Form using dynamic query results

hope this is a reasonable thing for semi-beginner to intermediate person to do.

Our MS Access 2000 db shared on a server stores projects, categories of projects, clients, contractors doing the projects. Contractors are offered projects within their chosen categories based on their order on the list (last company who was offered a contract goes to bottom of list, like that).

Currently we print out a phone list of the contractors (in desc. date order of the most recent offer accepted or refused), then we phone down the list until someone accepts. Later we enter all those offers in order on frmOffers to store the date & time stamp of that offer.

Problem is, several contracts can be on offer on a given day, so when a company accepts/declines Project A, that company is still showing as high on the (paper) list for Project B. So when we have 3 people phoning they don't know they've offered multiple contracts to the same company this morning.

Is it possible for a form "Offers" to be based on a query that keeps updating like that For example, you open frmProject to display details of a certain Project, cmd button to open frmOffers (continuous form, showing all offers so far with company, phone #, "accept"/"decline" & date/time stamp). Then, when you tab to the next record, can you have it show which company is next in line (even as the person beside you has updated their frmOffers in the meantime)

Would you need to have a separate table storing only the most recent offer for each company If so, how would you get that updated all the time

Anything you could offer to point me in the right direction would be very much appreciated!!

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