts!

Private Sub QuickLookup_Click()
Dim varItem As Variant
Dim strWhere As String
strWhere = "[memberID] = "
For Each varItem In Me.MemberID.ItemsSelected
strWhere = strWhere & Me.MemberID.ItemData(varItem) & " OR [memberID] = "
Next varItem
strWhere = Left(strWhere, Len(strWhere) - 17)
DoCmd.Requery "subfrmqryindividual"

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