Use of primary key in unique indices

Consider a competition_entry table and its indices:

Code: Keyname | Type | Field ----------+---------+--------------- PRIMARY | PRIMARY | competition_id EMAIL | UNIQUE | competition_id | | email DUPLICATE | UNIQUE | competition_id | | surname | | addr_1 | | post_code The following warnings are given:
PRIMARY and INDEX keys should not both be set for column `competition_id`
More than one UNIQUE key was created for column `competition_id`

What Im trying to do is make sure that an email address is only entered once per competition and that combination of surname, first line of address and post code is also unique per competition.

My question is: why does MySQL (phpMyAdmin actually, I created the table in MySQL Administrator and it didnt say anything) say that what Im doing is bad Or, more importantly: why is it bad, if it is

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