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I sent message before I finished explaining my problem!

The query to get the totals includes queries with the employee, vehicle, material, and barricade costs all sorted by activity code but for it drops all activities that don't have costs in each column--if there weren't any costs entered for material or barricades for the month, they get dropped.

How do I get everything even with some fields are null

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Hi , I have an error to import an excel file into ms access 2.0(1993). I am developig a vb6 application.Back end is ms access 2.0. 5000 records are saved in the excel sheet. I need to import to access 2.0. I am using ms access 2003. I could not edit or modify the 2.0 database in the ms access 2003. And also, I could not import the excel file into ms access 2.0. Please guide me.
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Hi I am trying to get my data access page to open a report. I have buttons that my staff use to print the report but I would also like to add a button so that they can just view the report. Access is installed on the machines so this shouldnt cause a problem. My code, however much i try to change it, always prints.... Code: Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application") objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "\\hajj\Detentions\DETENTION.mdb" 'objAccess.Visible = True Set objCommand = objAccess.DoCmd objCommand.OpenReport "Detention - Today", acViewPreview Code: Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application") objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "\\hajj\Detentions\DETENTION.mdb" 'objAccess.Visible = True Set objCommand = objAccess.DoCmd objCommand.OpenReport "Detention - Today", acPreview Code: Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application") objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "\\hajj\Detentions\DETENTION.mdb" 'objAccess.Visible = True ObjAccess.DoCmd.OpenReport "Detention - Today", acViewNormal Any ideas anyone Thank you
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, My requirement is this... I have to use MS Access as front end with ODBC connection to Oracle 9i DB. The application(forms) should be able to update, delete ,insert records into oracle tables(backend). i have a main form,which has some unique id's and other info about the ids and the subform shows several matching id's for that unique id in main form. the user who uses this application should be able to 1) search for the unique id in the main form such that the subform displays all its matches 2) they should be able to select anyone match and say approve(there can only be one match), then that particular record should be updated in the table.IF I USE A CHECK BOX AND IF THEY CLICK ON ONE RECORD AS MATCH,HOW DO I TAKE THAT RECORD SAY THE ID , NAME ADDRESS AND ALL DETAILS AND UPDATE THE TABLE similarly when they select some other record i should give option of deleting other irrelevant matches in the backend table. the main form and the subform uses the same table as source.updates are to another table, i should also have to put entry into audit table about which record was deleted and which one inserted.. How should i do this i am new to MS access .VBA, any help would be highly appreciated!